For Meadow et al., Re: Gerald

Gerald has gone back to Brisbane to visit his Brother that's terminally ill. He has driven this time as his Brother wanted to give him some things to take back with him.

From Tassie to Brisbane is nearly 2000 mls., and takes nearly 3 days by ferry and road.

He should be starting his return journey today and will be home by the weekend. I'm sure he'll post on his return. XX

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  • Thank you very much Nikkers, I was just reading through all the lovely replies on his first post. Gerald must be really tired with all that driving.

    I expect he is missing Kitty very much.

    Please can you pass on my kindest regards.

    Love Christine/Az xxx

  • Will do AS, but you will be able to do it yourself soon as I know he'll be back in the next few days. XX

  • long drive hope he has a safe journey home

  • It's not just a long but also a sad journey under the circumstances. I'm sure he'll be ok as he's gone with his Nephew so they can take turns driving.

  • Oh good luck Gerald. Thanks for letting us know Nikkers. x

  • Thanks for letting us know ,its surprising how we worry about people we have never met, l keep thinking about Tam having his angiogram today I've had it done and they have to keep the room really cold so the machines don't overheat and the bed is as hard as concrete I was in there for about 2 hours.I expect he is enjoying the rest.

    Carole xx

  • I must have missed that one Carole. I hope he gets good results. XX

  • Thanks, Nikkers, He was missed by many so good to have news that he is okay.

  • Thinking of Gerald, a very sad time for him. Thanks for letting us know xx

  • Thanks nikkers, thoughts with Gerald on his long trip home, might be useful for him to have time away from his normality, hope he keeps safe, once again, thank you and hope your well and ok xxx

  • I'm fine thank you Medow. I'm sure he'll be fine, he keeps himself quite fit. XX

  • Thanks for letting us know NIkkers. Such a difficult time for him, and nothing worse than having to undertake a long journey under those circumstances - just horrible. Take care yourself too x

  • Thank you Dedalus.. XX

  • Thanks Nikkers x

  • You're welcome. XX

  • Thanks for letting us know, Nikkers.

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