When the fellow from the British Columbia Home Oxygen Program was here to visit me a couple of week ago I asked him if he knew of anyone that came to people's homes to cut their hair. I'm on immune suppressant meds and don't want to go to a hairdressers because they don't seem like the cleanest places and I don't want to catch anything. He phoned back with three names and numbers. I picked one at random and phoned her. I asked when she would be available to come around and cut my hair and she said, "No, you tell me when you want me to come."

I'd been cutting my own hair in a brush cut but decided to grow it out a little. It's going wavy and I've always wanted wavy hair. I suspect it's because of the meds or the disease, but might as well enjoy having the hair I've wanted.

In spite of all my problems I feel so blessed with all the help I get like that. I feel almost like royalty having everything brought to me and being catered to!

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  • Good for u Paul , there's lot of help out there, its just knowing who to trust and what it's gonna cost u, but every little helps. 😊😊 xx Sonia xx

    Ps glad u got ur wavey hair u wanted too.

  • Hi, that was nice of her - don't forget to ask her if she's got any signs of a snuffle before she comes 😃

  • Yes, I told her on the phone about the immune suppressants. I really don't want to get sick and end up in the hospital again!

  • Well,thats nice to hear of a satisfied customer!

    As Sonia said,its learning whats out there,I was quite surprised at some things I found out through others etc.They don't always make them well known.I envy your wavy hair,mines as straight as a dye.!

    Take care.Wendell xx

  • Yes, it's been two years and I'm just gradually finding out about the home services that are available. I get my meds delivered by the pharmacy at no charge and phone in a grocery order for delivery on Wednesdays when I need to. They charge quite a bit for that, so I wait until I've got a good list. I still get out on the handyDART, but it's nice not to have to carry things home because I get so short of breath just hauling myself around lol.

  • My hair has gone from dead straight to a mass of curls and I think it is the high oxygen flow. I always wished for curly hair as a child so my wish came true - it just took a while!

  • Is that what causes it to curl, the oxygen? I'm glad you got your wish!

  • I can't be certain its the oxygen but as I take very few medications it is what is most likely.

  • Always a silver lining then T 😃

  • That's so lovely to hear. There are a lot of kind people in the world & I'm sure we all know some of them.

    Hope you continue to enjoy your wavy hair.

    Keep well & take care 😀

  • How lovely to read such a happy post. This is the first time I have read a post from you CPaul, but I think you must be a wonderful person and I am sure that's why everyone wants to help you as much as they can.

    Hope you like your 'haircut' and that you stay as well as you can

    Love Sohara xx

  • Nice to hear of such good service Paul and hope you are pleased with the results. Take care. xxx

  • It always feels so good to get a little support or help. I have no idea what the health services are like in Canada. Do they provide much help or back-up to people with longterm lung disease ? Sometimes in the posts here I read of Occupational Therapists visiting and recommending things like handrails, perching stools, helping to make bathrooms more user-friendly etc. Anyway, it's great that you've got a hairdresser arranged. I sometimes cut my own hair too if I can't face going to a busy salon. It's not ideal though :)

  • I was telling one of my doctors about joining the BLF community forum and he said our health systems are very similar. There's lots of help here, it's just that it's mostly by word of mouth and hard to track down. I didn't think the fellow from the oxygen program would know about hair cutters, but took a chance and asked him. That's going to be great! She charges the same as if I went to a barbershop.

  • It's the same here. There are services and grants available but it's like there's a conspiracy of silence and you have to keep digging away to find out where and how you can avail of them. You'll have to post a picture of your new hairstyle now that we all know you have a hairdresser :)

  • People just do not understand how difficult the simple things in life are for us.....lets hope she knows what she is doing :)

  • My friend is a mobile hairdresser she's a lovely women but its very difficult to find out what services are out there and I tend to stay in doors come winter

  • Do you get out in the summer then? It's the summer that bothers me more with the dust and pollen and smoke from forest fires here in BC. I stay locked inside then except for appointments and they leave me plugged up. Kind of looking forward to winter and Christmas.

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