thank you

thank you

Please let me say thank you to all you good people, I have had so many replies to my post of medication off the internet.

My GP was telling me I didn't need the help of sleeping pills...........and would get better the longer I was off them, says are addictive ( I'm 70 for gods sake.!!) what harm at my stage in life can they do?

However I was buying all sorts of herbal pills and yes anti histamines to no avail. That is why I went on the internet.

When one has as little sleep as I do.........I am desperate and yes I feel like blowing caution to the wind and just taking a couple or three.

So for now all my HR friends I will say a big thank you, I feel as though I wont be on for a while, but before I go I want to say Jimmy I'm so pleased you are on the mend as is Huggs.

Keep well with love etch45 xxxx

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  • In the end it's your decision etch and everyone will respect that. Your gp sounds a right muppet, what's it matter if you DO get addicted?

    Where are you going though? X

  • You're looking good for 70, and you definitely have better dress sense than your chum. Take care, and don't stay away for too long.

  • I do hope you are not away for long, sending hugs & i hope you get a good nights sleep very soon..Helen x

  • Hi, is there not another doctor or a nurse you could see and explain how the lack of sleep is making you feel. Maybe they could refer you to a sleep clinic.

    I find I cannot drink ordinary coffee or cola any later than lunchtime otherwise I can't sleep....chocolate has the same effect...even a chocolate biscuit in the evening.

    I have a lavender sleep spray, but that may not be suitable for everyone's lungs.

    I hope you get some help soon...have you asked the BLF helpline for advice.

    Take care.

  • thank you so much etch45, we will miss you, maybe you'll pop on in the near future, may i say you do look good, [the chap next to you looks a bit like me :D ]

    best of luck etch, hope to see you soon,

    love jimmy xxx :)

  • OOh Etch,at 70,I think you can make your own decisions!

    I will miss your posts,I feel you are a very brave lady,whom has come through some battles.

    Don't stay away to long,don't close the acct. then you can still come on for a read, even if you don't post!

    Wishing you well,

    Hugs & love,

    Wendells xxx

  • Hope you are not leaving etch? Or are you just having a break? x

  • Will miss you so please come back soon. Take care xx

  • Hi etch 45..

    I couldn't really make out what the problem would be if you took a sleeping pill sometimes. ...I do..I think we all do and feel better for a good night's sleep.

    You have to be carefull how strong they are if you haven't taken them before.

    But at the of the day we are always advised to seek the help of a doctor.

    Give blf a phone call to see what they say.

    Kindest regards.


  • hope you come back soon , good luck in what ever you decide to do, take care

  • Good luck Hon come back soon x

  • Hope you only have a little break etch. You will be missed even at that. Just take very good care of yourself

    Sara xxxx

  • Hi Etch I hope you come back soon why do you feel the need to leave for a while

  • You know etch. My other half is your age and won't take sleeping pills prescribed for him! He gets very little sleep due to continuous back and knee pain. He won't even take the herbal type either. I have tried to get him to take one once a week so that he gets one good. Isn't but no. He is a stubborn Yorkshire man and you just can't tell them anything!

    Hope you do manage to get a decent sleep soon. It is dreadful not being able to get some rest.

    Hope you come back soon you are such a help to everyone here.

    Love and hugs



  • Brilliant picture. Unfortunately I seem to look quite similar to your chap - now that's got me worried !!!!

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