Antibiotics All Winter?

Went to see the Doctor this afternoon and it was such a huge relief to be treated like an intelligent adult.

The Consultant had suggested to him that I take antibiotics daily throughout the winter...he wasn't keen and neither was I.

Can't see the point in taking them...just in case...especially when I have an emergency pack at home anyway.

Do you take antibiotics through the winter months?

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  • I don't take anything unless I have to 'except' vitamins and the odd supplement.

  • Pete takes azith or Doxy all the time as they help prevent chest infections. He seems to do better on the AB's but does have Ciprofloxacin in case of a chest infection anyway. Hope that makes sense Vashti. Good luck to you whatever you do. xx

  • Yes, the majority of those who suffer from Bronchiectasis take Azithromycin three days a week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Some people still get the occasional infection and need a course of antibiotics, but far fewer than they normally would. On average I get one major exacerbation a year when I end up in hospital for 14 days on IV antibiotics. Why wait to get ill and need a larger course of antibiotics when you can take one, three times a week and avoid them?

  • I don't take abs unless I feel I'm coming down with a chest infection. Don't think I'd be happy taking them every day. I have this feeling that taking them every day, would lessen the benefits & they would not work so well. Only my opinion though!

    Keep well 🌹

  • I have an emergency pack here, but thank goodness not needed to take them for two yrs. long may it continue.

  • Hi Vashti I take daily doxy. in winter, azith. in summer, reason being I like to get out in the sun when possible and it's not advisable on doxy. Still get lots of infections though, that's another story....xx

  • My Dr will not give me emergency Abs. Its a pain having to go to the surgery. His opinion we should not self medicate!!

  • My Doctor was hesitant at first but I told him about the people I'd read about on here and then he agreed!

  • My understanding about antibiotics for copd exacerbation so is to take them when I am beginning to get sick. Not all the time! Of course, everyone is different and their docs should know best.

  • I take azith one every day and I am to stay on them until June of next year, I have been on them since April and have not had a single infection since then. If I do get an infection I am to stop them and go onto my emergency antibiotics.

  • i don't take antibiotics on a daily basis, but am on them now as part of my treatment,

    i asked in hospital about a maintenance dose of azithromycin, was fairly annoyed, as the doctor said her usual mms and aa,s, then said "good question, i'll look into that for you " no answer yet , i'm home from hospital now,on doxy.

    like talking to the wall !!!


  • No, have standby ones just incase used to take azithromycin 3 times a week but got taken off them when had pancreatitis not back on them again yetx

  • I take axithromycin 3 times a week all of the time. But its never been suggested I take anything daily unless I have an infection.

  • In short Vashti....No! Like you, just the emergency packs on stand-by. XX

  • Morning all,

    Take Azith 3 times a week and have standby Abs and steroids as a back up. Can't say the Azith's work all the time but have only had to go onto standby abs. three times in 1.1/4 years which is much better than 9 times in a year also have been able to stay away from the dreaded steroids since starting the Azith routine.



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