Do I give in

I am so what in a mind to give up to stop going to the p luminary course I have been going for 3weeks 2times a week but I find I am in so much pain with my knees afterwards (I have had 2new knee replacements )that I find it hard to walk for a day or two I know that it might do me good to do it but it is stopping me do other things I like doing like a walk around shops and a bit of fishing or alittle bit of gardening or just a ride out so do I stop or do I carry on ??

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  • You need to discuss it with them....the last thing they want is to make you suffer.

  • Yes,you must talk to them about it,you don't want to do any damage to your knees,or even discuss it with your Doctor.Im sure you could delay it for a little while,& join at a later date.

    I believe having knees done,is much more painful than a hip replacement,so please take care xxx

  • Hi Edtongue, sorry to hear you're having problems with your knees. Sounds really painful.

    I would have a chat with the PR nurse & she what she advises.

    Take care 😀

  • Don't know when you had your knees done, but it sounds like you're overdoing it. You might want to wait a while longer. As others said, talk to your Dr.

    Rubyxx 😊

  • The physios can alter the exercises to suit your particular circumstances. Do speak to them rather than giving up.

  • Yes, the P R physio let me do the leg raises without heavy weights because of my knee replacement and the damage to my muscles and nerves in my lower right leg.

  • Tell them about your problem there are lots of exercises you can do sitting down :)

  • hi ed I wouldn't give up pr, you should discus your problems with them and they will adjust the exercises to suit you.


  • Everyone's right about altering the exercises to suit individual needs. Im wondering how long ago you had your knees done Ed, and whether that is a factor? You say they are new.

    Even Len Goodman on Strictly stays sitting down now after his, while the other judges dance in to join him.

  • Keep going but don't do the leg/knee exercises and tell them why.

  • Go and explain the situation to them....there is always chair based exercise sor reduce the number of exercises that affect you. Just put 100% into the ones that you do try. I found that as I went along, because my stamina increased and the times on each exercise increased, I couldn't fit half of them in in one session, so I got a bit picky choosy....on my side of course.

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