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Been away for some time

Well I am back I have not had it to good for the last month or so I have been in and out of hospital with my breathing I seem to be worst off not smoking but I mean to carry on not smoking it as been 8months now things have not been good at home my daughter as been in hospital my sister in law as had been ill my wife God bless her is not in the best of Heath and still keeps on working I need this month to bring a bit of luck I am off to the copd clinic to day so I hope every one is fine and having better luck than me

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Well, Ed I will have my fingers crossed that the whole family health can only get better. My luck isn't bad at the moment, but believe me, it has had tremendous dips. Only thing to do is to "put your head down and go for it". And keep up the no smoking. Well done X


Hi Ed, sorry to hear you and your family have been the wars lately. don't despair with the stopping smoking, it takes quite a while for you to feel the benefits. Just be proud you've managed to quit.

I hope your Copd check goes well. xx


Hope yr all feeling better soon 😀


Do hope things turn around for you all,take care,xx


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