Exercise bike test

Hi, wondered if anyone can tell me how the exercise bike test works? As I have taken one....

All masked and wired up... and felt I could do the Tour de France on it.... On this basis the consultant says.. I haven't got copd.... (although he initially said I had!! ) I am still coughing every day and breathless (for 3yrs)

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated

Thanks Pauline x

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Hi Pauline, just wondered if you have been sent for a CT scan. Glad you haven't got COPD, but hope they find out very soon what you do have. xx

Hi poemsgalore, thanks for that :-)

Hope I haven't got copd but can they tell by an exercise test with a mask that's helping me breath...? No they haven't given me a CT but I've had an xray..

Thanks Pauline x

request a ct.....they show so much more than xrays do.

My experience was a couple xrays due to bulla and bronchitis/early pneumonia. They didnt see any emphysema or atelectasis without the CT. Even if its normal, itll give you piece of mind. I never thought i had an issue since im United States (now medically retired) Navy veteran and i could still do well with cardio. However, the CT shows so much more than a simple xray.

Thanks millerag, you've given me the confidence to ask for a CT when I see the consultant tomorrow :-) x

Don't know if anyone will see this post because it's 2yrs old old...I had a CT scan a year ago and it identified emphysema in the upper lobes...Thanks Millerag 75 :) x

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