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Results of Spirometry - help

Hello everyone!

I just stumbled across this site while searching for some answers. I was hoping I could get some help. My results of spirometry are concerning. Actally, I'm very scared at this point.

37 years old. Smoked 15years. Quit ten years ago. But took a job that exposed me to dust for 10 years with little to no protection.

Experiencing Shortness of breath.

Spirometry results are

Ref. pre. Post. Change

FVC. 5.54. 5.34. 5.24 -2%

Fev1. 4.48. 3.91. 4.14. 6%

Fev1/fvc% 81. 73. 79

Fef25-75% 4.74. 2.97. 3.83. 29%

My spirometry interpretation came back "all normal" by the respirolgist. The follow up doctor seemed satified in report as well. I feel like im the only one taken aback. Please help!

Also, in regards to the post bronchodilator numbers. Are they to be used as

Guide for copd diagnosis? It seems like in my situation, pretty misleading, especially given my age.

Would a bronchodilator be a useful tool for me at this point?

Any tips on how to help me learn and grow through this would be really appreciated!

I plan on exercising and changing careers.

Thank you all for sharing your wisdom and support.

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Hello melolungs, you've found the right place to come for advice - tho' for the moment not the right person. I have mild copd diagnosed in August this year but there are many people on this site who are very knowledgable and I'm sure you'll get the answers you're looking for soon.

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Thank you very much magpuss!


Those nummbers dont look to bad really .. I would do Pef test used to diagnose ashtma

Depending on matrial and level of sh## you was exposed to inhaled you might of developed occupatinal asthma

That might explane your breathless

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Hi D3NIS! My PEF experienced only a 3% post broncodolator increase, 9.04 to 9.28


Hi is complex business but best ilistration on whatt happens to our lung airways is this

My adive would be to drink enough water and stay clear of nasty enviroments and use you inhalers to keep airways clear snd try not to get stressed


Thank you I'm still working on the not stressed part... :/

Don't have any inhalers... Should I inquire?


If your geting breathless coughing sh## up i would


Not coughing at all, just not feeling well


Ya docs doing any other test or out

Usaly infection make you cough as ya lung gets inflamed and produces mucus then get congested

Untreated asthma can make ya feel bad

Go back to docs and ask whats plan of action as am still unwell


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Maybe you should speak to your GP who will advise you if you need meds or inhalers.

Take care 😀


I agree you need to return to doctor request to see a consultant your fev1 changed by 6% not the 12% which is used as a measurement for asthma. You also had a dramatic change in your fef25-75 of 29% indicating a change in small airways.

You obviously have concerns with your breathing so follow it up and ensure you get an answer there is some change in your results after a bronchodilator.

Request a full lung function test which measures all lung volumes and capacities. Also ask about a methochline test this is a more complex test for asthma. Theres people on this site that have had normal pft results but abnormal full lung function results indicating disease. The pft is a simple test which does not alwsys show whats truly happening.


Thank you both I will do all you say. My world is spinning. Nice to hear feedback from you. Any other observations are very appreciated!

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We all know about how hard it is dealing with strees and our breathing

But we do all try no mater what leval of disease we have not let it get to us as it will make things worse


Makes sense. Just the funny how the crying make me feel better, yet I'm feeling a little run down from it too. I'll try to break the pattern. Thanks for you insights.

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Ya not on ya own there .. am sure all been there and like you say it dose but why is that

Thats good question .. anyway wishing you well


I'm sure it's all part of a larger healing process.

It's funny how something that takes so long

can feel like its happened so fast.

A lot of denial I guess.

Thanks agains. I hope your doing well too


In my opinion this always a cattiest n little escape but most importantly little education

We have government so future generations like our selfs don't have to go trew what our ancestors did ... But here we are except like doctors nurses going threw motions it's a bit more serious than going threw motions with us .. Health and education should not be just preserve of the rich


Hello and welcome to the site. Am sure you will get the information you need from this site. All the very best.

Love and hugs




Go straight back to British Lung web page and have a look at their breathing control exercises....far better than the inhalers and cheaper if you have to pay for prescriptions. I have severe COPD and non triggered asthma. I was using a ventolin inhaler every week until I was introduced to breathing control. Once tried and benefited from, I said good bye to panic attacks and a whole load of stress, because I knew that I was in control.


Come to the right place for infor quite a lot of us been through same thing. New to the site myselfbut learning all the time hang Iin there . Dave


All the doctors I've had insist that stress cannot trigger asthma - all the asthma sufferers I've met insist that stress always makes their condition worse. I've been going through some horrendous family stuff for months and been wheezing like a set of old bagpipes. Makes you think.


My first suggestion would be, stop asking "Dr Google" about your condition: there are far too many horror stories (and lots of inaccuracies) out there!! You need to go to see your GP and ask for a full lung function test so that you have some accurate results; you probably need a chest X-ray as well, to see exactly what the problem is. If it's any consolation, my FEV1 fell from 44% to 32% during this past year... but then, I'm at stage 4 emphysema.

So far as your anxiety is concerned -- most people here will understand that all too well. You need to take daily exercise, which will lift your mood and help your lungs; if you're not sleeping, get relaxation exercises to help there. Try to stay away from pollution-filled environments (difficult, given your job) - are you able to wear a mask??

You need to get a proper diagnosis quickly, so that you can be put on the correct medications and be given proper medical feedback.

Good luck.



Does it all for you here


Thanks you so much everyone for your valuable feedback. It's wonderful to have my own personal team of experienced, caring and knowledgable people helping me navigate this rough patch. It's interesting to note how lost many GPs are in giving answers. They seemed quite causal about the whole thing. I'm waiting to be seen by a specialist, I hope I'm not waiting too long.

It would seem my situation is indicating emphasema, lower airway obstruction.

That's my theory thus far. Will have a CT scan and broncho challege to narrow it Down. Also an alpha 1 test. I have to get the expanded breathing tests for volume referred by the respirologist.

In the meantime I'm trying to keep my spirits high. And begin the process of restructuring my life to accommodate this. I talked to a close friend today that gave me some solice. I'm learning that you have to take things one breath at a time.

I saw a naturopath today that told me to look into some Qigong breathing exercises. I did and they seem to help me.

I'm going to look into the breathing site now that was just posted cornishbrian.

Thanks to you all.


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