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The things kids say

Had a make and do day with the grandkids. They ask me to make em light sabers .robbed a couple of cardboard tubes out of last years christmas paper and tubes of tin foil and set to work.after we finishedthey were happy.then the youngest said make yourself one grandad you can be Darth vader because you sound like him. Needless to say the wife went into fits of laughter. To be fair so did I dave

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sounds like you had a fun time


Yea there a right pair never a dull day with them.they wear me out some days though .but allways fun .dave

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Morning darth Vader, sounds like u had fun, occupying kids is never easy, so may the force be with u 😂😂😂 xx Sonia xx


Cheers sonia just had to share that one with everybody . Hope everyones well and keep smileing .dave


Kids do say funny things I worked in a nursery school for over 30 yrs and could write a book

Bending down into the sand pit wth the children one child said "look I've made a pie" that's lovely said I what sort of a pie is it the reply was " a b. Y sand pie stupid !!

Take care



Kids are great . Had loft converted in room years ago .grandkids call it the man cave .we do our make and do stuff up their lungs permiting .hope your well dave


What a lovely post. Here is to years more of make and do!


When it comes down to it were all kids at heart .dave


Sounds like you had fun Dave! You could get a job on Blue Peter (is that still on the TV? )

Kids keep us young at heart although they can be exhausting!

Enjoy them all you can 😀


Do think i would qualify for a blue peter badge . Wonder what johnie noaks is doing now .have a nice day jessie . Dave


John Noakes is a British television presenter and personality, best known for co-presenting the BBC children's magazine programme Blue Peter in the 1960s and 1970s. Wikipedia

Born: March 6, 1934 (age 81), Shelf

Spouse: Vicky Noakes (m. 1965)

Education: Guildhall School of Music and Drama

TV shows: Blue Peter, I'm Famous and Frightened!

Didn't realise he was 81!

You most definitely qualify for the badge! 😂😂😂


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