Pneumonia and Consolidation


I suffered excruciating pain in the right side of my back. X-ray and CT scan confirmed right basal pneumonia about 8 weeks ago. I never had any fever or cough, just severe stabbing back pain. A recent repeat X-ray still shows consolidation and I still have back pain though not as severe - still no cough or fever and no sputum expectorated. I have never smoked but was diagnosed with adult onset asthma 3 years ago.

I'm worried I will be left with permanent damage (scarring/fibrosis?) to my lung. I understand consolidation should have cleared after 3-4 weeks?

Thanks for any light you may be able to shed on this.


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  • Hi Meerykat. How horrible for you. I had pneumonian early this year and I really feel for you. Did you have antibiotics for it? It is strange that you had no fever but the consolidation is why you have no cough. That is why pneumonia is so dangerous. It sits down there and docs cannot hear the usual sounds of a chest infection. A good GP should be able to deduce what it is because it makes you so ill and they should have seen a lot of it. If as you say, there is still consolidation and pain I would suggest that you visit your GP and ask why this should be and do you need more antibiotic treatment to clear it up. Pneumonia can take months for you to feel better. Eight months on from mine I still have the pain exactly where you describe and referred pain in my lower right side when I breathe in suddenly. Do see your GP and hopefully get some reassurance. Big hug.x

  • Thank you so much Stillstanding for taking the time to write. It really is appreciated and makes you feel less alone in dealing with this scary illness. Best wishes. Susan xx

  • Meerykat, you are welcome

  • Hello Susan

    Pneumonia is horrible I've had it twice, I also just had stabbing pain but mine were the front at the bottom of my ribs. It can take a long time to recover fully from it so just take each day as it comes, when your recovered healthy eating and exercise will help, you don't smoke which is good thing. Go back to your GP and ask for him to keep a check on you with x-rays, and ask for flu and Pneumonia jabs.

    Try not to worry.

    Kim xxx

  • Thanks Kim, I'm very grateful that you took the time and effort to help reassure me. I go back to GP one week today and I'll ask more questions. I think he may refer me to a respiratory consultant. Hope you are keeping well. Best wishes. Susan xx

  • Hope you feel better soon. A good idea to see your GP again to see if you need more antibiotics.

    Take good care of yourself.

    Love and hugs



  • Thanks Sian, I have an appt with my GP for a week today when he will have a copy of my recent X-ray result showing that consolidation is still present. My second lot of antibiotics finished today but I don't feel any better unfortunately.

    Best regards.



  • How are you feeling now? Hope you are feeling better?

    Love and hugs



    PS let us know what the GP says at your appointment.


  • Hello Sian,

    Thanks for your lovely email. It's great to know that people care :). My GP has referred me to a respiratory consultant and has given me another lot of antibiotics. The worry is when I finish them the pleuritic pain will start again as before.

    I hope you are well. Take care.

    Love Susan xxx

  • When do you finish the antibiotics? If I were you I would make an appointment ready to see your GP a day after you finish them. Hope they do the trick but it can take a long time.

    Take care.

    Love and hugs



  • Hi Sian, just a wee update to say I've finished the antibiotics. I'm waiting on my appt with the resp. Consultant. However, a glimmer of hope is that the excruciating back pain is nowhere near as bad. :))

    You do such a lot of good work on this site Sian and so many people must be helped and inspired by that. Good for you and we'll done. You certainly helped me feel less alone in my darkest moments.

    Take care.


    Susan xxx

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