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Spirometry Test

Hi All

Hope that you have all had a good day

Me again with another question, When I had the Spirometry Test, half way through they put a mask on, I think the nurse said I was breathing in the same stuff as in the blue inhaler, but can't remember if I got that right.

I then had to go out and sit in the waiting room for a while before I went in for round 2.

I couldn't get over how I could breathe so easily, like I was breathing in fresh air so easily, I can't remember ever breathing that good......did every one else experience it the same

Finally, many many thanks to you all who answered my first post, lots and lots of help and good advice thank you x

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they do it to see if there is an asthma element to your breathing problems ,


Thanks mmzetor, Asthma wasn't mentioned to me after the test so I guess not



That would have been a Sabutamol nebuliser ( Ventoline) it is a higher dose in one hit .


Thanks Stone, one of my inhalers in Ventoline, I still can't get over how easy and good it was to breathe after that

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IT is a great help nebuliser ventolin. I had an a exacerbation in ae and went straight to the Docs and that is what they did for me. Although was shaky for a few days I was breathing well almost straight away.

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From what I'm reading on this web site about the lung function test they are many different ways of doing it. Normally I go in to see the practice nurse where I blow 3 times in to the machine and the average is calculated to give the stage I was stage four then last year I saw another nurse I had to take 4 puffs from my blue inhaler through a spacer then breath in to the machine once before the inhaler and twice after this time I'm stage 2. To maintain this stage I would no doubt use 1 blue inhaler every day so I think this test is not 100%


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