follow up on 3rd xolair injections

hi all sorry ive not been on for a while,just haven't been feeling to clever,well ive had my 3rd jabs of xolair I had high hopes of this working,after the first two I think I did feel slightly better,although a week before my jabs were due I could feel myself going down hill but after the last lot I haven't picked up at all,in the clinic they checked my chest and said it was clear but she could hear a whistle in the upper respitory tract,im now on steroids 6 a day for a week,is there no end to this,anybody got any ideas or anyone know of anyone been on xolair,with good results thank you to this site everyone is brilliant.

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  • Marion, sorry to hear your Xolair is not what you hoped. Personally I don't have any experience of it but I wish you well with whatever meds you are put on next.

    Hope you feel better soon 🌻

  • Marion I took part in the trial of this drug 15 years ago. For me then only diagnosed with allergic and bronchial asthma it was wonderful, some of us were taking xolair and some placebo. I knew from the start which I was on as I started to feel so much better within a few weeks. When the drug was finally licensed I was not allowed to go back on it as at the time I did not have enough hospital admissions to warrant the cost. There is another lady on this site who is on this drug, if you do a search I am sure you can find her just put in Xolair.

  • Time I went to bed I think. I just went back on my own replies and realised it was me that replied to you a few months back. I think that maybe you will see better results when what sounds like an infection has gone. I would have loved to have been given the opportunity to go on this drug as it worked miracles for me. Hope you start to feel better soon.

  • Xolair was on the horizon for me at one point (not now) and I browsed & saw there's a guy called TuckBox2 who's on it & doing very well I think

  • Sorry you have not been well and the solar doesn't seem to be working. Hope you pick up soon.

  • I've been on Zolair for over 10 years. I get three shots every other week. It has saved my life. Still need my Inhalers though and often steroids too but haven't been hospitalized as I was often before Zolair. Hang in there.

  • thank you all for your support it means a lot to me.

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