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Sats/Bronchiectasis /frivolity


I'm interested to see posts.

I'm a Bronchi ! When hospitalised (Pneumonia) I was told 88/92 is ok.

Any thoughts. I'm at Outpatients this week. So can question the doctor.

My daughter made this paper cut in the middle of the night. She had a hysterectomy last week and has one kidney due to cancer. So it was a bit complicated.

she couldn't sleep!

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Yeah that seems to be the magic number


Thats great art work very ornate

As to sats guess it effects us all differently BUT i would ask about infection control and antbiotics


88/92 is fine but ensure that 88/92 at rest does not drop considerable when mobile.


Such a beautiful design. Your daughter is very talented.

On 'release' from hospital at the beginning of the year. I was 'awarded' a grey wrist band with the legend "Target SpO2 88-92%" inscribed on it. My sats had been 84, the first time I actually needed oxygen - thankfully only for 10 days.


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