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Ifs & Buts of Un-diagnosed Lung Disease In Women

I remember reading that women suffer more lung disease than MEN now being the inquisitive type or scandalous type .. I can't help asking how much lung diseases is Down to Entonox & Childbirth could that be why more women suffer lung disease

We know Aerosols Of Fat causes lung diseases and how we should base of food/meat in beer before cooking frying it " Carlsberg moment " :)

We also know Ecigs Vapouring causes Aerosols Of Fat to mainly Vegetable fat your smoking and even tho lots like to base them self in beer wine .. That won't remove toxins from Ecigs .

But not many will know Entonox can and dose damage your lungs alveoli further esp if Un-diagnosed going threw childbirth as it pops your alveoli

We could say it's all part of life doctors "mean age" stuff getting older or we could say it's like traffic lights cause congestion = pollution

One thing is for sure ... like a lot of other things more research needs doing esp as there is going to be a lung diseases copd epidemic

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Wow, Daz, that is an interesting read! Living and learning......


Thought provoking Daz and one to keep an eye on. Wishing you well. xxx


Now that's a funny thing. According to this hypothesis I must have given birth at the age of eighteen months. I always knew that I was miraculous!

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Will agree with hypothesis tho :)

That is really interesting, I had entinox when I broke my arm and have had three children.

What about all the talcum powder liberally sprinkled on our bodies, and the baby talc we used on out kids? Never hear that mentioned.

When I was at Art School doing Graphic Design, liberal amounts were of spray glue were in use for mounting things, At each end of term show, there was so much spray glue, I got bronchitis every time, This was for three years, 9 shows.

The younger students didn't seem to be affected as much. I was early 30's then.

What about printers who use lasers? We have had a big laser in our home for 12 years.

No doubt a great many people have domestic machines. Laser Toner is made of fine powder.

Walking in or past a garage where paint spraying is done, is another dubious thing to do. Cellulose and fibre glass are also used in such establishment.

I could go on for hours, and so, I am sure could some of you.


Hi yer we could

With entonox it causes destruction of lung material lots of stuff you mention causes inflammation as we know Inflamation can build up and build up befour it destroys your lungs

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It's a wonder we have any lungs left!

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Defo agree with you there :)

Women do not remove the gunk like a man would a lot of the time which makes it worse. With them being tougher than us they let it go until it has done the damage. Us men whinge so much they force us to go to the Doc's ;)

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Every one i know and even my docs would agree with you there

Think my docs are sick of me BUT if ya sick ya sick lol

Great reply fella :)

Hi Daz women live long than men because we are the stronger of the two, most women go through child birth with little if any pain control, if men had babies it would cost the NHS a fortune in pain relief, men where trousers purely and simply to keep there legs warm lol

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