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Received an email today supposedly from eBay saying like a bank they need to upgrade my details with them and have only 48 hours to do so for the account will be suspended. I didn't open the part to see what details they wanted but sent it to PayPal who thanked me for sending it As a talk talk customer I now suspect we are victims of the hacking that has gone on. EBay say they are pleased when people send such emails to them and will be investigating to identify the source.

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  • Thanks for that Joyce. I kept getting ones alledgely from Paypal asking for details otherwise my account would be suspended! I ignored it as spam. x

  • I've had one off PayPal they are so authentic to look at but my cousin had her account emptied and lost all her university grant.

  • Joyce. I am not a talk talk customer but the same thing has been happening to most of my family mainly Amazon E bay Pay Pal hsbc bank and Bank of Scotland. The Pay Pal were the worst that one kept coming every day telling me I would lose my account as it had been used and my account was overdrawn. Do not open them just delete and mark them as trash.

  • Hi

    I got one from pay pal. Redirected to Spoof@paypal.

    I have also change passwords for bank, and PayPal

  • Yes Joyce, I've had these emails before but I just forward them to spoof@paypal, or eBay etc. Touch wood, I haven't seen any for a while!

    Take care 🌻

  • I have had a few Paypal ones, like the other people here I forward them to spoof@paypal. I never reply to bank emails,I instructed my bank never to send me emails.

  • I had one from The National Lottery (supposedly) yesterday and get similar for other companies all the time, even though I'm not a TalkTalk customer. I usually hover my mouse pointer over the sender's email address to see where it really came from, and then mark as spam and delete after forwarding to the company they purport to come from.

    For some reason I also keep getting emails from Eastern European and Vietnamese ladies who think I'm a well endowed male and offer me their services. Blocking emails from those countries has helped.

  • Hi Joyce74, thanks for the post. I too am with talktalk and to spite emailing them about such things I continue to get a barrage of such mail each day. When I contacted Apple about one of theirs they thanked me, just like your experience, and I have had none since. Obviously the spam filters are not foolproof, or our online security devices like I have.

  • I know that I am probably stating the obvious as you all seem to have been doing the sensible things. But do remember to change the passwords for the sites that these emails pretend to come from. I know- really tedious!

  • P:aypal are brilliant are getting money back. Twice I've had a problem with Ebay items and on each occasion Paypal have taken the whole thing over and the money was back in my bank in a few days. Don't ever trust ANY email that ask for your details...call the bank and verify it with them. XX

  • I get 2-3 nearly everyday and yes i send them to paypal too. I always get a reply from paypal. it seems to be a never ending battle with spoof emails. also get from Natwest Bank and Lloyds too never have banked with either

  • Well done and you did the right thing. Hope everyone takes care as hacking and phishing scams happen all the time. Wishing you well. xxxx

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