The central heating is on & so it begins

Coming up to a year since I first noticed being short of breath. At first I put it down to stress after making the decision to get my beloved 16 year old dog put down, I loved him with all my hear t& I was absolutely heartbroken & so distressed, however , as I learned to live with my grief my breathing didn't improve so off to gp's where I was dx with moderate copd. After a lot of tooing (is that a word lol) & froing we eventually got my meds right & safe to say I have had a wonderful summer, camping , walking, weddings, christenings, Rhodes, bbqs & breathing a lot better.

However , now we have reached Autumn, a year since I felt bad & it's back. The Central heating is on for a few hours a day & yesterday I picked a whole wheelie bin of leaves up & as well as my preventers I am hitting my ventolin again. Using my neil-med sinus rinse again daily as my nose feels like it has closed...don't know if it is the falling leaves or the central heating, suspect the heating as I have been taking anti-histamines since the spring & beconase....Anyone else feel the same or any advice friends

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  • Hi can't really help except to say that central heating is very drying and does take moisture out of the air. Trying buying an ioniser or putting a big bowl of water next to the radiators. This might help. x

  • Thanks Cough, bowl of water out as we speak :)

    Kay xx

  • Hi nicgum, sorry about ur dog, heart wrenching I know, but so glad u had such a good summer, cal is right about the radiators, plus I read somewhere ( can't remember where ) that spores are released of autumn leaves and best to stay away from them, bit late if uve picked up a wheelie bin ful. It was recommended face mask and gloves if u do, hope u feel better tomorrow xx Sonia xx

  • Thanks Sonia, I've put the water out....I did use gloves , but no mask, will get one for next weeks leaves



  • I think it is the leaves too, it is the mould spores. and central heating does not help we know,

  • Hi, I expect it is the leaves causing your problems as Sonia says. I read somewhere if you have breathing problems to always cover the nose & mouth to keep out the dust that comes from the leaves ( or something to that effect !)

    I would speak to your GP & I'm sure he will advise you if your meds need changing or dose changed or again if it's just the weather or seasons.

    Take care & let us know how you get on 😀

  • Thanks Jessy,

    Kay :)

  • I've been doing great, but tonight we went out for a meal getting back to car I was very s, o, b, I think it's the cold and damp air plus the heating back on,

    Roll on Spring lol


  • Yes... Over the last year I'd almost conned myself into believing that 'there's nothing much wrong with me!' but the last few weeks have scuppered that little fantasy! I haven't been ill but have been much shorter of breath. I so hate the winter months and should I win the lottery shall move abroad for their duration - another fantasy hehe! Hope things pick up for you.

  • Hi frose nice to see you x

  • Thank you :-) x

  • That's exactly what me & hubbie said last night Frose, I suggested selling up & moving to Cyprus....He said well by the time we pay back our debts we'll have about £10,000 left lol, so fingers crossed we all win the lottery :)

  • Haha yeah that sounds about my situation too! :-) perhaps we can make a community purchase between members!!!

  • All it took was one ride in the car with the heater on, to totally stuff my nose up. When you can't breathe out of your nose, it feels like you can't breathe right.


  • It's like double trouble isn't it ruby , wish we could get like a big bottle brush & clean lungs & nose out lol


  • I can't stand central heating. As soon as it goes on I feel my lungs tightening up. I still have an open fire in my main room, so I use that as much as possible. Not only do I find it better for me personally, but it's so cosy and comforting on those long Winter nights. :-) XX

  • Soon be Spring Nik ;)


  • In these coming months when the temperature drops, I'll be spending half my day turning the heating on to 17* for about 10 mins then off coz I can't bear how it make me feel, then put it on again a bit later, etc,etc. Call it a form of exercise if you like !.

  • Yes, I agree with the others. Mould spores in the leaves, as well as the heating.

    I thank you for your post, you've reminded me of my allergy to mould so I shall wear a mask when I do mine.

    All asthmatics should stay away from damp & mould - especially little children around this time of year, they're much closer to the ground.

    Good luck. P

  • I'm leaving the leaves now peege, I've always picked them up as I had my dog & he tinkled on them & they got when I think about it, he's gone to Rainbow Bridge so I don't have to :(

  • Try a bowl of water in the bedroom and living room it may help the blocked nose? This is now the start of the worse part of the year for me as it gets colder and damper.

    Be Well

  • I've got bowls of water on all my radiators now Offcut, thanks xx

  • I hope it helps you.

  • Yes suffering too breathless and generally blah get's me down cause as soon as i start hoovering etc have to sit down and my house is a mid terrace so stays warm even without heating on. B winter!!!

  • Been out all day today & breathing is ok...maybe we will have to do that over winter xx

  • Hi, just wanted to say that if you are thinking of getting masks so you don't breathe in spores they need to be of the right grade. HEPA filters are recommended grade 95 upward.

    Take a look at

    and they are available at Amazon, I am sure they are elsewhere as well. _TE_item

    Hope that helps

  • Thank you for pointing out that the mask meds to be of a certain type etc. Otherwise I was off to B& Q !!!

  • You are welcome SH, it would be a shame to wear a mask believing it would help, only to find out later that it was not able to prevent you breathing in the spores. I haven't had the problem myself. There is a lot of information on the aspergillus website, don't have the details here but if you google apergillus you will find it.

  • Sorry second address doesn't seem to have worked , will try again _TE_item

    perhaps that's better.

  • My goodness look at how many people responded to your post. We all dread these coming colder months. Most of us hate the central heating. We all have to avoid any dust, damp, mould.......... Etc,etc. Then there's the task of getting out of the house just to keep sane and the car heater plays havoc with my breathing but I can't wrap up too much coz if the hot flushes start, I've not got the energy to take layers of clothing off without my breathing going "on one". Oh, life is one big challenge at times but we must get through it. P.S. I've not even mentioned the giving up of the dreaded fags !!!! Happy days !!!

  • I have Ben told not to use an ioniser as it makes particles of dust etc heavier and if they a re breathed in they will go lower in the lungs and more likely to stay there and cause problems. Is this right?

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