Why DO Hospitals Allways ASK if Your Working

Why DO Hospitals Allways ASK if Your Working

Every test i have had the is always one question SURE to make you feel BAD

And that O a you working .. well this time i was not guna let em

Get away with making me feel bad, guilty, or like the socal pariah outcast.

Is bad enough being ill and haveing regular infection copd exalbration etc with out what seem

sarky remarks from medical profession thats with out TV companies and state degrading de humanising us suffers

Anyway last doc i seen did get it when he asked .. Like really so i duly said when the asked if i was working WHY is it going to reflect to qualty of care treatment i receive.

Watching the news today about cancer and socialy deprived areas and how the left to die .. Could i be wrong and it far from the truth.

Also not onces did Osbourn mention banks or wealthy paying for crisis i .e banks bailouts fixing of libiur rate WAS just those strivers and those at bottom of the heap or pile.

Like the say : when the poor rob the rich its a crime BUT when rich rob the poor its capitalism or in our case reforms and cuts

Albert was right :)

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  • yes I get that a lot but don't let it worry me ,

  • The are cheecky sods i got lung dieases coz of feeling obliged

  • I told the last one i was a laptop dancer !!!! :)

  • Quality :)

  • Hi D3nis. I feel sure drs don't ask that question to make you feel bad. The type of work you do can affect your lung health so it's fair enough. I think nearly all drs really care about their patients (except the ones who do assessments for the "Dept of Workhouses & Pensions" :D ) I got that from Jeremy Hardy on The News Quiz

  • Hi cheers love workhouse bit and very true

    Yer am sure the do really JUST piss you of when cant breath yet ask you daft stuff

  • Yes I can imagine. I did once see a horrible consultant when admitted as an emergency who said "well you look ok to me". F****** idiot. He's well known for it, thank god I've never had to see him again.

  • don't think its to make you feel bad but have asked me even when its had nothing to do with lungs or nothing that would stop me working

  • My Dr asked if I was working as he did not feel I should and recommended I stop! Think you are being over sensitive as most of time would be for your benefit.

  • I know what you mean. Fortunately I can say retired now. x

  • Hi D3 - sounds like you've been upset - that's a shame - for whatever reason. It's sad when you're not feeling good that you're put on the back foot even more. I hope you get over it and feel a bit more cheered soon. x piggi x

  • The reply "In what way is that relevant to my case?" tends to take the wind out of their pompous sails.

  • I know exactly what you mean Daz. I've got pain and weakness all day. Only have a couple of hours of energy in me due to Autoimmune disease and fibro and Copd, but, I look alright. Yet, that question always makes me feel ashamed of myself.

    As if we don't feel s**t enough. xx

  • When I say yes and tell them, they always seem to be surprised, as if they thought I wasn't capable. 60 y.o. but thanks to the goal posts moving twice, can't get my state pension until nearly 67.

  • I know what you mean Daz look how much it cost us to bail out Santander bank look how much money Gordon Brown wasted on that.

    The next time your asked if you work just tell them your unable to because you spend most of your life hanging around hospital because Dr's don't know what they are doing that might shut them up.

  • I think your reading to much into it..

    I have been asked that a good few times.

    It's something they ask every one

    No matter what they been treated for.

    Yes or no so it can help them to help you...

    But I'd be a bit peed of to if I had to take my oxygen musk of to answer them.


  • I am always asked but I think its because they need to know about your lifestyle etc so they can advise. I do still work full time and my Dr was very clear that working in an office was going to be a strain on my immune system and that I needed something in place to let me take myself away from those who were wheezing, coughing and spluttering.

    I don't think its there to make you feel bad - its so they understand your lifestyle, what you do on a daily basis and how you manage.

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