Finger and toe nails !

Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone else has noticed a change in their nails ? my nails have become very brittle and break easy, they have vertical grooves in them and also they are growing in towards my fingers instead of straight up. Might not be connected but I'm interested in knowing if it is connected to my COPD or the medication. I'm stage 4 on oxygen 16hrs + at 2lts per min and 4ltsper min when out and about.

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yes it is called clubbing

Thanks for that, do you know what causes it ?

You could try writing clubbing or toe/finger nails into the search bar. Some old posts should come up grandmap. P

Hi GradmaP, apparently clubbing is very common in people who have lung conditions and I believe it can be found in other illnesses too. I've noticed it gets worse over time like the rest of the illness.There are web pages elsewhere that explain it. Take care

Even my nails are starting to do it, and I've only moderate COPD, don't neb, and take Salmeterol and Ventolin puffers.

I think people with lupus gets this as well

morning, I noticed a couple of years ago that my nails had vertical lines, more like grooves, nobody seemed to know why so just left them, no other choice really, they have now gone back to nearly normal so will never know. I am on 24/7 oxygen but I wasn't at the time I noticed the problem. I'm not much help to you but just letting you know others have the problem

I have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis my finger and toe nails are ridged and have white patches on them nothing to do with my COPD .

I have had this problem to was puzzled because normally had very healthy strong nails.....I had a large dose of steroids so dr put me on calcium and vit d been on them about 3 months when I noticed my nails had stopped splitting and lines, they were strong and healthy as they used to be xx

I have vertical ridges in my nail and was told it was due to my thyroid problem.

Mine are just the same and also very discoloured...sort of yellowish...look horrible!

my toes nail have grown like that and have grown very thick and my finger nails seem to be lifting away from my fingers at times. as well as COPD I have Psoriasis too.

Hi Gradma,this affect on the nails is called clubbing and can be caused by different conditions.Doctors first pointed it out to me when I had liver failure,they now query if Copd is also having an effect.The brittleness is caused by the amount of steroids I have to take.A friend gave me some special nail varnish which is supposed to help ,I keep forgetting to use it.I get the impression they don,t know why this occurs.D.

Thanks so much for all your comments, good to know I'm not alone......

yes my nails are the same, i know you posted this a long time ago but my toe nails were so bad i had to have two removed, they put acid on them to stop them growing but one has grown back just down one side of my toe, i am sure this is going to cause problems. my finger nails are pitted and deep grooves als.o break easily

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