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Hi all applied for clinical trials at golden jubilee hospital Glasgow for lung valves but unfortunately got turned down because of excessive phlegm but will plug along something might come along later but I will keep my head up and plough along like most of us I have severe copd and on oxygen but still happy and like to walk when weather is good not at the moment though it teeming down so just have to go on my exercises bike and look out my window into the country side

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  • Hi Jimmy, hope you're not too disappointed at being turned down for the trials? Not everyone is suitable, as you will know. Something else might turn up in the future.

    I won't be going anywhere today either! It's a horrible wet & windy day outside! 💨☔️💨☔️💨☔️

    Take care 🌺

  • No am not really disappointed as you say Jessie I will keep trying when someone comes my way thanks jessy

  • I am going on Friday.What did they turn you down on and was it hard

  • Hi forsaking was producing to much mucus and might move the valves plus you had to walk about 100 yards without getting to much out of breath but was a very nice gentleman it was not at the hospital he phoned me but you might be lucky as you are going to hospital so good luck and hope you make it he also said they were overwhelmed by the response of so many so again good pluck

  • Hi forsaking it was because to.much mucus and could interfere with new valves also had be able to walk 100 yards without getting to much out of breath he said they were overwhelmed by the response to the trails he phoned me you could be lucky if you are going to hospital so good luck rosaking

  • Hi Jimmy, I'm sorry that you were turned down for the trial but better that than having something that may harm you. Something for a little way ahead when they have refined it maybe. Twinkle and I battled up the lane against the wind and both had tohave a good sit down when we got back. Keep peddling and looking out of the window and in your head you can win an olympic meddle.xx

  • Hello

    I'm sorry to hear that but who knows what's round the corner?? Very windy here on the Isle of Wight but not managed to get on the exercise bike much recently so well done you!

    Take care


  • Hi "other jimmy"

    Aye its rotten when you get knocked back for things that give you hope,

    Your like me, what can you do but plough on,,, and hope this weather gets bit better for a start :) at least you've got the exercise bike jimmy, it'll always help, But i know well how you'll be feeling, never mind who knows what might just turn up next, maybe a bit of luck change, anyway keep the old chin up,, we always manage somehow all the very best for now

    best regards "other jimmy :)"

  • Thanks Jimmy as you say keep chin up and keep plugging on until the next one comes along

  • Sorry you didn't get on the trial I wonder if you are the same Jimmy I went to lung rehab with I'm in crawford Jimmy at rehab was from Thornhill

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