Just been diagnosed with COPD, and trying to work out how to get the best out of my life from now on. I gather the final diagnosis is coming next week, but it's very confusing as to what is causing all of this.

For years I was told that it was just asthma, as I was working in industry with materials now classified as hazardous.

Even th smell of perfume sets me off gaping these days

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  • Hi sorry I can not help you but there are so many lovely people on here that will help you as they have the same illness as you, take care

  • Morning.

    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. You'll find plenty of help here everyone is really nice, for professional advice ring the helpline. If you smoke stop, try and eat healthy exercise is very important, ask your GP if he will refer you to Pulmonary Rehab they will teach you how to do it safely. But most important please don't Google, we're all different.

    Good luck


  • Perfume gets me as well. As for getting the best out of life you need to exercise, walk regularly, eat well and don't smoke. You need to get referred for a pulmonary rehab course which consists of an hours exercise under supervision, and an hours education that teaches you about managing your condition. The main thing is to not let it make you depressed or anxious. You can always come on here for advice and support. The other thing to do would be to find your local breath easy group, this can be found by going on the BLF website and entering your postcode. Hope this helps?

  • I totally agree with the rest of the posts. Just wanted to add that if you need any advice you've come to the right place.

    Take care & keep well 😀

  • I personally would wait until next week to get your proper diagnosis. Ask for a treatment plan, my understanding of copd is that it is an umbrella term, you need to find out first exactly what you have got. I started with bronchial asthma 45 years ago only needing inhalers occasionally. That progressed over the years to allergic asthma, then emphysema and now bronchiectasis and pseudomonas Its not all bad news plenty of exercise good food and the will to lead a normal life. I worked full time until aged 63 and needed no more time off from work than any other employee.

  • COPD is more a general term to obstructive lung problems. Everyone is very different in the way they deal and cope with COPD or any condition for that matter, One thing you will get a lot of is "You do not look ill"

    If they offer PR go to it is a great asset to have under your belt. If they do not offer ask for it!

    I have RLD and get a glazed look from people as it is not so widely used in the general public vocabulary. If I get the comment, I now use this "If I had a £10.00 note blown out of my hand I would wave it goodbye were you would probably run after it?"

    Be Well

  • Hi I am exactly the same .copd asthma . I to worked with chemicals on the docks and heavy industry .onconstant steroids now and inhailers and other medication .cant really tell you anymore than whats already been said .just hand in there and take care. Dave

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