I have had an xray last week an have to have another Monday, why?

My fev1 in 2012 was 2.02, 13- 1.87, 14- 1.66, today- 0.87. Cannot understand what is happening. Anyone with ideas please respond. I have also had continued innumerable exacerbation over the last few years.

At present can hardly breathe and worried.

I am 59 male with Parkinson's and emphysema plus other problems.


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I also have been told I have baipical thickening

Hi sorry I can't help. Just wanted to offer my support. Lots of hugs xx

Each exacerbation increases the rate of FEV1 decline.

You may well be vitamin D deficient and thus prone to exacerbations: respiratory-research.com/co...

Very interesting Thank you.

Hi Stilltruckin what is the recommended dose for vit D deficiency

Thank you I had a fasting blood test which showed deficiency then repeated a normal blood test which showed normal but I feel very tired all the time no energy not nice

I've taken between 5,000 and 7,000 IU/day for years. Earlier this year I had my serum 'D level tested and it was 150 nmol/L (60 ng/ml) - high normal. Free from colds, flu, exacerbations (so far) . . .

When I need a boost I take a course of rhodiola extract:


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