I have been asked to attend a PIP ASSESSMENT.

I have chronic Asthma COPD & Diabetes. I suffer with mental health issues and telephoned to say I would not be able to attend. The guy on the phone just said he would pass it back to DWP saying I won't attend.

Because of my mental health issues I was crying throughout the conversation and then had to contact Samaritan's. I feel totally suicidal.

I am not sure what to expect now. I am not refusing the assessment, merely explaining I cannot be in a public place. I was awarded the higher rate of care and mobility DLA in December 2014 until 2019 and at that time I hadn't been diagnosed with COPD and Diabetes then. So I confused why I would need an assessment now given my health deterioration.

Any advice would be appreciated

Thank y

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Hi mags plzzzz don't let it get u to that stage, assessments are daunting enough for anyone but if it's made u feel like that then somebody needs to step in and help u. Is there anyone that can phone on ur behalf ( mental health worker that u see, counsellor, family member ) that can explain how u feel and request a home visit for the assessment, plz try not to worry there is always help and ways around things to suit u aswel. Take care xx Sonia xx

Thank you Sonia. My husband is my carer and even he broke down yesterday. We have had a particular bad year and it never seems to end. Just fed up. Feel calmer today tho. My husband is ringing DWP tomorrow and speaking to the Doctor xx

Good, when u or ur hubby phone , just explain ur situation and say u are happy to have the assessment but in ur own home. hope u both have a more relaxed day today, take care xx Sonia xx

Hi Mags, absolutely nothing on earth is as bad as you think. Most certainly not an assessment by DWP!

Please get someone to phone them for you & explain you can't attend their meeting but you will be happy to have them visit you.

Maybe your GP would help?

Don't despair, they will understand! There will be many people who, for whatever reason, cannot go to the assessments.

I'm thinking of you & wish you well 💐

Thanks jessy11. My husband is ringing tomorrow to explain. Just when I thought I was turning s corner this happens. Iain Duncan Smith has a lot to answer for. Sick to death if all of this. No idea what people are going through. Xx

Do you have a social worker or someone from the mental health team? They can ring W.P.D and explain your situation. This was done for me, no assessment needed. They rang me to ask a few questions and it was all sorted All confirmed by letter 3 days later. Good luck and take care. x

My Doctor would ring but he's on holiday next week. My husband is going to ring DWP tomorrow and explain. Did you just have a telephone assessment?

Yes a short assessment over the telephone.

Hi Brooke. Did you ask for a telephone assessment?.

Hi Brooke. Not sure if you received my message. Did you ask for a telephone assessment or was it just has offered to you? Can't bare the thought of having to go through my situation

Hi Mags The mental health team rang them to say I was unable to attend because of my health issues. Telephone call back same day. Just a few questions. It would help if you had someone who could ring for you.

Thanks Brooke. My husband is going to ring. He'sy carer. Also he's going to ring the Doctor's tomorrow Xxx

I think Brooke's social worker or mental health worker rang on her behalf. That's what I understood from her first reply Mags. I expect she will be along soon to confirm.

Hoping it all works out for you very soon. All the best, Peege

When I had my assessment I had it at home. According to the assessor I had all assessments are home based it saves not having to pay for an assessment centre. Dont know how true it is.

Gary 56. Do you mean that the assessment's are all done at home.? I've looked into it and it says you have to have a very ge reason,!

Not true, Gary, not across the country anyway, as they are done in an assessment centre near me.

Mine was, I didnt even ask for it. Perhaps its just my region (Gwynedd).

Didnt even have to wait long for appointment.

Thanks Gary 56. I'm sure they will allow me to have a home assessment

Can't understand why you need another assessment if you have already been granted it until 2019,and you are already on the top rate,dosent make sense.Sooki

Sooki, it's because I was born July 1953. Anyone before April 53 is exempt. !!!

I was born in July 1953 & I have PIP 😀

Hi Jessy, yes I have had to complete the new PIP form. Or should I say my husband did. It's having to attend the medical that is causing me distress. It's unbelievable. My health is worse now than in December when I was awarded the high rate for care and mobility. Now I have to be assessed. Just fed up really. Nothing has gone right this year!

I think I understand. You used to claim DLA but now it's changed to PIP. So you need to do a new form & assessment. Is that right?

Yes Jessy. That's right. However, when my husband spoke to DLA they told us that they could use information already submitted for DLA and information from the PIP form. Given that my husband wasn't exhaustive with the completion of the PIP. Mind you it was fully completed and included additional information. It just doesn't make sense and it is causing us both a lot of distress.

Thanks for your reply.

I hope it all goes well for you & you are awarded the benefit you so greatly deserve.

Keep well 🌺

I was born 1950 do I have to get assest I have alpha1 15 hours oxegen per daygeordiegc26

Oh ok,but they can still come to your home,mine was done at home,I was never asked to go to an assessment centre,hope all goes well for you,my life is so much better for having the disability allowance etc.Good luck Sooki

Thanks Sooki xx

Hi Sooki

Can you please let me know what happens if you have a home assessment? I get panic attacks and suffer terribly with depression and anxiety. Not to mention all the physical condition's

The reviews are because you weren't 65 on a certain date and so they are working their way through those that are outside of their criteria...I am expecting a review because I was 65 two days after the cut off date. Not any comfort, I know but I do have some words that may encourage you.

It looks a s if you can forget all the nastiness of ATOS. They have gone. They have been replaced by a very caring company who have doctors on the panel that you meet that specialise in your main conditions. From all the reports that I have had, the whole process is much kinder and with a soft, non aggressive approach. The results, too , come back earlier....hope that calms you a little.

Hi Cornish Brian. It is ATOS here. That's who have sent the letter. The guy wasn't very nice. However, my husband rang PIP this morning and they have said that if my Doctor writes to them they will do a Home Assessment. Will it be ATOS that does home assessment. Still worried tho

You never know...ATOS is being replaced in ever area...it may just happen before you appear...hopefully. Their contract ends very soon.

Hope so Brian. It's just so unfair.

Sorry didn't answer yesterday travelling home from holiday.It was Capita who did my assessment,what you need is to tell them what your worst days are,that you need constant help,and obviously the depression and panic attacks,make sure they are aware of all medications,including oxyge and letters from your consultant are always a bonus.Good luck,hope it all turns out ok.Sooki.

If you were awarded till 2019 its only 2015 why are they contacting you so early

Hi..I really have no idea. I wrote to them in September to advise them that I had been diagnosed with COPD and Diabetes. DWP wrote back to say they couldn't receive the changes in my health and I had to apply for PIP??. I rang the PIP number as the letter stated I would not receive my next payment if I didn't make a NEW claim for PIP, which I did. Next thing is get a letter saying I have to an assessment.???

I'm not sure don't understand this benefit system only that it doesn't work but I think they have reassessed you due to your COPD I thing I would of waited till your reassessment was due 2019

Yes I know what you mean but when I rang they said I could apply now or wait until they sent out the new form. I asked.. So will that be 2019..No, October 2015. My area was the next for the new application for PIP. Either way they would have written to me in October to make a new claim. I'm very confused and concerned. Their remit is to get as many people off DLA/PIP as they can!!. Paying your way all your working life counts for nothing xx

Hi, I had my PIP assessment at home a couple of weeks ago. I have read that they are assessing almost everyone. There is a good website to look at for help regarding benefits, just Google Benefitsandwork.co.uk, it should come up. Lots of good info about PIP and ESA, from beginning, to appealing if needed. My assessor asked me if I went to the Park, did I use Facebook? Could I walk to the kitchen which he said was 10 metres away (that's approx 150 feet). It is about 2 metres to my kitchen, and I could not even walk that because I was wheezing so much. He asked me to stand up and touch my toes, then later asked me to stand up, then stand on one leg which I refused to do for health reasons (important to say why), as it would have made my Breathing worse and I was afraid of falling. Let your carer go to the door. Oh, and he said the form he was completing could only deal with good or bad days. So from then I told him what I was like on my bad days. He asked me about the proportion of good to bad. Also, when he came, he said he knew nothing about me apart from my name, which threw me completely. He asked me if I could prepare a simple meal, and when I asked him to clarify, he said a sandwich, which when I bad I cannot do. I hope this helps somewhat. I am waiting for the results of my assessment. Remember, it will all be over soon. Iet me know how you get on. I will be thinking of you and sending warm soothing thoughts. Wheezy Anne

Thank you Anne. They truly make me sick. My doctor knows me inside out. Just totally fed up. I hope you get your results soon. I'll take a look at the site. Shouldn't have to go through all this. Stand on one leg..total idiots. I'll let you know. Good luck sweetie xxx

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