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When I click the link in my favourites to Health Unlocked, I get a page saying

"We're making HealthUnlocked better!

We'll be back shortly. Thank you for your patience."

and can't get anywhere. Lo and behold today I clicked on the HU link on one of the websites whose community I belong to and I'm here and able to post!!! Anyone explain what's going on?

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  • Hi Poemsgalore, the site has been playing up for the past few days. One minute error messages, the next, no problems at all!

    Gremlins in the works I think!

    Keep well 🌺

  • poemsgala1 Have been trying to log in from a shortcut on desktop for fifteen mins nothing, then I got in hit the first post which was yours nothing again after about four attempts ime in. I do not know what the problem is sorry.

  • thank you. At least I know I'm not the only one having problems and will continue to keep trying my main link. If unsuccessful I know (hope) I will get here from the individual website links. x

  • Have any of you reported this to hu?

  • how do you do that?

  • I have been having problems accessing the main BLF HU site since yesterday....the only way I can see the posts is through Topics. Then you only see the one section not all the posts. Glad it's not only me poemsgalore though

  • All I am getting on my PC is that page no longer exists. On my phone at the moment.

  • Poemsgalore, hope you are well. Can't explain the goings on we have all got glitzes on our access for quite a few days now from reading the posts. Have a good dayx

  • Hi katieoxo, I still can't get on the main BLF HU site on my I pad....can only see a few posts through Topics.

    Hope you and everyone else OK...take care

  • Not too bad thank you Katie. Got more lung function tests in January, and an echo cardiogram in a couple of weeks time. They want to rule out Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension as they don't know why I get so breathless when my Bronchy is settled and oxygen levels pretty good. Had to stop Methotrexate as it is causing liver problems, so having a liver scan too. Wonder what else they can find to keep me out of mischief?

    How are you my lovely? Keeping as well as can be expected I hope. xxx

  • Keeping as well as can, but busy days right now, waiting for a delivery now only time I could get it was in the evening. There are quite a few drugs that effect the liver as well as drinks of course. Some drugs have quite dramatic effects as all drugs are processed by the liver. Anemia can make you breathless if it is bad, but I guess for you it ias all the different health issues combined effecting your body in different ways. Hope they can improve it for you, so you can get back to making mischief :) :), take care and stay as well as possible xx

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