Greetings each. Simple, one might even say daft, questions. I have been on a PulRehab. Enjoyed and came away determined to commit to exercise regime. I do warm-ups every day before breakfast. (1) How long after food should I wait before doing main exercise programme? (2) How many times per week to get benefit? I know every day would be ideal - but life gets in the way.

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Well done you for carrying on with the exercises. I was told at rehab that doing the exercises every other day is sufficient to reap the benefits.

I don't think it matters how long you wait after food to do them but if it was a big meal I would wait at least an hour. x

Thanks coughalot2. Your advice seems logical.

Morning edwardo, I too did pr recently and found it to be a great lesson.

Personally speaking I started doing exercise daily, but as you say life can get in the way. I do 4 times a week now of an exercise program that suits me. But I have to say I do try to add a little something e.g. park further away from shop, take a short walk up the path or even while doing breakfast, stationary walk while waiting for toast to do, ( I can manage about 250 steps while waiting) every day. As for exercise after food, my preference is exercise first, build up an appetite, then have my meal.

If I fancy popping out, or having a tidy up and wipe round the flat, I class this as exercise too and sometimes it replaces the ex program.

Really I think we all do things that suit us personally, so if your doing something and it feels right, go with it.

I did 2 days a week at PR and was advised to do 3 at home, making 5 days a week in total. Keep up the good work.

Excellent that you're keeping up with the exercises. I would tend to do them before I eat rather than just after. I always feel quite full after a meal & not wanting to do anything strenuous!

Good luck with your exercise regime. 😀

Hi Edwardo

You have been given some good advice I agree with the Jessy11 much better to exercise before a meal and as Toci said 5 times a week is a good target. Even top athletes are recommended to take at least one full day off from exercise each week.

I try to do the PR exercises 5 days a week and on none exercise days I try to something like Jjude suggests walking a bit further than normal or something that you like. There will periods when you cannot so make the most of the times when you can. Remember to build up slowly and do what you can comfortably.



Greetings Voodoo Chile. I reckon the full programme would take half-a-day. Five times a week would be taking a hell of a chunk out of life!

Hi Edwardo

I agree half a day is to much and you would probably be overdoing it. The home exercise programme I have is nine 2 minute exercises with 1 minute rest between each. Before I start I do light streching exercises for about 10 minutes and repeat very light exercise once I have finished the program and finish with 5 to 10 minutes of Zen breathing exercises. To summarise a warm up, the programme, a warm down and then breathing exercise. My average time is between varies 60 - 75 minutes when I have a good day and 30 - 45 minutes when I am not so good.

The important thing is that you do what you can when you can. Start slow and build yourself up, only do what you are happy with this way you are more likely to keep it up and may also start to enjoy it.

At the moment I have a badly swollen throat which with COPD means I unable to exercise. My chest is definitely tighter because I have been unable to exercise. I cannot wait until the swelling goes and I can start again this will say 30 minutes day one and then increased each day as I get better.

Best wishes


G'morning Andy,

Thanks for that. Sounds like a sensible and beneficial programme. How much walking do you do?

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