Any questions for COPD specialist?

I'm seeing a copd specialist today and was wondering if anyone had any general question ideas (in 4 hours)

Also if it was worth getting a CT scan to show the extent of emphysema damage? Not sure if knowing helps treatment vs the exposure to radiation. Probably one for the doctor but I'd really like to know what you guys think.


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Hi it would be interesting to see if he thinks all lung diagnosis should be made by consultants and not just nurses! And whether it is right in the early stages to just be looked after by the surgery and to be refused referral to a consultant. x

Good one many of us are refused. WHY ???

Velvet xx

Ha ha thought of another would he reckon we can get to see a consultant if the doctors continually refuse? x

Go to a private consultant?

Money money money...... x

Of course, but if GP referrals to NHS consultants could be bypassed, imagine the length of the queue you'd be joining before you could see one . . .

I'm back. I didn't get many answers, more questions in fact. I had higher expectations given his specialty but he seems to contend that all my results are 'normal'. I don't know why 'specialist' are so general in there assessments of condition. 37 years with SOB and fev1 of 72.5 (based on 2nd spirometry). And I'm normal. The methacoline challege was non reactive. I've got a wheezy section on my lower left lung. Will have a CT scan and full lung function test soon. Waiting for an echocartio at the moment as a murmmer was detected and I've been having some tightness. He still seems to think I'll lead a completely normal life with all this. It's all very confusing given all the test. I'm glad there's free healthcare here but I wonder if I had of been given a spirometry earlier how much this could have been avoided. You have to push for everything. Not sure if a consult is the same as specialist... Sorry

One thing he did mention was looking into sleep hygene for sleeping problems.

Thanks for all your feedback

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