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Back again

Back again

Spent the last few mins trying to post, got all done then a pink ribbon came on saying I'm not allowed to post the one i had just written!!!!!

Wanted to say hello to all of my HU buddies, and also the new people that has joined.

My time out has been trying to fend off a chest infection plus other ailments not connected to lungs.

I wish all a lovely day (even with the rain)...,

I'm going to try again to send photo

With love to all my HU family.

Etch45. xxx

I'm very proud of my son. xx

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Lovely photo of your son Etch, you must indeed be a very proud Dad! Pleased you are feeling a bit better now, I've got yet another infection at the mo, they drive you nuts don't they? Take care xx


lol thanks Sheila I did have a chuckle at my gender change 😅.

So sorry you are not good Sheila, it really is time of the year, I don't like winter.

Will just have to keep warm ( not go out ) and keep all germs at bay.

Hope you feel better soon, take care.

Love Sheila


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Hello Etch, what a lovely photo, you must be a very proud Mum! I think your son looks very like you.

Sorry to hear you have been poorly but hope you feel better now.

Keep well 🌺


Jessie thank you for your kind words,

Yes very proud, it was his Reunion with his mates from his Regiment.

Love Sheila

Keep well and have a good day. xxx

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Sorry Etch, meant to say a very proud Mum, think my brain is going the same way as my lungs! xx


Hi Etch,lovely photo of your son,glad it finally went up for you.Do hope you are feeling better now,not a good time for you.

Are they medals on your sons jacket? do fill us in if they are,or maybe my eyesight isn't what it was,lol!

Take care,hugs,Wendells xxx


Hi Wendells

Yes feeling better thank you, just takes time.

Yes they are his medals, ( your eyesight is ok )

He was at the reunion with pals from his old regiment, so it will have been quite a night...

Wish I was there, need sun and warmth.

My brother keeps asking when am I going back to visit him.... As much as I would like to don't know if I am able.✈️......

Hope you are keeping well with love and hugs

Etch45. Xxxx


Glad my eyesight didn't betray me,lol!

We have plenty of sunshine here,in Qld.think the Royals went the wrong place!

Im like you in reverse,can't fly back to the UK anymore.Last time went with 02,but not really successful,specialist said very strongly,no more flying or cruising😟,so not willing to take chances!

Take care,

hugs Wendells xxx


Hi etch, hope ur feeling better, lovely pic of ur son, my kids are my proudest acheivment. Take care xx Sonia xx


I think we all think & know that our children are our proudest achievement Sonia. On the Order of Service for Mike's funeral recently our son & daughter had the quote " Our father gave us the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in us." He was so proud of them both, as am I, & it worked both ways. Our children & Grandchildren are so precious aren't they ?


I like to think my kids are my proudest aheivment also Sonia, what better legacy to leave behind eh!

Thanks yes I have turned the corner and get better each day.

Take care and keep well

Love etch45



Good Morning Sheila, very sorry to hear you are fighting a chest infection, this time of year there's all sorts about! Stay warm and get plenty of rest and drinks.Your Son has lots of medals how wonderful, yes you must be very proud of him 😀💙💙💙

Get well soon, huff xxx


Thanks huff for your kind words.

Yes your right plenty of bugs and germs waiting for us, 😟

We need to as you say keep warm, plenty of drinks etc.

Yes very proud of him, just so very glad he has done his bit for Queen and country. I rest easy knowing he is safe and not somewhere fighting.

Hope you are well huff.

Love etch45. xxxx

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Lovely photo etch. I hope you are feeling better very soon - it's so miserable being ill isn't it? x


Your not wrong there coughalot, and I am a lousy patient... lol

I'm becoming a little sleepy so will do the unheard of and try extra shut eye.

Hope your keeping well.

Etch45. Xxx


Hello etch, the same thing has been happening to me. I find if I wait a second then press submit, the post will go. Sometimes you need to press a few times, but mostly mine go the second time.

You son is a lovely looking chap, all those medals too. You must be absolutely bursting with pride.


Hi Azur sorry for the delay in replying, I'm just coming in and out.... Trying to get back into the swing of things slowly.

I have turned the corner but still feeling a little off.

Go back to hospital soon for my scan, hope I get good news.

Take care love to you

Etch45 xxx😀


Great photo Etch

What a handsome young man!

You must be so proud. Sorry your not feeling well. Seems to be a lot of people

sick. Hope you'll be feeling better soon.

I got my flu jab Monday night. Didn't

seem to bother me much. Mostly made me very tired. But got my uti back.

Can't win no how! Take care Etch and feel better.

Rubyxx 😊 😊


One day Ruby I may just may wake up and go eureka !!!!! Pain and germ free.... Lol

Can dream eh! 😀

Hope you get over your uti soon Ruby it's so uncomfortable.

Yes I am very proud of my son Ruby, but glad he is out of the army.

Take care love




And so you should be Etch45. He looks like a fine young man, Sheila x


He is Sheila he helps

Me when he's able to, but he has a job that takes him up and down the country.

Take care and keep well

Sheila. Xx


Hello etch. Your son has such a kind face. N


Thank you he is a good lad.

Keep well

Etch45 cx


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