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Sonar / X rays shows nothing

I had a bad cold 3 weeks back and my friend (also my GP) send me for x rays just to make sure because he knows I was diagnosed with Emphysema. He also send me for a sonar before. The strange thing that baffles both of us - neither have shown any signs of lung damage although my readings at the pulmonologist shows that I have emphysema. There are no physical signs of emphysema. Readings varies from 67% to 81 % in 4 blows.

This made me wonder:

1) Are there any physical signs on a sonar or x rays with emphysema ? He reckon there should be.

2) I have a nice round beer belly with 2 hernias and due to the hernias do not really use my diaphragm when I breath. Could it be that due to my tummy and the hernias my readings are far worse than it should be ? I know I must loose weight that I can go for the umbilical hernia operation.

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Hello, On my x-ray it showed hyperinflated "long" lungs which I think is common with emphysema. I'm not sure about sonar but a CT will surely tell. Hope all goes well and you feel better.

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Now that is exactly why we are baffled - Mine says no signs of Hyperinflation. When I told them at the X rays I've got Emphysema the lady shook her head and said I must again go and stand in front of the screen and she took another one.


Yes sorry it was a CT not a sonar. It was that machine where they push you in and it goes around you all the time.


Sounds like great news, I do think the CT would had shown it if it was there. I am opposite, my CT shows moderate but my PFT was close to normal. If you are still concerned I'd consult the pulmonoligist if you have not seen him recently


The pulmonologist is a she - lol - She unfortunately never saw the X rays or the CT results - I was diagnosed by an Internist before my hip replacement operation but he just said its not serious go for your hip replacement and enjoy life - You will probably die of something else. Not much of an answer. I then did the stupid thing and started reading all kinds of things on internet and was convinced he lied to me, as I read things that told me I should have been dead already.


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