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Good morning what happened😂

Good morning what happened😂

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Some news for you all..

I have been asked not to go on the forums during the day and only go on for a bit when the day is over and the children have gone to sleep. ....😖😖😖😖😖

I do understand why..

As from today I have to put all efforts back into the fixing up of our house.

You all have a nice day.


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chickens looking good andy , have fun doing the diy , have a good day .


Hi Malcome. This new mobile really is good..thanks for your reply this morning. ..ture to my word I got busy with much needing work to my house..

Bit heavy but I enjoyed it as it wasn't to hot today..only 27 degrees centigrade.

Not much that's not hurting right now...



Lovely to see you Andy. I expect you are very busy indeed with a new baby in the house. Have a lovely day. Love Azure xxx


Hi Azure. Thank you for your reply. .true to my word I managed to pick up where I stopped working on my new house. ....a new stone pathway

To the front door.

I was going to post it as it is a turning point for me.

But decided to post something else far more important to me.

Hope you been having a good day.

Your a real.

Andy xxx.

Yes, Andy, it's amazing how much time can just slip away on here.


Hi eregendal...thanks so much for your reply. really are a lovely lady.


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Hope you get on ok with the DIY. You must be pretty busy with that and your family and must not forget the chickens as well! Don't overdo it xx

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Hi good morning Lyn1951..thank you for your reply..the work was a Bit heavy but it was fun and and a great feeling to be able get back to doing things again...

Kind regards.


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