Sick of being sick!

Almost two weeks of 2 different antibiotics, 1 round of steroids, mild fever, chills, hot, sweats, and i still cant shake this off. I gave it to my poor two year old too. The Dr said if i had not gotten better by now then they were getting a new ct and pulmonary involved. This is only my second time feeling like this, once eariler in the summer but no fevers. Ugh! Getting sick with COPD is no about to walk around with rubber gloves and a mask in public!

Thanks for listening to me vent!! :)

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  • It's awful isn't it? How do we manage to avoid the germs and bugs without being anti-social? Let us all know if you find a solution, lol. Seriously though, I hope you are on the road to recovery soon.

  • I know right! Thanks for replying!!

  • Hope you get better soon.


  • Hi Millerag, hopefully you'll be on the road to recovery now after 2 rounds of abs & steroids.

    Keep in the warm till you're fully recovered. 🌺

  • Thanks everyone!

  • no nice especially when you have a little one to look after. take care x

  • Sorry you are feeling so ill. Hope the meds kick in soon. Drinking extra water may help. Joyce

  • So sorry to hear you're feeling so poorly.

    Your too young to have these troubles.

    Hope you feel better soon. Hows your little one? My thoughts are with you.

    Please keep us informed how your doing.

    Rubyxx 😊

  • awe thanks, its just what the cards of life has dealt me and it just goes to show all of us to keep fighting and we have to try to enjoy it as much as possible. My little girl is doing okay! Managed to get her fever down and made her a nest out of blankets on the couch, shes smiling now. Its a good feeling. I love this site, it makes me feel less alone!

  • Poor baby.. Didn't know she was sick also. Think you have the flu?


  • diagnosed bronchitis then sinus infection. maybe its viral? all i know is that i used to be able to get over this no issue with antibiotics, now its a battle! oh well we gotta stay positive!!

  • Hi Miller

    I'm on my 5th set of abs after 8 weeks of cold then sinus infection then chest then back to sinus (still have it) and now thingk my cold is coming back!

    What abs are you on? For sinus doxicycliclyn usually works for me.

    Like you I don't know what to do to bring myself around. Plenty of water fruit n veg etc.

    I can't get warm then the sweats.

    What can we do?

    Get yourself in the blanket den with your daughter LOL

    Take care


  • Hope you start to feel better soon, I agree with Sokrackers get in that blanket den with your daughter and try to chill out and have a lovely mummy and daughter session. Cuddles (might have to forgo the kisses bit unless like I do and kiss the top of my grandbabies heads) and hot chocolate.


  • Sorry you're feeling so down, as well as suffering with an exacerbation! My sister-in-law made me buy white cotton gloves before I went on a cruise ("The Queen always wears gloves"!) to try to minimise infections...

    Exacerbations take their own time to go; I assume that you've done a sputum sample for testing, so that any bugs can be identified and make using the right antibiotic possible? If not, then that should -- MUST - be your next step. There's no point in shoving anything down your throat. You might also be asking about another round of steroids: one full week of 30 mg and then another two weeks (I think) of a reducing dose.

    Meanwhile, do try to get a bit of exercise -- whatever you can manage; it'll help you to feel better and open up your lungs a bit.


  • Thanks everyone so Much for the support and advice! I had thought that you weren't supposed to exercise during an exacerbation? Im still dealing with the chills sweats and mild fevers

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