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Worrying X Ray Results


I was diagnosed with COPD three years ago and was called in to see my GP following a chest X-ray. Apparently it showed a shadow and I have been referred under the two week rule for hospital investigations. Needless to say I am very worried and wondered whether anyone else has had similar experience?

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Feeling for you, Kristen - try to live in the moment if you can until you get to the hospital for the investigations - easier to say than do, I know. Hopefully someone will be along soon who's gone through what you're facing and come out the other side. All the best, M.

Kristen48 in reply to Ergendl

Thanks for your kind and thoughtful reply. I really appreciate it

sorry not had that but like to wish you well, hope every thing turns out ok for you , take care

Hi Kristen, try not to worry to much it's always a good idea to get the big picture. I had the same a few years ago, it was found to be bronch, possibly that would be something they would look for. I know it is a worry but when we know what we are dealing with it seems to make it easier. Take care xx

Kristen48 in reply to Sheilab123

Thanks for your reply I really appreciate your support X

Dear Kristen,

I have had the same experience...Bear in mind I live in France so no 2 week rule. I had a chest x-ray as I had been coughing a lot. Instead of being handed the x-ray and results as normally done, the radiologist saw us (husband and me) in an office, and said we should move quickly. Then he took me by the arm, and marched me down the corridor of the clinic to a lung specialist's office, where I was given an appointment for that afternoon.

The next weeks went by with test after test...Yes I had cancer, but not a 'normal' cancer, and they wanted to know what kind I had ( a Sarcoma) to use the correct chemotherapy.(Chemo.) It was taking so long, my oncologist started a very strong regime of chemo. anyway.

I would say be glad of the two-week rule. It may all happen rather quickly, but the sooner the better! My first x-ray was in January 2008, and here I am typing this to you in 2015. My last PET scan showed no tumour and no metastases...I am in remission, and I see the lung specialist twice a year.

My tumour was rated as Stage 4 in size and aggression, but here I am alive and kicking. I am on Oxygen 24/7, but you cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs. The radiotherapy I had burned away part of my left lung, and I was left with a 'smoke-damaged' right lung.

Of course you are very worried, but stay strong until they check you out. Try to remain positive...it really does help! I was determined that my cancer would not beat me. I'll be thinking of you. Do let us know how it progresses, and we can all give you support.

Kristen48 in reply to Lolly2

Thank you so much for sharing your experience I found it really helpful and will let you all know how I get on. I hope you remission continues

Hi Kristen

When they see a shadow they have a duty of care to investigate. Please don't get ahead of yourself (easier said than done). I had a couple of shadows and they did a ct scan - it turned out to be the remnants of an infection.

I hope things turn out well for you and please let us know how you get on.

Love cx

Kristen48 in reply to cofdrop-UK

Thanks for sharing your experience I found it found it really helpful x

Hi Kristen

My mom had a shadow on her x-ray.

On the follow up x-ray it was gone.

Worrying doesn't change anything.

Sure wish it did! It's probably nothing.

Please let us know how you make out.

Rubyxx 😊 😊

Kristen48 in reply to rubyred777

Thanks for your kindness. I will let you all know how I get on

Hi Kristen the same thing has happened to me this week and like you I am waiting for a ct scan. I am so worried to the doctor did say it might be infection that I have showing up on xray but will have to wait and see maybe we could keep in touch and support each other x

What a coincidence! Good idea to keep in touch. Let's hope we hear soon. Where do you live?

Hi Kirsten

I also had a shadow and my doctor referred me to a consultant. The consultant's first comment was he would expect a shadow at my age. To make sure he arranged for a number tests including a CT scan. The CT scan showed the shadow is scarring caused by a previously collapsed lung which had to be stitched up.

I hope yours is something which is not serious. Try not to worry to much.


Thanks for sharing your experience. I found it very helpful

Hi Kristen, Sorry to hear about your worries. Try not to think about it too much. Have positive thoughts. It might not be as bad as you're imagining.

At least you are going to be seen very quickly so you will know the result soon.

My thoughts are with you & I hope you have the very best news 💐

Hi Kristen 48 in answer to your question I live in Romford in Essex, where do you live x

Worthing on the South Coast. It was a long shot but worth exploring. Do stay in touch

Oh that's a shame, I wish you well for your ct scan and please do keep in touch x

TRy not to worry Kristen. I've been told a few times over the years that I had a "shadow" on my lung. It doesn't have to be anything serious. It could be scarring from a former infection/illness. Good luck. XX

Thanks for your reassurance. I really appreciate it x

I do hope all goes well for you and please keep us posted

These shadows quite often appear and disappear. Possibly remnants of infection. It is the not knowing that caused the problems. I went through that this year. Having had th CT Scan March 30th. A PET scan in April and then a biopsy in June. Mine is an aspergillus nodule but during all that waiting to find out exactly what it was and nothing absolute,y able to confirm it wasn't cancer my nearest and dearest went through a lot. I was quite sure it couldn't be cancer but in the wee small hours when you can't sleep it is hard not to worry. Try yoga breathing to relax yourself and remember everything is moving quickly just in case it is something but it quite likely isn't.

All the very best



Kristen48 in reply to freefaller

Thanks for your reassuring response Sian. You are so right about the wee small hours!!

Warmest wishes


Hi Kirsten, like everyone else I have not had your problem. Please try not to worry too much. It's hard because that's just human nature. Try and stay positive. Will be thinking about you xxc

Kristen48 in reply to Mags1953

Bless you xx

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