Where to get it...and how to pay for it!

Ok everyone, this is where you can LEGALLY buy Cannabis oil.....The name of the site is:

APOLLYON te Rotterdam

Although they say on their site that they only (for now) accept Bank transfers, I've found another way.

Go to transferwise.com/u/1f087 and they'll send it for you........and get this - my bank wanted to charge me £15.00 for a transfer! Transferwise charged me ...£1.00 - HONESTLY!

Good luck everyone. XX :-)

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  • Thank you for sharing your wonderful information. I think I may have a read of the site.

  • Hope it helps Squirrels. X

  • Great - thanks so much Nikki - saved us all a lot of research, and a lot of money re the transfers. Take care x

  • You're welcome Dedalus. XX

  • Hi Nikkers

    I went on the site and yes just bank transfers, I have never used the transfer system before so didn't bother.

    If I go into the site you have posted.....what do I need to know? I'm used to just using my bank card.

    Thanks Nikkers xx

  • No problem Etch. Just fill in your details and they will send you a form to transfer the money from your bank - it's a bit like Paypal. XX

  • Thank you very much for this Nikkers...going to have a look now xx

  • Best of luck Vashti. The prices start quite low, so you don't have to lose much if it doesn't work. XX

  • I answered a different post this morning about cannabis oil, I don't know if this is connected at all. Just to say that the oil for sale on the Apollyon website, if I've looked at the right site, contains no more than 0.3% THC. This may be what you're after, apologies for sticking my nose in if it is! Oil with a high THC content is currently illegal, unfortunately. It says on the site that they're unable to sell it. Again, sorry if I've got the wrong end of the stick.

  • Admittedly Vambo, the THC content is not the highest %, but there are higher and lower versions on the site. The stuff you get here doesn't have any at all.

  • I'm not trying to influence you in any way, the CBD may be helpful, I don't know. I wish you every success with it. I was just making sure you were aware of the low THC content, that's all. It's similar to how a can of shandy contains about 0.1% alcohol, you know. Good luck!

  • It's legal for them to sell it to you but it's probably still illegal to use a high THC oil where you live or even to import it. It's where you use it, not where you buy it from that makes it illegal.

    For copd we need high THC oil. A CBD oil is not helpful for COPD. I wouldn't waste my money.

  • Hi Nickers, this is CBD oil and has no THC value, in other words...useless. Legally they cannot ship cannabis oil with THC out of the country, i contacted them several weeks back.

    If you are going to use cannabis oil to treat COPD you need an oil with a minimum of 80% THC. You can buy it in America through a guy called Gregory Karl Davis ( you will find him on facebook), get someone you know in california to send it to you, or grow your own.

    There are a number of videos on youtube regarding cannabis oil for COPD treatment, please view them before you waste your money.

    All the best


  • Well Merv, it clearly states the % of THC on the site within the different sizes and quality of the products, so that's not strictly true to say it doesn't contain any.

    I did say it wasn't a high %, but better than you can get here.

    So, I'm not on Faceache ( because I have sense,) I don't know anyone in California and as I don't have a garden, where do I "Grow my own?" ....suggestions on a post card please (remember those?) XX

  • Hi Nikkers, sorry for the confusion. Whilst some of these cbd oils do contain some THC, the levels are very, very low. If you check it out, particularly the videos from people like jeffcopdwaters, the THC level needs to be at least 80%.

    Trying to find an out of the way piece of land as the best plant is a sativa which can grow to 10 feet...difficult to hide that in my garden. Haha


  • It takes a pound of good quality, high in THC flowers, to make 2 oz of oil which is why it's so expensive. In an ideal world we should be able to grow this herb in our gardens! 😁

  • You can grow it in your garden HP........just don't get caught! Lol, XX

  • 😁😋🌱🌱🌱🌱🌿🌿🌿🌿 lol!

  • Need a green house !

  • If you have Emphysema you need the THC that's the medicine, that's why it attracted me, it deals with all the problems of emphysema...appetite ...sleeping.....anxiety....muscle cramps....ALL in one medicine. Instead a range of obnoxious Drugs.that don't work !The problem is society we live in "western World" .

  • That's why I pot that site on here Colours. It does have THC in it, maybe a low % but it does have it, and you can buy it. XX

  • Lol - Freudian slip there Nikkers - you pot that on here!!? 😂

  • Some of the legal highs have a lot more in them...better to get u to sleep.

  • Far too many needs to fulfil with emphysema I need to eat sleep anxiety depression much more....I can't see magnesium sorting that lot out??

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