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Hi all

It has recently been confirmed I have Copd = stage 2. After a couple of winters having a cold followed by a cough and trouble breathing which I thought was cold symptoms and mentioning to Doctors this, since last October after a cold! my cough has continued and was getting worse with trouble breathing. Last Doctor listened and sent me for chest x-ray, which came back as my lungs were enlarged, she then booked me in for Spirometry test with the nurse. He confirmed I have Copd and printed off 7 pages relating to lung damage, inhalers, steroids etc. To be honest I hadn't heard of it before, I had to then see the Doc, she had given me a blue/green inhaler and asked if it helped, I said a little but not much, she then gave me a grey inhaler to have morning and night with the green inhaler inbetween. When I went back she changed the grey inhaler for a pink one as I was using the green inhaler too much.

I have to go back in December to see her, the pink inhaler has improved my coughing but I still get out of breath. But I drop off to sleep so easily just sitting up watching the tv, when I go to bed I usually read a few clips from a magazine for 5 minutes, but find I fall asleep before I get to lie the falling to sleep part of copd.

Finally, I have seen on some websites excercises to do when you have copd, the Doc hasn't mentioned these, will that come later from her or should I just start doing some now.

Sorry to be asking all these questions, but I am completly in the dark with all of this and your comments would be appreciated

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Typical medication is three inhalers

One long acting, eg Brand name Spiriva

One long acting with steroid, eg Brand name Seretide

One reliever, eg Brand name Ventolin.

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a excercise program which your GP or respitory nurse can refer you.

Normal advice is stop smoking, balanced diet, and exercise

Don't Google to much.

There are plenty of members who will be able to answer most of your questions.

COPD is a umbrella term for chronic bronchitis or emphysema.

You can have a eliment of both.

Many thanks Stone for your helpful reply

Hi again Stone

I have just checked my inhalers I am now on Fostair and Ventolin

Hi & welcome Chrissie. There's a lot of us on here who have COPD.

My condition is treated by Symbicort & Spiriva inhalers for prevention & Salbutamol for relief.

Now is as good as anytime to exercise to within your ability as that will help you greatly.

The most important thing you can do is to stop smoking.

Eating well, sleeping well & keeping away from situations which will make your breathing worse. Such as smoke, perfumes, sprays etc if they bother you.

Keeping wrapped up if the weather is cold. A scarf round your mouth & nose to stop the cold air from affecting your breathing.

They are just a few little tips to help you along.

I also have an emergency supply of antibiotics & steroids incase of infection. Your GP will advise you on this.

Take care & keep well 🌸

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Hi Jessy11

Thank you for the info it has been a great help, I have noticed when I go out and it is cold or damp it starts me off so I will use a scarf on my mouth and nose.

I don't think think I can have steroid tablets due to the tablets I am on for Osteoporosis, but I could use the inhaler with the steroids in

Thank you again Jessy11


Hi Chrissie, I don't have COPD. I have bronchiectasis but the one thing that I can tell you is that with both conditions exercise is crucial. So it is wonderful that you are ready to start. Hopefully your doc will put you forward for a pulmonary rehab course which I am sure you will find helpful and reassuring. There are a lot of lovely people on this site with COPD whom I am sure will be along to talk to you about lifestyle drugs etc. Don't worry. It is a very true saying that you will die with COPD but not from it. And you are about to make a lot of new friends.

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Hi Stillstanding

Thanks for your comments, I don't go back to the Docs until December but I will carry on with the walking, and the excercises I have seen are mainly lifting, starting with cans etc and breast stroke movements, I imagine all helping the lungs

the exercises are most probably p.r. [pulmonary rehabilitation. ] an excellent source of help at your stage condition.

its a good job your not colour blind with all these different colour inhalers :) but you will get used to them, the blue one is the immediate rescue one, the purple one is seretide, there are lots, some in tablet inhaler form these are hand halers tiotropium, but im sure the medics will find the best ones that suit you. yes tiredness can be a part of copd, fatigue , but all can be over come by playing your cards sensibly

Apart from meds, The pr course will do you good, eating a good proper diet ,fruit veg etc. little but often will help, off course no need to mention smoking [not saying you do ] but that's the worst thing possible, stick on the site my friend you will pick lots of info as you go along,

best of luck

kindest regards jimmy

p,s never saw stones post,, ideal post :)

in reply to jimmyw123

Great post, Jimmy. x

Hi jimmyw123

Thank you for your comments and yes I too am glad I am not colour blind lol.

Well I am glad to hear tiredness can be caused by copd fatigue, it was beginning to get worrying as to have I got something else as well.

No I don't smoke any more, I must admit I have never been one for eating much fruit or veg, but I am now eating a little of both

Please accept my apologies chrissie, i forgot to welcome you to the site :)

Just hang around on the site, you'll get used to me lol :D

Many thanks for your return answer, i'm like toci, on 4th stage copd [an umbrella term used on lung issues ] i am an oap on oxygen,with many other underlying illnesses, i never like to mention this.

But grab the chance you have with both hands chrissie, you will live a long happy life, believe me :)

lovely to speak to you, lots of love and kindest thoughts jimmy xxxx :)

Hi jimmyw

There was no need to welcome me but many thanks for that, replies to my messages are heart warming and indicate the welcome.

Yes I will certainly stick around, the replies do help, I have been off with depression since January, and with this people can talk to me like the Doctor and non of it registers, I hear there second sentence and forget the previous, even though I take a note book and scribble bits down, a lot of it I don't know why I have written it, I can keep looking on the site for the info. I have been very low on Vitamin D and been on two courses of tablets, but glad to say that is back to normal now. One quick question, does every one eventually go through all the stages or does the inhalers control it

Hi Chrissie,

To answer your last question, in my opinion you don't necessary need go through all these so-called stages, if you are on stage 2, you can keep on that stage for many, many years to come, and live a happy and contented life. Even have remission periods at times. , These so called stages are often a merely a "score" quoted from a doctor. [i.e. another doctor from another hospital or practise might just say stage 1? ] this "score" is often counted, by how many g,p call outs, how many infections, even age [which you have an advantage :) ],of course lung x rays and breathing tests .

So best try look at the bright side,,, you have a lung issue, you can do lots to help keep this at bay,!!

Personally i'm not a great believer in these so-called "stages" these only serve to make you worry!!, and can make you depressed, you will note i mentioned i am on so-called "4th stage" , someone a few years ago, on this site, said you mean "end stage " i replied " i would prefer to call it 4th stage!!," "oh i see " said the poster :) well although i am an oap, i have been on 4th stage a good few years now!!, and indeed hope to be on it for another good few years to come:) which i will :) so please don't despair, you have lots going for you.

kindest regards chrissie

lots of love jimmy xxx :)

Hi Jimmy

Many many thanks for your reply, yes it all makes sense in what you have said and I feel a lot better now

I think reading the sheets they printed off at the Doc's for me all sounds rather depressing and at times quite negative.

Thanks again Jimmy

Chrissie xxxc

so glad you feel somewhat better, long may this continue Chrissie :)

love jimmy xxx :)

in reply to jimmyw123

hi jimmy your post is so positive to read,i wish I had your positivity cos at the moment I feel terrible,nothing seems to help with the shortness of breath,i must be having a off day sorry for moaning.

in reply to marian-b

Hi Marion, There's nothing like a good moan, it does actually do you good, Many of us on the site including me , often have a good rant,or moan, and often no wonder !! But fortunately most on the site understand this :) so no need to apologise , We all have off days, i have had one most of today myself,!! shortness of breath is most certainly no fun,

Can i just say, if your shortness of breath seems worse than before, and you feel terrible, it might be worth seeing the doc, it could just be the start of an infection. do you have emergency meds marion,? You will know your own body, i know in my case it was just an off day.

Lets hope we both improve tomorrow, i'm sure we will :)

lots of love jimmy xxx :).

in reply to jimmyw123

thank you for your reply,i cant get used to being not being able to do all the things I used to love,i am beginning to give in but im stubborn,body54 and my head tells me 21,everyday is a breathless day it just depends on how bad it is, I read a lot from other people on here who can still enjoy walks and gentle exercise I can hardly walk from my front door to my back door what am I doing wrong,has anyone any ideas how I can boost my breathing .

in reply to marian-b

Hi marion, its difficult to answer many things not knowing what treatment you are having, how long you have had this bother etc. all i can say is, if this breathing is worse than usual you might have an infection, that needs to be treated, you seem very like me i.e, stubborn :) and again like me often think i'm much younger and try to do too much at times, mostly to my disadvantage, but stubbornness can be a good thing for the likes of us, means we wont give in to this

lung problem. rather than say "what am i doing wrong," i would rather say "what can i do right" and the right things to do are obviously not smoke , keep to a sensible diet with plenty fresh fruit and veg. exercise a little, even if "little" is very little,but keep trying. keep your medication regime up to date, even go back to the doc. explain how bad you feel, he might just try something else. there are so many different inhalers, nebulisers etc, try find some that might help, who knows you might just need oxygen, most of your questions only a doc can answer but don't give in, keep trying, what works for one person might just not work for another and vica versa..i so wish i could help more marion, but can assure you i know the feelings you go through, breathlessness is horrible, but there are often ways and means of at least helping this, learn all about your lung problem, ask questions etc. i sure hope you do feel better soon, lots of love jimmy xxx :)

Hello, Chrissie. I also had never heard of COPD until I was diagnosed. I am stage four. You have been given great advice already. Welcome to the site.

in reply to Toci

Hi Toci

Many thanks for your warm welcome, what stage was you at when you was diagnosed

I was already stage four when diagnosed as I had ignored my cough getting worse and did not have a very good GP. That was a few years ago now. There is life after diagnosis!

in reply to Toci

Thanks Toci for your reply, yes I ignored mine for a while just thought it was a cough and cold, then after a year of coughing and trouble breathing which I thought was due to the cold, I mentioned it to several doctors who just listened and said nothing. Eventually a Doctor sent me for a chest x-ray

Goes to show you need a good GP who will listen and look into your problems as well

Hi chrisse

I 2 was told this yr I had copd I'd never heard of it goggled it it scared the xxxxxxxout of me stopped smoking went back to the docs armed wiv questions told I'm mild to modarate and is I excersise eat heathy and don't smoke I could get it down to mild so here's hoping the Blf and the people on hear have been amazing in there knowledge and I no longer think it as a death sentence but just a new chapter in my life I'm 51 and as of yet not on any mess 😀 welcome and staying positive really helps 😄

Hiya Piglet,

Yes like you I googled it and scared the xxxx out of me too, I stopped smoking before I found I had it as smoking would make me lots worse.

I have started excersising a little though hoping the Doc will go into that more in December. I do have eating problems with the depression which is worse in the winter, last winter I went down to just under 6 stone, and was quite poorly at times. Glad to say I am at 7 stone now yipppeeeeeeee

Hi try to keep yr mind busy and eat little and often have u someone to support u ?

Hi Piglet

I think I am like it through depression, I am worse the darker nights, my daughters notice I look more drawn in my face and often take me out for a meal, but I wear loads of layers and thick jumpers on top so I look fatter than I am. Plus I feel the cold a lot so it keeps me warm as well.

I am eating ok at the moment so intend to keep that going this year lol

Hi chrissie

I do still get my dark days and I'm yet to tell my children as I really don't think my daughter could cope as many people on ere have said if u don't smoke eat heathy and exercise as much as u can you can keep it stable I was positive wiv my breast cancer which I have the 5yr all clear so try and be positive and enjoy life 😊

Congratulations on the 5 year all clear excellent news x

in reply to chrissie789

Has anyone ever heard of Ultibro breezaler? My Doc reccomended it for me for copd.

Hi my chest was really tight and found it hard to breath so they gave and steroids! I had the spirometry was clear they also sent me for a chest xray which was clear this went on for weeks! I called the ambulance out twice as I couldn't breath! Iam now on the pink inhaler called anoro but it doesn't make me sleepy

Hi Luckydon

It is horrible when you can't breathe I can get in quite panic with it at times, and I am not as bad as a lot of these nice people on here. It must have been terrible for you having to call an ambulance. My Pink inhaler is called Fostair.

How are you now you are on your inhaler hopefully improved

Hi Christie yea my inhaler seems to be doing the job! But I also smoke so trying to give that up as well

Good Luck with the giving up smoking, I went onto the E Cigarettes, I sometimes smoke it with no liquid in or smoke a pencil, It helped me doing that, I still had the hand to mouth habit

Yea Iam finding it hard! But got to do it! How long have u given up for

Hi Luckydon

I have only stopped in the last 3 months or so, I was struggling with my breathing, then I got a nostril infection, my nostrils were inflamed and made it even more difficult to breathe.

I have been smoking since I was 15 and I am 62 next month. The times I have stopped smoking but only lasting a month or two I should be in the guinness book of records.

About 10 years ago I got hypnotised, I didn't even fancy lighting up a cigarette it seemed to be working. Then after about two months of non smoking I found the cigarettes I put in my cupboard just incase. I lit one to see what it was like, it was vile, but carried on smoking it. That was it I was back to smoking but didn't really enjoy the taste since then. I then had more of the e cigarettes than the real ones.

I still have cravings for one but when I do, I go and do a job, or make a coffee or look at a magazine or do a crossword, anything to take your mind off it and the craving will go.

When I have a really bad craving, I smoke a pen as though it is a cigarette, apparently it is hard to give up the hand to mouth action, but it works for me smoking a pen then putting the pen down and doing a crossword or something. The craving does go if you keep your mind on something else.. do your christmas prezzie list.

Good Luck with yours, hopefully we will master it together xx

Welcome. I would advise you to have a look on the BLF website they have a pamphlet about COPD which you can either read online or down load and print. You can also talk to the BLF nurses either on line or by telephone if you need assistance - during normal working hours. Ask your GP and respiratory nurse all the questions you have too - they are there to answer your questions. If you don't understand an answer then ask them to explain better. Then there are all of us here to help you too.

I don't have COPD but there are many on here who do so there is bound to be someone who can answer your question.

All the best,



Hi Sian

Thanks for your message, yes I will look on the BLF website. It is nice to know there is a nurse available online as well which is reassuring

Chrissie xxxxx

Breathing exercises help me breathe in count 2 then breathe out as if whistling/blowing out a candle purse your lips count 4 do for 15 minutes 3 times a day i usually do it watching tv/listening to music this also helps when you are breathless gets your breathing back i call it my life saver as it calms me as well also we need to build our upper body up get 2 bottles of water in your hands and pull arm up to shoulder for 10/ 15 minutes. It is scary at first especially when you get breathless. They have just changed my inhaler to Fostair instead of Seretide as i was very breathless all the time which makes my anxiety worse. Feeling much better and mobile, i had to keep sitting down all the time which is very frustrating as i had housework to do! My pulmonary nurse told me to stop stressing about things and just do it at my own pace when i could. My advice is get your breathing right then do what you can and don't stress. anxiey makes us tighten up and affects our breathing, it does me hence the breathing exercise. I am learning to be more laid back and saying does it REALLY matter! Take care and hope this has helped a little.

Jaysha you have passed on words of wisdom about the importance of doing things at your own pace with COPD. I too have had to stop beating myself up on housework duties etc taking longer but hey, if it takes me to suit on a still and mop the kitchen floor, then who cares. I call that part of my exercise for the day. I think I may try your tip on holding 2 bottles of water and doing a 15 min exercise.

in reply to Jaysha

Hi Jaysha

Many thanks for the breathing excercises, I too suffer with anxiety which makes me worse. I have written it down so I get into the habit of doing it correctly without thinking about it

Take care

in reply to chrissie789

You are welcome. Sat here now doing mine.

in reply to Jaysha

Hi Jaysha

Many thanks for the exercises, I have written the breathing one down, so I can keep doing the breathing correctly and get it right so I can do it without thinking.

I too suffer with anxiety which makes my breathing worse so I will certainly do this.

I saw on youtube them doing excercises like yours using tins of beans to start off with. They were moving there arms up one at a time as in weight lifting, do you do it like that or just leave your arms up in the air

in reply to chrissie789

Like your using weights as a weightlifter does yes. Try googling for help i do if unsure that is where i found my breathing exercise there are alot do one you can do there was one and i was nearly in knots! Enjoy your day and keep counting!

in reply to Jaysha

Thanks Jaysha

Come early next year, I will have muscles on my muscles

Sorry chrissie welcome

Good morning Christie.

Just to welcome you.

You've had so much excellent feedback.

The Pulmonary Rehab course is great, meeting people "in the same boat " is good. I'm doing my second one now.

We also have a good laugh!

Take care.

Ann ☺

Hi Ann

Thanks for your welcome, I will ask my GP when i next go about the course, I think it will do me good to meet people in the same boat.

I live alone, and it can be quite scary at times when you are on your own

Thanks for your comments very much appreciated

Welcome Chrissie789. I'm fairly new to the site myself but every time I ask for an opinion or for some help to to with COPD, stress, panic attacks etc,etc,etc , I've been amazed at the lovely support given from everybody. I see that you've had a huge response to your initial enquiries about COPD so I can't really add anything more even though I'm A "COPD er" myself. Take care & lol.

Yes we have to stay positive and stress free. My cats keep me amused and smudge my boy always knows if i am having a bad day stays close. Breathing much better now with my new inhaler but not going mad!

Hi Jaysha, how many cats have you got ? You're very lucky as over the last few years with my COPD, I've not been able to be around our fury friends any more due to the hair. I had a fantastic Labrador dog called Caesar for 17 wonderful years, but that was many, many years ago. I'd always thought of having a little small dog when I entered into my "older" years for a companion, but alas, the COPD will not permit. So you are ever so lucky. There seen to be lots of people on here who have pets - you've probably read about some. Anyway have a good weekend and how your cats don't panic at the sound of the fireworks.

Very sorry you can't have a pet. i am very lucky probably immune to their fur as they lie next to me on the sofa or on me! and share my bed or should i say I share the bed!! Two very loved pampered cats.

Hi squirrelsHolt

yes like you I am already amazed at the lovely support and help given, it has just lifted my spirit being on here......a big thank you to you all x

I'm so glad I found this site too as we all have days that just need a little support and that's exactly what I've gained from all the great people here on BLF. If only I was quicker at typing then I'd respond to a lot more folk but I use my mobile phone and it's all quite small type, but I'm getting quicker. Have a good weekend.

Hi Chrissie and welcome. Sorry if this has already been mentioned but you now qualify for a free annual flu jab, which most COPD patients have at this time of year, as flu can bring serious complications for someone with lung issues. It is also worth asking about a pneumonia vaccination which also is worth having. This is usually a one-off, although some GPs seem to recommend one every 10 years. Your GP should also offer you an annual spirometry review to see how your disease is being controlled.

There's very little about COPD that someone on this site doesn't know about; in fact there are some who know far more than the doctors who treat us.

Hi Warwickstag

Yes after the nurse gave me the spirometry test he gave me the flu jab that day. I can remember reading on the notes he gave me that you have two injections, so I will mention the pneumonia vaccination next time I go

Yes I can well believe I can get more info on here than the Docs and nurses. I was just told I had COPD, given some printed out forms about lung conditions, inhalers, and to stop smoking, that was about it really

I have found out a lot more on here already

When I was first diagnosed with copd, I was given an inhaler to use twice a day. After just a few days, I had somuch more energy, and I felt 20 years younger. Apparently, if your lungs are not working properly, you get tired easily as your body doesnt have enough oxygen. It makes sense really. So I suppose your tiredness will stop when you get your medication right. I take seretide twice a day and very infrequently, ventolin. Good luck with your treatment.

in reply to kydam

Hi Kydam

Thanks for the info, yes now you mentioned it it does make sense, I will tell the Doc when I next go about the falling to sleep

I certainly need something to make me feel 20 years younger.......I wouldn't say no to something that made me look 20 years younger too lol

start doing them now hun,im on oxygen now and darnt ask what stage im at,but it only took a year,from going where you are now to where im at,dont over do it rest then a few more theres lots you can do look on u tube.also try breathing through your nose and out your mouth that helps,i wish id of listened now im doing them a little at a time to try and build myself back up and its hard work,but it is working,good luck hun x

Thanks Cherrieuk

Yes I have started doing them, so sorry to hear that you have got worse in a year and now on oxygen..... does the Doc change your meds from time to time to see if something suits you better.

I was going to ask how long it takes to go from stage 2 to stage 3, but I guess that varies with each individual

For a while now, I have trouble breathing in from my nose, last month it got worse as though my nostrils were closing up, I got to the stage where I had to hold my nostrils open and stand in front of a end I went to the walk in centre, they said I had a nasal infection and gave me some cream.

I am a lot better now, the immflamation has gone, but still feel as though I have got a bad cold and that stuffed up feeling

I suffer with sinus problems due to allergies, so found it very hard to do the breathing, I've got the hang of it now, but suffer really bad with panic attacks, that's what's made me worse, then going on oxygen made me even more bad, I'd got it into my head that i couldn't breath or move with out it, causing me more panic attacks, I've just spent a week away doing some much needed thinking and sorting my head out, i can now manage the panic attacks and I'm moving around more, it's my own fault for letting it run my life and nearly giving up, but I have 3 kids that need me, so it's time to pull myself together, I'm on and off with the smoking, so I'm sorting all the things that stress me out that makes me smoke then quitting, i use a fan to help calm me down and menthol nose spray to clear my nose, I also suffer with fibromyalgia so in a lot of pain as well, I'm still young enough for a lung transport, just pace your self hun, i got that bad that i couldn't go out the house just the thought of it set me off, we all have to find our own way to handle copd, it just took me a long time to find a way to deal with it, as long as you don't smoke and keep as active as you can you can still live a long life, just at a slower pace, and if you need to talk to someone I'll listen, I'm on the right meds now, my next move is to go out at least once a day on my own, that starts next week, i miss driving around it helps me to destress, x

Hi cherrieuk

Many thanks for your reply, it is very helpful for me re stress etc.

Hope all goes well next week for you, few steps at a time, and think of something really nice as you do it x

I assume no one has ever had experience with Ultibro breeze healer as there has not been a reply to a previous question. It was given to me for copd. In Canada, If anyone knows if it works please let me know. Thanks, xrpeter

in reply to Xrpeter

Hi xrpeter. Have you tried typing it in the search box to see if it's been mentioned before on here? I'm sure it rings a bell

in reply to Xrpeter

I've never heard of it, is it a breathing technic or a breathing machine, if it's an oxygen machine it will depend on how much oxygen it throws out, they start at 30% a waist of time, if it's 90% that will help depending what stage your at 99.9% is what you need if your past stage 2 I've got an airflow very expensive got it second hand for travelling, as for breathing on your own breath in through yr nose and out your mouth it's hard to get the hang of it try breathing using yr tummy and not yr lungs till you have mastered it, then use you use both lungs or tummy, i started at bed time lieing down easier to concentrate, once I'd got the breathing right I've found its easier to walk calmed down the panic attacks, Google, and utube helped me alot as well, hope this helped

Exercising should be as soon as you can if you wait you will end up having a harder time. Your only in stage two so exercising would be easier and you can possibly keep your COPD from worsening for a long time. Please don't wait it's much harder as your lungs decline. Talk to your doctor about pulmonary rehab it's the best you'll love it.

Im glad you posted so many beautiful people here that can help you if needed, there super for moral support you don't feel so isolated and alone.

Thanks Spookyfries

Yes I will mention rehab to the Doc when I go in December, and I have started the excercises

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