Infection & Modrate High Blood Presure

Infection & Modrate High Blood Presure

Only been a month since last infecton asthma attact copd exalbration Like a was just recovering.

And i have other FIRSt i knew was sore throat dizzy and breathless O and freezing

Last time my sats droped to 76 but climbed back up BUT what i have noticed whit this transiant infection virus.

Is as well as being dizzy when i stand up try move aboutt my Blood Pressure is 142 sys and 86 dia

What i cant understand is why would a moderatly high BP make me feel so ill and dizzy given my Spo2 on surface looked ok this time

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  • D3NIS, so sorry to hear you're not well - just after you'd thought you'd got over one bout of infection. I'm afraid I'm not going to be of any help with your reasons for feeling dizzy etc but hope you get it sorted ASAP. Take care.

  • Hi cheers yer i was at docs yesterday GOT sick of geting up and falling against wall

    I just hope its not guna be like this every month

    Plus side : i had tetanus booster yesterday and seem to take edge of things

    Cheers thanks again

  • Dizziness can be for lots of reasons Daz so it may be a trip to the docs again. Not great for you getting one infection after another. Try and take things easy and wishing you well as always. xxx

  • Hi sassy59 cheers yer was thinking same just get over one just to get other

    Am still waiting for results of tests .. perhasp that might explane things

    Cheers thanks

  • So sorry to hear you are so poorly again. Hope the tests show what is wrong so that something can be done to make you better.

    Love and hugs



  • Hi freefaller cheers thanks am hoping the find cause is horried and waiting round ant much better

    Anyway cheers thanks

  • No the waiting is the worst bit - well not quite as bad as being ill in the first place.


  • Defo agree there is pits all of it

  • Hi Daz high blood pressure can cause you to feel dizzy but so can a lot of other conditions, and like me many people can live with high blood pressure and not know it. I had to do a 12 hour monitoring where you take your bp every hour for 12 hours I'm now on two bp meds and take my own bp about twice a month.

    You should contact your GP and tell them they might do bloods as well take care

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