I am glad to have found HealthUnlocked and am enjoying reading all articles in the forum.. I have been told that I have copd and the figures given to me were :

Fev1 - 1.57- 53%, Fvc - 2.21- 57%, Fev/Fec - 71%. . I don't know or never heard what stage I was as I was in a state of shock. The nurse has prescribed Ventolin, spiriva and seretide 500 . She also told me that I was going for a chest x-Ray and on a treadmill

due to my breathlessness and high pulse beat.

I would appreciate if someone can tell me how bad or what stage I am in.

Thank you,


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  • Don't worry too much these are all routine tests to establish how good or bad your COPD is. The inhalers given ought to control the symptoms and in time you may even be able to reduce them to a lower dose. I take the same and lead a reasonable life but some things have to be changed , avoid infections or anything that irritates your condition for now. Take care and hope your test results are not to bad. x

  • Thanks katieoxo60, I shall take all advice from everyone in the forum , the weather here now is rain and strong wind, as such, I am staying in and looking after my health. I gave up cigarettes on New Year's Day 2015 and I gave up alcohol a year and a half ago, thank god, I gave them up. Now is preservation time for me.



  • Hi again getting these tests done at an early stage i believe is important so you can follow the progress of your condition and if needs be refer back to them if you believe you may not be getting the treatment you need as having previous results to refer back to is important.

  • Thanks Ponkmonster, I am taking everyone's advice as I found that I never had or didn't listen to what the nurse had told me as I was in a state of shock then. Now , it's time to stay in touch with everyone in the forum and learn.



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