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Hello all,

Have been on here a few days running but few posts coming in as far as I could see. Then I come on here this morning and loads of posts from the last 2 days. Where have they all been until now? Is it me, my iPad -with the new update or has the site been playing up? No one else has mentioned it so it must be to do with me. Sorry, it means I am late wishing someone all the best at their appointments and such like.



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  • Hi Freefaller, think it must be your I pad, I'm by no means techy but all seems to have been ok. Oh well at least you've got them now. Take care xx

  • Hi

    I done use an I pad but l do use a tablet...

    I know with mine if l just open a tab that's been there for a day or so without being opened...l have to refresh the page to make it up to date.

    Velvet xx

  • Hmm dunno much about tablets, but then don't know much about I pads either!! xx

  • Me neither :) x

  • Hi Freefall, there was mention of a few having site problems. Have to say my email alerts and updates have been fine. Hope that helps.x

  • My daily HU mail stopped a few weeks ago, Ive not changed any settings. I do pop in daily at various times of the day usually when taking a cup of tea. I do get emails to responses to my posts, but no daily update.

  • Hi Jude this happens occasionally. Just go into your settings and refresh them. x

  • Oh well. It must be me and my iPad then.

  • I been getting the posts but have had lot of problems getting on and also replying and notifications haven't been lighting the bell up sometimes , also when you type out the words have been printing really slowly

  • I have the opposite trouble that the bell lights up but when I click on it nothing happens (this problem comes & goes). At the moment I have to click on it, hit 'refresh' & then the notifications open up in a separate page instead of just a drop down thingummy (that's a technical term).

  • I have that sometimes too.keeps lighting up saying I have a message and same there as the last time.

  • Ha ha it just did that then. I clicked on your reply and replied to it and then the bell lit up with one message and it was the one I had just replied to. Love technology.

  • I get this quite a lot then the screen freezes so I have to close and reopen. It's hit and miss whether my bell works or not.

  • Hi freefall.

    Considering your other message, I suspect you have been looking at a open tab.

    Although it should have refreshed it self.

    I use I-pad no problems, maybe you have had a temporary glitch, another one could be using the snooze button.

  • Malcome Since I changed mobile all the problems i had have gone.

    Typing is good..can use PM and I can lock posts. And everything is faster.

    My other mobile is only 6 months old..

    See if you can access your account on another device and see if it's better.


  • I have the same trouble with my tablet too!! Xx

  • I came on yesterday to reply to a post went to type but nothing happened

    as you can see its o k now.

  • Actually have found that similar notifications on other sites such as e bay are doing the same thing. It shows there is a notification and when I go into it there isn't a new notification and none of the old notifications are high.ignted. Funny but this doesn't happen on Facebook of face ache as it is lovingly known. Wonder why not? I think it may be the way the Internet peters out here near the bottom left hand corner on the coast. We have been to,d that the larger trees in the farmers hedge (great big pine things) do when it is windy interfere with the Internet and Tv signal!

  • Hi

    Hallowe'en,chainsaw, problem solved.

    Blame it on the Boogie.


  • Ha ha. Yes.. It is really calm outside now so everything working well at the moment.


  • HI Freefaller

    you are not alone with this problem, I too was missing a few digests. Got in touch with administration and I have started to receive again to-day. So fingers crossed the problem is now solved.

    Happy reading and keep well


  • That is good I was beginning to think that I was being missed out on purpose! They all seem to have appeared now but it was really odd as a whole load seemed to appear at once from 2 days ago which were a chunk of posts about something which I seemed to have got the first of and the last couple and the posts didn't make sense. Now they do and I know I am not paranoid. Which is great!



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