My husband has severe bulous emphysema. Spent 29 days ventilated in iTu in Jan, been improving but over the past 3 weeks has developed severe panic attacks, he goes waxy, says drop to 80ish. Just come out of hospital, they prescribed lorazepam for panic attacks, he's on lots of sedatives.

Tonight he says he wakes up unable to breath and panics, this is the first time he's said this.

He had iv antibiotics this week for chest infection and is now on tablets , has just started to cough any sputum up but it is blood stained which is new!

I'm scared!!!!

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  • Hello mg999. Poor chap, and poor you. A prolonged harsh cough &chronic infection can cause a little bleeding in the airways & is probably nothing to worry about. BUT it should be just a few streaks - maybe a couple of tsps. If it is much more, seek advice straightaway. In any event, as bleeding is new to him (it's called haemoptysis, if you want to look on the nhs website) I would phone his gp on Mon.

    Many people who've been in ITU have panic attacks &can experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I only discovered this when googling for a young man who came on the site a month ago, worrying about his mum. I found this website Of course your husband also has panic resulting from his breathing difficulties. Medication-wise, it's a fine balance for the gp between controlling his anxiety, and suppressing his respiratory function, as sedatives can do that. Lorazepam is a good drug - does he have the kind which dissolves under the tongue? That is faster-acting. Do you have a tv in your bedroom that would distract him at night? It's a catch-22 - he feels he can't breathe, panics, which makes it harder still to get his breath. As the situation is so severe I would contact his consultant - phoning his/her secretary &ask for the consultant to phone you back. Then you can explain how badly all this is affecting him & he can review his medication. Robin

  • All that would make anyone panic DEFO knows how he feels with panic attacks.

    I think use lung disease suffers .. suffer a form of PTSD

    Unless less its a lot of blood ad not worry to much but i would always talk to your doctor

    I find fizzy drinks help with throat tighness as for is breathing he as to keep telling him self he's ok its stress anxarty if that fails i try to nap

    Is not easy but i would go back to docs as infections can make you hypervetalate i have found

    If its stress or infection that makes me hyperventalate i dont know or cant say

  • Hi mg, blood coughed up in mucus could just be a burst blood vessel through the stress and force of the coughing, and if he's known to panic, this can cause panic breathing heightening the anxiety, if ur worried ring the ward he was most recently on or ring 111 for some advice off the professionals. Xx Sonia xx

  • I'm sorry I can't offer any advice except call 999 for ambulance. Better to be on the safe side mg.

    All the best to you both. P xx

  • Sorry I can't offer any advice either - just to show a bit of solidarity. Sorry you're having a tough time - sending good wishes x piggi x

  • my husband had all these symptoms but is now on steroids and lorazopan and has improved greatly, he has finished a course of antibiotics (actually 3 lots), his panic attacks have stopped and he has been on oxygen full time for at least a year. He came out of hospital 3 weeks ago where he was put on niv for 3 days. This i think clears the lungs of carbon dioxide that has accumulated.

  • Just popped in,to say Hallo! I can hear your worry in what you're saying,but please don't panic as well.

    You have had some good advice,on here,from our friends.Please act on it,sorry I can't help,do let us know how you go.

    Hugs,Wendells xxx

  • Can I suggest a fan? Some people find that having one blow gently in their face makes them breathe better and may allay his panic attacks.

  • I was about to suggest that too Toci. It was first suggested to me by a physio. Although I`m now on oxygen during the day I wouldn`t be without my little hand fan on my bedside table And actually I`m told there are scientific reasons why It works apart from the psychological ones. Sheila x

  • How are things now? Hope everything getting better.

  • My husband of 27 wonderful years passed away peacefully today.

    Thank you to all.

  • My thoughts are with you. (((HUG))) xxx

  • So very sorry to hear your sad news. With love and sympathy, Jan

  • Dear oh dear, what a cruel world, just when he had been getting better. I am so sorry. I hope you have a supportive family to help you through the tough times ahead.

  • No. Paul and I were it!

    I can't do this with him gone!

    I have lost my love and soulmate but I will be with him soon.

    Thank you to you all, you have been a great

  • Oh mg, I know you're in the very depths of misery and loss, but I very much hope you are not with him soon. I bet Paul wouldn't want that either. You're not alone tonight are you love? I do hope you have a friend or neighbour or someone with you.

  • I don't know whether you're aware of it love, but the Samaritans are not just for suicidal people. I used to work with them and they're so lovely, they all know what it's like to be in despair, so if you want to chat to someone about Paul and what has happened - all night if necessary - phone them on 116 123. They're on that number 24hrs a day, every single day of the year xxx

  • No. Was just me and Paul.

    He was my world and I can't do this without him.

    I just want to be with him now!

  • I'll be with him.

    All I want!


  • How awful! I don't know what to say. Thank you for thinking to let us know at such a terrible time. I echo what Fairlass has said about how cruel this is. Thinking of you and sending love, jean xxx

  • You must've loved each other very much and the pain of his loss must seem unbearable. Please do phone that number. You need help

  • My dear Mg999, I'm so sorry you have lost your soulmate. It must be devastating.

    I do so hope you've got a friend who can help you with all the practicalities - so hard to do when you're grief stricken .

    Thinking of you, please keep in touch so we can support you. Peege, xx

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