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Out And About In My New Wheels...

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We have a problem.

It's Himself's ability to steer in a straight line...he was blaming it on the camber in the road, when I thought that any minute I'd end up in a water-filled ditch full of slimy things that wriggle.

So there I was hanging on for grim death as we wandered about all over the road trying to evade the occasional pot-hole and cow pat...he kept stopping as well...when I asked why have we stopped...again...he said his hands were a bit sore, so then I told him he ought to have worn his gloves and he said he knew that but didn't know where they were...a blatant fib. They're on the hot pipes coming out of the range where all the socks go...

Himself has something horrible on the palms of his hands you see...they actually crack open and bleed if he doesn't wear gloves and sometimes even when he does...he's had all manner of creams and potions...they heal up...he stops using whatever it was that worked...and back it comes again.

But it was ever so nice to get out in the sunshine...bit nippy... but the sun was lovely.

We went as far as the river to gawp at the bridge...they've put the actual span across so I suppose it'd be possible to cross the water if need be...

I walked back as far as the corner because I wanted to look for bird's nests in Jonny's hedge...practically all the leaves have fallen now so it's easy to see the carefully constructed little homes...woven from mosses and nestled between branches...

We didn't see anyone...the street was as quiet as can be...Nancy was tied up on the bit of grass in front of the cottage...she wagged her tail furiously when she saw us...the horses just looked, then turned away...they were munching hay straight from the bale...more important than looking at passing humans.

There's the ever constant faint scent of silage in the air and the rich aroma of earth and decaying vegetation...

It was a grand outing...

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Glad you had a nice outing.

Suggestion for OH, how about getting some foam pipe lagging to put on handles, it wont be so hard but not sure if it would just slide off, depends on the design of your handle.

Hi Vashti

You sound as if you had a wonderful time, beautifully reported.

I look forward to hearing lots more.

Velvet xx

So glad you managed a trip out. It certainly feels good to get out & about in the fresh air.

Keep well 😀

Glad you got out and had a good time weather was lovely here today did some tyding up in garden just got inside and made a drink then I could hear the foghorn it was lovely while it lasted.

Take care

Carole xx

Pushing on rough roads could be difficult, himself would definitely need gloves, especially if his palms are sore. But you could always drive to where you're going then get the chair out of the boot for a good wander round, when you do get there. But I'm sure you'll get there :)

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Jessy11 in reply to Billiejean_2

Yes that's what we do! When we go out the wheelchair is folded up & put in the boot. This means that if we are somewhere I cannot manage, it's there for me. I'm slowly getting my mobility back but it takes a while after spending so long in hospital at the beginning of the year. 😀

Glad you had a good day out. Steering will get better. Bliss to get some fresh air and country smells.

All the best for the next adventure.

Kate xxxx

Great that you have got out. Must have been so nice to get some fresh air. Hope that Himself doesn't get his hands too sore xx

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Great you had such a great time out vashti despite 'weaving' all over the road. It must have wonderful for you if not for Himself :) x

Hope you had your fairy lights and your L plates on, Vashti, don't want you in any trouble with the law. :-) janx

glad the weather was good so you could get out and try your chair .

So glad to hear you had a good time on your first outing. Make sure himself wears gloves next time poor man.

A pair of man sized oven mittens would do the trick, maybe tied to the handle so Himself doesn't lose them.

As to the steering, that is a case of practice makes perfect, many a time I have steered my son in zig zags along the path.

Have fun, with your inventive mind, I expect you will come up with some ingenious designs for nice warm things to wear over your clothes when it's cold.

It's the simple things in life that matter!........true!

Audrey x

So glad you got out in the blue chair 😀 no huffing and puffing😉 🍁🍂🍃

Just think you could take a hot water bottle,a nice warm throw and a little flask of something nice 😀maybe Himself should get into training first by using the magic cream on his hands..just had a great idea for a 🎅Christmas present 💡 padded gloves

I'm enjoying the memories of pushing my Mum in her chair and larking about!

huff xxxx 🐵

I'm sure this will be the start of the next chapters of your lovely writings Vashti, and I'm sure we're all looking forward to them.

You'll have to put himself's gloves on a string through his coat sleeves, then he'll have no excuse! Lol.

Glad you've enjoyed your first outing in the new transport. Beautifully reported for your followers. I think the gsiry lights & huffers suggestions would only add to the experience. Love knikkers suggestion so himself doesn't forget the gloves.

Sounds like a grand adventure Vashti, felt like I was there with you & Himself

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