Hi all I have Been on doxycycline for 2weeks now as that is what my sputum result came back to take. Dr said it was a bug I had beginning with H can't remember the name. Just taken my last tab and still feel chesty and still have not a good colour sputum. I have been there before many many times all different antibiotics but as soon as I have finished them give it a week or so it's all back again. I really do not know where to go from here. I know I have severe copd but I know I could be better. My copd consultant put me on co amoxiclav which after I stopped taking them it all came back again. I have also had the azthroymyicin every other day without success. Anybody got any ideas what I can do, I do have another appt with my copd consultant next month. Also have been to PR for the last few weeks which I can't seem to manage to do very much before I can't breathe. I also have a exercise bike that I go on regularly for maybe 10min at a time. I really get so frustrated as I just don't know where to go from here. Hope you are all well take care.

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  • So sorry to hear that you are struggling. Miserable. This forum is for moaning, as well and information and jokes. So let off steam as much as you like. Can't help with the abs I'm afraid as I do not have your condition. But there are masses of people who do and can share info about different treatments.

    K xxx

  • Sounds like it could be haemophilus influenzae? HI for short. Some strains are susceptible to doxycycline. But if it comes back every time you stop antibiotics the usual treatment is 2 weeks IV antibiotics. If that doesn't work, it means it's set up permanently in your lungs, it's called being "colonised" with it. BUT even so it can often be kept under control with nebulised antibiotics. I think nebulised colomycin works for HI. Not everyone can take it but it works for many of us.

    I would get in touch with your consultant and tell him what's happening.

  • If your sputum is still off colour then you likely still have the bug. Sometimes they can be persistent little beggars. It sounds as though you may need another course of antibiotics. My advice would be to make an appointment with your GP and put in another sample.

  • Thanks very much for all your answers as usual they are all very helpful.

  • Hi pat, I agree with Fairlass you need to get back to your consultant. You should get the GP to refer you back asap because you may well need IV or nebulised antibiotics, which will need to be prescribed by a consultant. Meanwhile hopefully you can send in another sputum sample from which the microbiologist should be able to see if your bug- probably haemophilis, has become resistant to your current antibiotic, they may suggest a different one that can be used until you see the consultant.

    Good luck.

  • Sounds like you have Haemophillus Influenzae Bacteria (HIB). I have had that since March according to sputum tests. It can take ages to get rid of it and some of us a re colonised with it. I have the same as you the antibiotics seem to clear it up and then a couple of days later and it is back again.

    Hope you do manage to get rid of it once and for all.



  • Ah ...my consultant made me go have a vaccine for that

  • Yea I was told there was one but not offered one.

  • Apparently my tests showed my body had no protection from it which is quite common with lung issues so my consultant said so i just had the hib vaccine when i had my flu one done.......

  • Usually a baby jab. Not offered unless warranted, as in your case.


  • Are you sure this bug began with H because a lot of us have a bug called Pseudomonas and if its that it can be a big problem to keep under control and will make you feel ill.

  • Pat, that is something to get checked out.

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