wee jovial jock,,,jimmy

just a quick post let you know i'm out of hospital now, i escaped yesterday evening. :)

Although i am still very tired, worn out etc. and with so many things to catch up on,its not really helping things, but i'm ok and will "get there"

I would like to thank butter-fly , velvet, and indeed each and every one of you who had posted.showing great kindness and compassion. far too many names to mention now.

i shall thank each one, when i feel more" up to it" in person. you have all been so kind and caring. quite unbelievable really. and off course so much appreciated.

Off course we are all still concerned about poor huggs, although she is still poorly, she is making good progress, the last time i spoke to her, i had a good 5 minutes or so on the phone, previous to this it was about a minute!!

Unfortunately this was just before i was taken into hospital myself. so i wasn't at my best at all, off course i didn't mention this to huggs.

But she told me that she was making good progress, moving her arms and body now, and bearing her own weight i,e standing herself, talking a lot better, but tiring quickly. she had given me permission to post that [in her words ] she had taken two strokes., this was the first i had heard of this, [i knew there were possible mini-strokes a while prior to this ]

off course i couldn't post this at the time, as i was then taken into hospital myself,

i only have a desk top computer, in a small box room, so whilst in hospital couldn't get in touch with anyone.

But i did manage to send her a card, mentioning that the many, many, members of H. U , were asking of her and wishing her well. and hope she would be able to see these posts asap.

So for the moment, i'm taking things easy, and will gradually catch up on things on the forum

once again, a great big thanks to all,

lots of love jimmy. xxx :)

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  • Dear Jimmy, Welcome back! I am so pleased you are home again. Take care and I hope you are getting help whilst you get stronger. So sorry to hear how poorly Huggs has been. Sending you both hugs and love, Xris xx

  • so nice of you Xris, and much appreciated.

    i am getting help, carers etc, then this reablement team ? but getting there, and so glad to be home.

    yes i hope huggs continues to improve.

    this is me just trying to catch up on things, but will just take it slow

    i hope you are well.

    lots of love jimmy xxx

  • Welcome home dear Jimmy, we have missed you so much :D :D :D

  • thank you so much azure, very much appreciated

    lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • Big Hugs to you, dear sweet Jimmy xxx :)

  • xxxx :) jimmy

  • Lovely to see you post and hear you have escaped. Take care now and rest. Love Margaret x

  • Hi margaret, yes, glad to have"escaped" :) im feeling slightly better, but so glad to be home. many many thanks for your kind concerns, lets hope huggs continues to improve.

    lots of love jimmy xxx

  • Good to see and hear you again, small steps at at a time, keep well.


  • many thanks david, your bang on, small steps at a time

    take care now


  • So glad you are home! Best wishes Mogworth!

  • hi mogs, thanks very much, i am just so glad to be home,

    [its just taking me time now to catch up on things, but well get there albeit slowly ]

    hope you are well

    all the very best


  • You are wonderful Jimmy. I shall mail you using the correct adjective as I would not like to have my message banned. 😆

    Talk to you soon my old mucker. Rib

  • Here here

  • many thanks gibbro,


  • many thanks rib, :D please remember and use the correct adjective ha ha,, will speak to you soon

    i hope your bearing up to things yourself rib, but as i say,, ill speak later

    all the very best my friend jimmy

  • So lovely to see you Jimmy, really is xxxx

  • many thanks medow, sent you pm updating things,

    love jimmy xxx

  • So so pleased to see your post - take good care lots and lots of love xxxx

  • Hi TAD, always great to hear from you,and many thanks indeed, i hope you are well, take good care now,

    lots of love jimmy xxxx

  • Yippie. I can go to sleep happy, Young Jimmy's back! Loads of love and take it easy.

    Most of all don't overdo it will you. Peege xxxxx

  • hi peege, i always like the "young" bit :D

    i hope your ok peege, i will just take things easy

    [not much option at the mo. :) but i allways get there :)

    loads of love back to you

    jimmy xxxx

  • Very pleased to hear from you again, take things easy and don't try and do things before you're well enough to.

  • hi magpus, thanks so much, i am taking things easy, but still doing a little, it keeps me going :) but tire quickly. but you are right in what you say.

    i hope you are well , jimmy

  • I am , thank you - not surprised to heat that you soon get tired tho', it takes a while to get back on your feet when you've been really ill.

  • What brilliant news, Welcome back we have ALL missed you, its so lovely to know you are out of hospital.

    Wonderful news

    Love Sohara xxx

  • hi sohara, many thanks for the welcome back, and the nice compliment,:) but i am just really so glad to be home, ill take the rest from there :)

    lots of love

    jimmy xxx

  • Glad you are now home . You have been missed, as has Huggs. All the best Kaye x

  • hi kaye, yes, glad to be home and feeling a little better,

    lets hope huggs continues to improve,as shes had such a time of it,

    take care now kaye

    lots of love jimmy xxx

  • Happy to hear of your escape Jimmy.

    See if get yourself to Thailand there's no extradition..and I've got a spare room on the ground floor for you..

    Take care.


  • ha ha,, hi Andy, i might just need that room, i hope all is well with you, take good care now,

    best regards jimmy

  • Hi Jimmy. .happy to see your you haven't lost any of your sence of hummer..

    Take care


  • :D :D take care Andy,

    jimmy :)

  • glad to see your back home jimmy hope your feeling a lot better soon take care

  • hi mmzeter,many thanks , this is me just catching up with things now, but feeling a bit better now,

    all the very best

    jimmy :)

  • Hi Jimmy, glad to see you are back home but please take things easy and follow doctors orders.

    Thank you for letting us know about Huggs and next time you are chatting with her please send her our love and well wishes.

    Rest up and don't try to do too much all at once.

    Catherine xx

  • hi catherine, yes, many thanks, i'm glad to be home,and following docs orders [well some of them :) ]

    but seriously i am just taking things easy,

    next time i manage to speak to huggs, i will most definitely pass on your message, shes had and is having a difficult time, but when i do manage to get to speak to her [sometimes its difficult, ] i always say, everyone on h,u, is asking for her, but she is improving, so lets hope this continues,

    [i sent her a card from my hospital saying just that ]

    lots of love cath. jimmy xxx

  • Hi Jimmy great to see you are out of hospital now. Please give my love to huggs when you next speak to her. xx

  • hi cough, many, many thanks,

    next time i get to speak to huggs, i will def. pass on your message, i just hope she continues to improve, as she is

    lots of love jimmy xxx

  • Lovely to have you back Jimmy, I hope you start feeling stronger quickly, do take things very slowly. xx

  • hi casper, many thanks for your kind thoughts,

    i really am just taking things easy, but will get better each day.

    lots of love jimmy xxx

  • welcome back jimmy. Get strong quickly!!

  • Hi Mooskie, yes will definitely do that, once i get a few days in, i know ill feel stronger

    all the very best jimmy

  • You've made my day,our wee Jock😘 Make sure you rest up though, no digging in the garden😳

    Great to hear Huggs progressing, not sure if she got my cards.

    We have all missed you both very much,take care now

    Gentle hugs,

    Love Wendells xxx

  • so nice of you wendels, much appreciated. definitely no digging any garden just now, but did manage to dead head some flowers today, even that was hard going, but at least it was a wee job completed :)

    next time i get to speak to huggs i shall ask her if shes got the cards, i'm not even sure if shes got mine, although she is a little better, shes still very tired when i speak to her, so i try not to "push" her too much, but hopefully if she keeps improving, i might be able to speak and ask a little more.

    many thanks for your kind post, take care now

    lots of love jimmy xxx

  • Hello Jimmy, it's so good to see you! I'm so pleased you are feeling better!😀😁🎃😉😋 you have been missed!I hope you continue to gain strength and feel better every day, hugs huff xxx

  • great to hear from you huff. as you say, ill just go easy, and hopefully gain some strength [and some humour,, hopefully :) ] day by day

    many thanks huff,

    lots of love jimmy xxx

  • Hey Jimmy,good to have you back among us where you belong,sorry to hear Huggs is so poorly,do pass on my kindest regards.Take it easy ,give yourself time to regain your strength.Got my eye surgery on Monday so hopefully be able to see again,can,t wait.Cheers! D. 👀

  • hi farmer, is your eye surgery monday coming ?

    oh i really hope this is a great success, will be rooting for you and hope all goes well.

    i'm a little better now, still a bit tired worn out, but hopefully that will improve very soon. i'm just resting, but doing bits and bobs, just to keep myself sane :D [don't answer that one :D ]

    i will pass on the messages to huggs whenever i get the chance, but i have told her everyone is asking for her on h.u.

    shes had a pretty bad time of it, but at least she is improving,

    good luck with the eye surgery, will be thinking of you,

    best regards jimmy

  • So pleased you are home Jimmy. Please give my love to Huggs if you get to speak to her. Take care of yourself. Thinking of you xx

  • hi lynn yes, i'm glad to be home myself [probably the hospital will be glad too :D ] but still quite not myself yet.

    i will def, pass on the messages from the h,u members, which i have been doing, i can tell it does lift her a bit, but she becomes very tired quickly, shes had such a time of it really, but thankfully improving slowly.

    you take care now lyn

    lots of love jimmy,xxx

  • Hi jimmy welcome home take care


  • Hi Tam, this is me just trying to catch up with things, i know your having it rough at times, so i just hope you improve yourself.

    many thanks, all the very best tam,, jimmy

  • so pleased you are back - take care xxx

  • always nice to see you undine, many thanks for your kind message

    you take good care yourself

    lots of love jimmy xxx

  • Dear Jimmy - so pleased you are back with us - really missed you. Jan xx

  • many thanks jan. so nice of you, and much appreciated

    lots of love jimmy xxx

  • Welcome back. We have missed you.

  • hi roseuk thanks for your welcome, and lovely thoughts

    love jimmy xxx

  • Hello Jimmy

    I am so happy you are home, and on the mend.

    We have all missed you sooooooo much.

    Don't rush about trying to do too much....just take it easy and get yourself strong again.

    Please send Huggs my love the next time you speak to her.

    Lots of hugs and love

    Velvet xxxxxxxx

  • hi velvet,

    A big thanks for your help, yes i'm just taking things easy, it seems to have knocked a lot out of me this time, but we've recovered before, so welle recover again :)

    I will relay all the messages as soon as i get to speak to huggs,

    lots of love and kindest thoughts jimmy xxxx

  • good to have you back jimmy

  • many thanks music, glad to be back :)


  • Morning Jimmy,What a horrid time you have been having,so very miserable to feel so ill. Great to be back home again,take care,lots of rest,not easy when breathing is so difficult. As you say lovely caring Hugs is also struggling with illness,but what fighters you both are. Very best wishes, Bulpit

  • many thanks bulpit yes it just seems to be "one of these times", but as you say, we fight on, then hopefully things become a bit easier

    i must say i do feel for huggs, but knowing her, shell carry on improving.

    i shall be so glad when the day comes,when we see her posting.

    im quite sure you understand how things are at the moment, once again a big thanks jimmy

  • Oh Jimmy, so happy that you are out of hospital. Things usually get better when out of hospital environment. You have been missed greatly. Give Huggs my love and best wishes. You are both such a huge part of this site. Take great care of yourself.

  • yes juney, very happy i'm at least home, this is me after about 2 hours sleep, waking up wheezing and breathless, you'd think i would have been a wee bit better just coming out of hospital, but maybe just the upset of getting used to a normal sleep, anyway just did my rescue inhaler and neb, still on antibiotics steroids, so now made myself a cuppa, feel better now.

    but as you say, at least in your own house you can do this, sorry for the moan :)

    will relay all messages to huggs, she is having a rough time,shes been in hospital a while now, i do worry about her as do all the members, lets hope she maintains this improvement,

    lots of love jimmy xxx

  • Welcome back, Jimmie. Stay warm. Keep getting better 'n better each day.


  • hi decd , thanks for the welcome back, i just hope things get better soon, but glad to be home


  • Good to hear you are back home Jimmy. Make sure you get plenty of rest. Sure that new baby will give you something to smile about when she visits. Wishing you well. X Joyce.

  • hi joyce,

    Many thanks for your kind post, i have a nice photo of the baby, ill try get it on a post sometime soon, she looks like a wee princess in it :) but i haven't seen her as yet, i'm looking forward to that :)

    lots of love jimmy xxx

  • So glad you are home get plenty of rest

    Carole xx

  • hi Carole , yes, taking things easy, still a bit to go, but will get there , many thanks for your concern

    love jimmy xxx

  • It's so great that you have escaped! Now, please take care of yourself. Take time, and don't worry about posting here until you are stronger. I hope Huggs is improving as well.

    (((((xxxxx]]]]] Lolly.

  • Hi Lolly, just wakened so thought i would carry on printing, i seem to be having ups and downs but hopefully i will regain some strength in the next day or two

    yes were all rooting for huggs now, shes having a rough time but at least improving, that's the main thing

    lots of love jimmy xxx

  • Good to have you back x

  • glad to be back sillymummy, better in the house than in hospital

    love jimmy xxx

  • Great to have you back our wee jovial jock, you have indeed been missed, as has Huggs, good to hear she is also on the up. You look after yourself. Speak soon xx

  • many thanks sheilab, i hope to be the wee jovial jock very soon :D

    love jimmy xxx

  • Oh Jimmy so glad to see you are home now take care and don't rush things, give Huggs our love and hope she's back with us soon xxx

    Ps hope your little granddaughter is coming along well (update pic would be nice when your up to it ) take care xx

  • yes pegbi, just taking things easy,

    i have a nice pic of my wee granddaughter, i hope to put it online soon

    will give huggs all the love sent from h,u,

    many thanks love jimmy xxx

  • Take care and rest Jimmy. xx

  • yes brooke trying that, but just taking things easy

    lots of love jimmy xxx

  • So glad you are back home again Jimmy rest up now and do what the experts tell you, be patient and you will soon be feeling better.

    Thanks you for the update on Huggs, sending you both my good wishes.

    take care

    polly xx

  • many thanks polly, yes i just have to be patient [but not a patient :) ] yes ill get there ok,

    sending huggs all get well messages

    lots of love jimmy xxx

  • Sigh of happiness, my one and only wee jovial jock is back with us. Take things slowly jimmy, promise?

    Good news on huggs, give her my love.

    Cheering to see Sara here again.

    Love Suzyxxx

  • yes suz, your wee jovial jock here,:) hope things are going right for you, thinking of you lots.

    yes promise ? :D to take things easy , no but i def will,

    yes ive still to get to saras posting, but she has been great, a lovely lady. like most of us concerned about huggs

    lots of love jimmy xxxx

  • Really good to hear, Jimmy. You have been missed. My best wishes for better health to you and Huggs. Love Pergola XX

  • many thanks pergola, for your kind wishes,

    im sure given a little time both myself and huggs should be feeling better.

    huggs is going through a rough time-but improving

    lots of love jimmy xxx

  • Good to hear your home again Jimmy even if a little tired. Thanks for the news about Huggs, send her my best wishes for a slow but progressive recovery, these things take timex wishing you all best wishes to get back to your usual self soon and keep warm winter is here xx

  • yes the winter woolies on soon, albeit its been unusually mild of late, but fairly dark at nights now,

    will tell huggs all the get well thoughts from the members,

    many thanks katie,

    lots of love jimmy xxx

  • Great to have you back Sir James. You must stop worrying us all like this (only kidding) we miss you when you keep going off like that. Just take it easy and get your strength back....your new baby Granddaughter needs you----and so do we all! XX :-D

  • oh niky i like that "sir" :D sounds good :D

    many thanks nik, for your kind thoughts, baby doing just fine, i hope to see her real soon :)

    lots of love jimmy xxx

  • Tell the truth Jimmy. You didn't escape you were kicked out of the hospital for groping the nurses again.

    Really missed you brother. Look after yourself, take it easy and slowly.

  • thanks gerald, ill never forget that last time in hospital when a man patient jumped into bed with me at night :D

    actually quite enjoyed it :D :D [only kidding ] no groping the nurses this time :D off course that doesn't stop me dreaming of it :D [still having nightmares on that man :D ]

    all the very best gerald hope things are going better for you,

    best regards jimmy :)

  • Good news for you jimmy and please take things nice and easy. Sending lots of love and good wishes your way.

    Love to Huggs too and get well soon. Miss you. xxxxx

  • many thanks sass. will improve as the days tick by,

    will give huggs all the concerns of the h.u forum

    lots of love jimmy xxx

  • Welcome home, Jimmy. Don't rush to do too much, slow and steady wins the race. xx

  • yes your right there toci, things seem a bit upside down at the mo, but i'm sure all will improve, but taking things slowly

    always great advice from you, many thanks

    lots of love jimmy xxx

  • Lovely to see you back on the site

    my very best wishes to you.

    Pat x

  • hi pat, glad to be back [hate hospitals ] at least i can make a cuppa when i want to lol

    lots of love and many thanks

    jimmy xxx

  • Well, that's a relief - one down, one to go, just Huggs to make the Great Escape now! So glad you're back wee laddie, you can see from the posts how we miss you; don't be trying to answer us all - we know you love us as well but our pleas to take it easy always fall on deaf ears; if you get taken in again they'll probably start charging you rent, so be good and stay out of there.

  • hi d, mum

    always smile at your posts, :) but many thanks for your kind remarks,

    i think me and huggs will make a new film "the great escape 2 " :D

    just taking things easy, don't want to start paying them rent :D

    lots of love jimmy xxx

  • Wishing you all well. X

  • many thanks squirelholt. for your kind wishes

    lots of love jimmy xxx

  • Great to have you back wee jimmy

  • Hi warwick, hope your doing better yourself,

    i'm getting there albeit slowly,

    all the very best jimmy

  • So nice to see you Jimmy take care xx

  • great to see you o,a,m will take care,:)

    hope you are well

    lots of love jimmy xxx

  • So good to see you are out of hospital Jimmy and hopefully feeling a lot better. Thank you for letting us know about Huggs - will you please pass on my very best wishes to her if you speak to her. All best wishes to you too Jimmy. Take care xx

  • Hi dedalis,

    Yes so glad to be out of hospital,

    I will pass on the messages to huggs

    Many thanks dedalis

    lots of love jimmy xxx

  • Welcome home, may each day.be.better for you, get well soon x

  • yes silly=mummy, hope to improve each day, as i will,

    many thanks for your kind message

    lots of love jimmy xxx

  • Glad you and Huggs are getting better.

  • yes freefaller one down one to go , but i do worry about huggs, but the main thing is - she is improving

    all the very best keep well now jimmy

  • Yes, there seems to be an improvement with Huggs which is the main thing. Am sure it will be a hard journey. You take good care of yourself.

    Love and hugs



  • My heart is so much lighter having read your post. Love to you and huggs, I'm doing my happy dance. Great to have you back. Will have stern words with you later, I think you over did it and we asked you not to. Hers hoping your granddaughter is doing fine.

    Gwyneth xx

  • Hi Gwyneth, please keep the stern words for later :D would love to see you doing your happy dance lol.

    glad to be home though, granddaughter doing just fine thanks,

    lots of love jimmy xxx

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