Losing weight!!

Last year, I was under a lot of stress. I coped but with a lot of comfort eating. Now I need to lose 2 stone. My breathing is bad, slowing my mobility down a lot. If I lost some weight - it would be great. I did attend one local group but I was having a job following the diet. Now I have decided to do it on line which is better for me, and fun to do. I would like to ask if anyone else is doing it on line. I can supply details by PM.

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Good Luck with that I have lost 26 lbs since June. Determined this time that I will not put it back down. I am keeping around the 9 st Mark now and although 8.5 st is my ideal I am quite happy to stay at 9 as I can comfortably stay here for a while before making a push down to 8st 7lbs.



Ooohhhh, I need to lose 2 stone too, but I like food, and Xmas is coming, but the goose is getting fatter πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ what kind of diet is it pergola, might try it with u if it works and I haven't got to try to hard πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ xx Sonia xx

Ps: need it to work within 48 hours or I get bored πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ no will power xxx

I will mention weightlossresources.com but not at all sure I should be advertising. It looks complicated at first but becomes easier. Help is only a phone call away. A friendly crowd. When I was younger, weight used to slip off but not now. Big sigh!!

That's who I use. I have been there a while and I do like it. it allows me to plan and its about changing my eating habits, portion control and not refusing myself the things I like.

Sounds good. Portion control is important. What normally breaks me is eating something I shouldn't and then getting depressed and thinking what's the point and just forgetting it and tucking into everything. You can fall off the wagon sometimes but just carry on but I don't always get that!

I also got a shock when being weighed in hospital, a stone and a half heavier than a few months ago, i put it down to the constant steroids,

i understand you pergola, feel for you, just hope you get some response, and find a way, even if it is online.

i'm simply doing my best trying to eat less sugar in my tea, coffee etc, less sweet things.

hope you manage to get somewhere,

jimmy xxx

Ha ha. Sorry that response was not aimed at you Jimmy but at Sonia. The 48 hour bit I found really funny but I know what Sonia means.


Thanks, Jimmy. I can always hope to lose a lb. or two or maybe more!! The WLR diet is fun to do although it might look a little complicated at first.

About 5 years ago , my friend & I went on a diet & we both lost over 3 st, which brought us to a size 8/10 & we were so proud & happy ...it took us about 10 months. Now we have put 2 stone back on. It's my "surprise" 60th in 7 weeks & ideally I would like to lose 2 st...it's not going to happen lol. What helped me was the exercise bike, 1 hour per day broken up into 3 , 20 mins sections....I can still do the exercise bike with my copd, it's in my head, I have too much to do! Christmas shopping takes my time up at this time of year with 18 grand-children, their parents etc..... I'm making excuses!Thank you for the post I will try to get my head round this

Sadly, I cant do serious exercise, but there is a good DVD on line called "move IT or Lose IT" More advertising here - I would like BLF to state what is legal and what isn't. I also have another problem - nocturnal eating - almost a craving. It is up to me to sort this "sleepwalking" problem.

Like you Pergola I can't do much in the way of exercise anymore, and though I blame the steroids, I know it's the nocturnal snacking that's doing the damage! I just can't help myself. Like to be 8.8, and have been all my life until recently, now I'm over 12 so if you find a cure for the late night snacks please let me know! Take care xx

I dont want to turn this forum into a slimming clinic. but important to improve breathing and mobility. I think rice crackers by the bed - so boring but low in cals.

If you are going to snack at night make it protein not carbs.


I need to lose weight too. I also go online - I log and weigh all of my food and the support is great. I have lost just over 1lb per week being on it. I can't be bothered with complicated diets, I still want to eat food I like, just in moderation and I find the site I use allows me to do this. Edited to add that I see we use the same site!

marie x

Good luck to you Pergola. It is not easy to lose weight but the benefits are enormous. I am trying to get rid of at least 2 stone and am supporting my daughter who goes to Weight Watchers (other slimming clubs are available of course). I tend to like to do it by myself as I hate paying out but we can always pm each other and give encouragement if you want to do that. Up to you but good luck anyway.

Lots of love, Carole xxxx

That is a great suggestion, Carole. I do keep a food diary as requested by the slimming group. When I was in my 40s, I went down under eight stone. Decades later, dream on X

Please please give it to me. No matter what I do or eat I can never put weight on. I need another stone or 2.

You can have my extra weight, Gerald, for free!!

Your so kind Pergola. Send it airmail will you? Gerald XX

My weight is heading your way Gerald! Be careful what you wish for. :)


Hi Gerald ...... You are very welcome to my extra 2 stone with pleasure xxx

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