Don't know if anyone remembers but when I first joined I was asking about sleeping tablets bought off the internet.

I still have them and so desperately want to take some ( relaxation disc doesn't work now ).

Surely a couple won't hurt, we have been talking about cannabis oil bought from the Internet ( yes I would use it). Others also have said they would try it.

I think I am trying to justify taking some. I Will stop now as I am rambling.

Sorry Xxx

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Why have you bought sleeping tablets off the internet, has your GP refused to prescribe them, I would be very wary of taking pills bought off the internet.I know its awful when you can't sleep but please try alternatives first. Good luck

GP's won't give sleeping pills anymore.....plenty of daft suggestions, but no pills.

Yes they do, here in France.

Not much help if you live in England! Lol

Hello Etch

Is your GP refusing to help you with your sleep problem.....

My GP is never interested.

Go back to them and tell them you are so desperate for sleep you may resort to internet products.

Ask them outright for some medication, you never know you may be lucky.

You are far safer doing this than risking your health.

I may be wrong, but l thought most of the sleep aid tablets you can buy are just anti histamines by another name.

Good Luck

Velvet xx

I would not buy medicines of any kind off the internet. Unless buying through a chemists website such as Boots or Somewhere like that. Why not buy herbal sleeping tablets from your chemist? Your pharmacist will be able to advise you and knows what medication you are on. I have found Sleep Aid from Savers to be really good. Nytol Herbal doesn't seem to work so well for me any more but these are really good.

Love and hugs



I always buy my vitamins on line, would not touch Boots as they cost so much more. Try they are good and excellent quality.

Think your GP is the one to ask about sleeping tablets. My own gave me prescriptions for 2 packs of Diazapam to relax the spasms in my back to allow me to get out of bed easier during a very painful spell. I only took a few days of the first pack and didn't get the second one. A few months later after another attack I was given a different muscle relaxer , and told my oxygen level was not high enough as Diazapam reduced the levels. I wonder if the sleeping tablets could have the same effect on you. Always best to check. Joyce.

i was interested in you saying diazepam reduces levels of oxygen as I am prescribed them for anxiety when I need them) but have thought I feel more sob the day after taking them but wasn't sure it had anything to do with them. I know you take them as muscle relaxer but wondered what alternative you were offered?

I wasn't offered an alternative other than pain relief for my bad back. I only took a few Diazapam probably for about 4 days. Was given a different type when my bad back flared up. I wouldn't take any drugs bought on the Internet.

When my relaxation tapes/CDs stopped working, I started listening to gentle story CDs at night instead, and they work a treat once I've heard them for the first time and don't need to hear what happens next. As I listen, I try to imagine myself in the scenes being described. My favourites are Dorothy Sayers and Agatha Christie and C S Lewis, but other effective ones included a tourist drive guide to a part of Devon, and a Vicar's reminiscences about his cat.

The sound of someone speaking 'in the background' generally works for me too. It only has to be mildly interesting, just enough to wipe out whatever's in my head that I can't switch off - and I can usually drift off to sleep.

Hi eregendal, Gervaise Phinn CDs work for me...I like his turn of phrase.

I used to listen to the World Service ...but not any more...anything but relaxing now, I find.

They sound really good. My other half listens to the radio using a "pillow speaker"

Please dont use the tablets from the internet, you never know who made them or where the money is going. They could be anything, talc, plaster or aanother drug completely. I agree with the other folk here to go to your gp or try some of there suggestions, a lavender oil bath is relaxing if you can manage it. I hope you get sorted soon, it must be so wearing for you. Take care.luv x

Like others have said tablets bought from the Internet could contain anything. Is it really worth the risk?!

Also when I had severe sleep issues a few years ago my GP wouldn't prescribe sleeping tablets because she concerned would affect my breathing and if I needed to wake I might not......

Ask to try some anti depressants that aid better sleep. Might be worth a go?

Yes I agree Bevvy. I had terrible problems with insomnia so my doctor gives me mirtazapine which is an anti-depressant and it makes me drowsy. I take one before bedtime. They refused sleeping pills for me too.

Please don't take anything you buy off the internet. They may be ok but may not be and you hear such horror stories. Bin them now. x

I also take Mirtazapine. I take it for chronic depression but also like you say it helps with sleeping. Am aware that on a couple of occasions when I have needed to wake in the night I have done! So for me they assist with a number of different issues.

I have severe COPD but I also have severe insomnia so my GP did prescribe sleeping pills. I take them when I am desperate for a night's sleep.

Perhaps you could talk to your GP again?

Take care


Please don't take them. You don't know they're what they claim to be. Go and see your gp asap.

Gp's do NOT give sleeping pills anymore! They palm you off with diazepam or silly suggestions.

Have you tried Phenergan Elixir? All good chemists stock it.

My consultant advised it to help me with sleeping, as I have M.E. and I find it difficult to sleep at night.

Hope this helps.

I would not take any tablets from the internet unless I was 100% sure they were genuine!

Get your GP to prescribe a few if they are worried you will get addicted to them? There are lot of sleeping aids at your chemist that do not break the bank.

Eating a lettuce before bed can help they have sedatives in them, also Lavender oil on the pillow can help.

I take Zopiclone every now and then and they have helped but I do limit the times I take them myself.

Be Well

I know just how you fee etch, I'm one of the worlds great insomniacs and have tried EVERYTHING! (including all the herbal stuff.)

Years ago my GP used to give me Halcyon which worked great, but nowadays they don't give "sleeping" pills - just silly suggestions, which never work. Even as a kid I never slept through the night and when I used to say to my Mum that I hadn't been to sleep, she'd say "Of course you have, you just don't remember." Because in those days, children couldn't think for themselves! lol

I'd take just about anything to get some sleep - but I agree with everyone else - NOT off the internet! XX

Phenergan 25mg has been around for ages as a treatment for sedation & short-term insomnia & would usually be prescribed by a dr but you can buy it over the counter. You can take 1 or 2 at night. I would take 2 to start & then cut down to 1. Obviously check the patient leaflet to make sure it's ok for you. My consultant once recommended it to me.

Good Morning Sheila. Sorry to hear you haven't been sleeping it is awful. I don't have any helpful suggestions & I do reiterate what everybody says please please don't take drugs of the internet. Hope you find some of the advise works for you. Nan

Sleeping pills slow down your breathing during sleep so are not good for us thats what my consultant says ....................anyone who is a c02 retainer should not use them i found this out the hard way and ended up in hospital due to the doc giving me medication that made me drowsy.

Be very careful with anything that makes you sleep or makes you drowsy

Hi Etch, please don't take tablets bought on line, go back to your GP, maybe I'm lucky but never have any problem getting them, though not taking them at mo, which is great. Like you I would definitely give the cannabis oil a shot when I can find out a bit more about it. Wishing you a peaceful night xx

I know how you feel I have lower back problems from the L5 down I have spine blocks done in theatre under a live x-ray and they work I'm like Linford Christy on speed when I've had one, however they only last about 6 weeks so after that I'm back on the morphine patches and after a bit they do nothing.

I was prescribed Nortriptline for nerve pain again this does not take the edge off I did try one of these big Chinese heat patch but be careful they are very sticky I got up in the middle of the night to use the loo the patch had stuck to the mattress I nearly ended up taking the mattress with me to the loo.

I have not tried any tables off the net and like others say you don't know what they contain, sleeping tablets are very addictive and this is why GP's don't tent to give them I do hope you find something soon lack of sleep drags you down

Hi Etch, I suffer terribly from insomnia and whilst on hols in America I bought some over the counter sleep tabs called Unisom. I found them to be so effective that I use a pill cutter to cut them into quarters taking only a quarter of a tab per night. It's usually effective for me. I panicked when they started running low but I found some identical ones online made by Kirkland (Costco company) called simply Sleep Aid. They were very cheap and I bought them from a company called Biovea. I bought .a box of 192 tabs which should last me ages. The main ingredient is doxylamine succinate 25mg, exactly the same ingredient as Unisom. If in doubt check with your GP that it's ok to take them.

i would never buy or use any thing that drs have not

subsribed for me its just not safe

I have been prescribed sleeping pills by my GP as I have chronic insomnia. However, I would never take anything sold over the net. Could be dangerous!

Visit your GP again.

Take care.


Please don't ate the tablets you bought on the internet. There are several herbal tablets that may help you. My doctor refuses to give me anything to help me sleep as he says it's not safe for me. Hope you find something that will help you xx

you were asking about cannabis oil, maybe find this of interest etch,,, but don't beleive all you read :D however maybe interesting

hope this is of interest


What country are you in, I can get sleepers in France from the doctor. Agree I also would not trust something on line for sleepers.

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