Does Pilates help?

I was diagnosed with emphysema 5 years ago, which came as a bit of a shock as I have never smoked.

I started doing Pilates twice a week 18 months ago, and was astonished when I had my annual spirometry yesterday to be told that my volumes had increased. Could Pilates have helped? I know I can even breathe bent down now, whereas a few months ago tying shoelaces was difficult.

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  • Yes for sure we are encouraged to exercise.........well done you x

  • That's brilliant Polly. When we exercise we strengthen our muscles which can then use oxygen more efficiently. You've probably strengthened your diaphragm and respiratory muscles which would make a big difference. Keep it up :)

  • Both Pilates and hatha yoga are very beneficial for using your stomach and chest properly for breathing plus strengthening your core muscles can only benefit you Kaye xGood to hear some good news,

  • Does pilates include the (sorry not sure how to spell this) pranyana??? I'm trying to spell the breathing side of yoga! x

  • Really can't tell you that Nat-tat. I don't know anything about Yoga. Pilates uses controlled breathing while doing the exercises, which has obviously benefitted me.

  • Interesting to hear,good on you xx

  • Very much so the way pilates works makes the oxygen go to the muscles and lungs in turn so enriching your overall supply. I do Callenetics which is similar but uses no aids.

    Be Well

  • I have long been tempted to try pilates because of the benefits it has to your posture and core strength. I have never tried it though although a friend recently qualified as an instructor so might speak to her about it. I don't want to be the wheezy sweaty mess in the corner of a class!

  • Hi Marie, if you have a good instructor you will be told to rest whenever you need to. The only time you sweat in Pilates is if the studio is too hot! You really work at your own pace and level, and because you are concentrating on your own body, you really don't notice what anyone else is doing.

    My husband swims while I do Pilates. I gave that up because I had to rest between each length, and I found that unutterable boring.

    Do give it a go. Just persevere for the first few weeks until you get the hang of all the different movements. I can't recommend it highly enough.

  • Thanks Polly. I'll find out about it. I've not contacted yoga yet x

  • Excellent news. Ohhhh to be able to bend down and breathe - you lucky so and so !! I have heard that because it is a gentle form of exercise, it can be beneficial. Maybe once I've got rid of my chest infection, I'll give it a go.

  • I'm so pleased for u & uv inspired me to look for a class in my area😊 U said u had an annual test I just wondered if u know if with COPD & Asthma I shd have one & shd I b under the respiritory clinic at my hospital. Hope u don't mind me asking I just wondered if u wud know. Take care xx

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