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Antibiotics All Winter?

Went to see the Doctor this afternoon and it was such a huge relief to be treated like an intelligent adult.

The Consultant had suggested to him that I take antibiotics daily throughout the winter...he wasn't keen and neither was I.

Can't see the point in taking them...just in case...especially when I have an emergency pack at home anyway.

Do you take antibiotics through the winter months?

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I don't take anything unless I have to 'except' vitamins and the odd supplement.


Pete takes azith or Doxy all the time as they help prevent chest infections. He seems to do better on the AB's but does have Ciprofloxacin in case of a chest infection anyway. Hope that makes sense Vashti. Good luck to you whatever you do. xx

Yes, the majority of those who suffer from Bronchiectasis take Azithromycin three days a week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Some people still get the occasional infection and need a course of antibiotics, but far fewer than they normally would. On average I get one major exacerbation a year when I end up in hospital for 14 days on IV antibiotics. Why wait to get ill and need a larger course of antibiotics when you can take one, three times a week and avoid them?


I don't take abs unless I feel I'm coming down with a chest infection. Don't think I'd be happy taking them every day. I have this feeling that taking them every day, would lessen the benefits & they would not work so well. Only my opinion though!

Keep well 🌹


I have an emergency pack here, but thank goodness not needed to take them for two yrs. long may it continue.

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Hi Vashti I take daily doxy. in winter, azith. in summer, reason being I like to get out in the sun when possible and it's not advisable on doxy. Still get lots of infections though, that's another story....xx

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My Dr will not give me emergency Abs. Its a pain having to go to the surgery. His opinion we should not self medicate!!


My Doctor was hesitant at first but I told him about the people I'd read about on here and then he agreed!


My understanding about antibiotics for copd exacerbation so is to take them when I am beginning to get sick. Not all the time! Of course, everyone is different and their docs should know best.

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I take azith one every day and I am to stay on them until June of next year, I have been on them since April and have not had a single infection since then. If I do get an infection I am to stop them and go onto my emergency antibiotics.


i don't take antibiotics on a daily basis, but am on them now as part of my treatment,

i asked in hospital about a maintenance dose of azithromycin, was fairly annoyed, as the doctor said her usual mms and aa,s, then said "good question, i'll look into that for you " no answer yet , i'm home from hospital now,on doxy.

like talking to the wall !!!


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No, have standby ones just incase used to take azithromycin 3 times a week but got taken off them when had pancreatitis not back on them again yetx

I take axithromycin 3 times a week all of the time. But its never been suggested I take anything daily unless I have an infection.

In short Vashti....No! Like you, just the emergency packs on stand-by. XX

Morning all,

Take Azith 3 times a week and have standby Abs and steroids as a back up. Can't say the Azith's work all the time but have only had to go onto standby abs. three times in 1.1/4 years which is much better than 9 times in a year also have been able to stay away from the dreaded steroids since starting the Azith routine.



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