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Cheese And Chocolate And Excellent Books

There was I, this afternoon, idly looking at patchwork patterns 'cos I have some Charm squares to patterns it says...but you have to sign up first for the newsletter and that means choosing a feckin' password and a user name, which I honestly can't be bothered with and anyway the stupid newsletter will just add to the clutter in my inbox...

So I had a shower instead of thinking of a password and a user name and the top on the shampoo has gone funny...sort of squashed inwards so the shampoo won't come out no matter how hard you squeeze the silly bottle...wonder for the umpteenth time why the makers of said shampoo can't just put a perfectly ordinary screw top on the bottle...anyway I squidged it and the top flew off and a big glob of shampoo landed in the shower thingy...

Murphy was sitting on the side of the shower thingy...he loves water you see, the sudden blob of shampoo made him jump straight into the water...poor little chap. Didn't much care for his feets getting wet...

I had Camembert cheese with fancy crackers for lunch...the cheese stinks to high heaven...but it is delicious...Tesco's sell the proper stuff from France...not the pretend Camembert that costs almost as much and is made on an industrial estate somewhere in the depths of Birmingham...or Dublin in our case.

Trouble is, everytime one of us opens the 'fridge door both the kittens are there in a shot...scrambling to get inside...they lust after my cheese...don't care for Himself's 'cos he eats Cheddar with Cranberries or Cheddar with Nettles...honestly.

Himself brought two boxes of fancy biscuits and a huge box of Dairy Milk chocolates home from the shop today...he'd only gone for dog food and milk. I can't abide Dairy Milk...too sweet and sickly, so I expect they'll be one of his Christmas treats...hope he finds a cheap box of dark chocolates for me.

I have my own personal tin you know...just a little fancy tin I keep on my desk with salted Cashews and some nuts mixed with dried Olives which are so totally moreish...

Same with those ultra delicious Belgian biscuits...I squirrel those away otherwise he'd eat the lot...the chocolate on them is dark and slightly bitter.

Just going to have supper and then I can get back to the book I'm's called The Prayer of the Night Shepherd by Phil's good so far. The last book I read was called The Killer Next Door by Alex was really very funny and ended brilliantly...

See you all tomorrow...sleep well.

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Hi Vashti, I have a lot of Phil Rickmans books on my I pad....I am reading Curfew at the moment....they are all a bit spooky, but I like them.


Vasti How can you make just another day into something as exciting as you have. Even having a shower sounds good. My husband and I each have our own chocolates as he is a lover of dark chocolate and soft centres. Me I just love plain dairy milk bars. But I will not say no to Thorntons, do you get those in Ireland. You made me laugh with the cheese sometimes when it is particulary "high" we put it in a saucepan outside with a lid on.

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Ah! a fellow dark chocolate lover! Recently, I found a bag of dark chocolate Rolos in Poundland. They were lovely, I haven't been able to find any more.

Why is it dark chocolate Mars Bars only come out once in a blue moon as limited edition? My theory is they cost more to produce.

I have a little pot I keep brazil nuts in. George adores them so he gets one as an occasional treat. Did you know Macadamia nuts are poisonous to dogs?

As a cheese lover, I agree with you the authentic ones are far better. White Stilton is a favourite of mine, when I can get it.

Recently I got a loaf of bread from a real old fashioned baker. It has kept well and is good enough to eat on it's own. No more supermarket bread for me.

I hope Molly and Murphy have forgotten all about their operations now. Glad to hear Mollie had fun in the shower with you.

Have a lovely weekend xxx

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Reading your

Posts it's like you are a friend we have all known for years x

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I buy that "smelly" cheese for my Grandson (I hate it) but the trouble is, he's only here once a week, so I know exactly what you mean about opening the 'fridge door! I've tried everything to try to contain the smell....triple wrapped in foil, put in a plastic container with a lid etc., etc., All to no avail.

There is one good side to it ....mice love it! I have a humane mousetrap and when my brilliant mouser brings them in alive and they run and hide......... out comes the trap loaded with "smelly" cheese. They almost can't wait to get in it and when I take it outside to let them go, they never just run off, they always finish the cheese first! Quite funny to watch really. :-D


Liking the sound of your day Vashti but poor Murphy hope he soon dried off!

Dark choccies are my favourite too but to be honest, I do like most chocolate apart from the white stuff. I like lots of different cheeses too so long as it is not blue, and have never had any with nettles in but could be interesting.

We have too much of our daughter's birthday cake left here and I swear it calls me every time I pass the dining room door. Will try and get rid of it all today when family come round for pasta, garlic bread, salad, cheesecake, fruit, cream and birthday cake all topped off with fireworks. That will make the neighbours happy!

Wishing you well and no good anyone moaning at me about fireworks as we have them every year because our daughter was born on 5th November and our son on the 9th. We do only have them once a year though, not like some people.



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