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Finished my course of AB's from the Hospital A&E visit on Sunday and thought I had improved but still had a silly cough but not so much as before but yesterday I felt like my lungs were been tightened all around and Ventolin did nothing for me. One of the issues I had was the stupid cough was aggravating my compression fractures which in turn caused my back muscles to go into spasm, adding to the pain on coughing. So the cycle continued, by the time I went to bed I checked my O2 and it was a nice steady 91%.

This morning I dropped the wife to work and went to the surgery to see if they would see me? I got one of the few pleasant reception staff who looked me up and said "10:50 okay?" No problem with that so pop home until the appointment. The usual 10 minutes after my 10:50 time I am called though and explain what has happened in the last 2 weeks. For him to check me over and state my right lung is crackling and it would seem the infection has either not gone or come back! He looked at the A&E discharge notes and said he is going to put me back on the same course of AB's so one 625 mg 3 times a day and another 500 mg twice a day.

He asked if it is the right lung I have the most problems with? I told him that since the right side diaphragm was paralysed yes, but it used to be the left that went wrong before the most? He finished with the infection should be gone but if you are even mildly not right after the course come straight back.

Slightly off topic. My Son has now got C Diff probably because of the AB's he has had of late? They have moved him into another room and fumigating the one he was in. So until I get the all clear I cannot see him! :( Still no donor match found and they are saying it could be over a year before he can think about working again!

Be Well

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  • Bloomin hell offcut , lots to deal with then , hope the abs clear it up for u this time, and wishing ur son well too. Take care all xx Sonia xx

  • Me Too. I do so miss seeing our son face to face. But it is not safe or fair on either of us to make contact at the moment.

  • Wishing you both well. Here's to a speedy recovery


  • Thank you.

  • hope the antis work for you this time , must be hard for you not being able to go see your son , take care good luck

  • We have done a bit of video conferencing but it eats his data and the hospital WiFi is so intermittent it is useless.

    Fingers crossed this lot of AB will finish it off. It has knocked my INR down to 1.5 it should be 3.0

  • Awe Offcut I am so sorry your infection is ongoing and that you dear Son has now got c.dif. It must be so awful for you both not to be able to see one another but you both need to be free of infection. Can't imagine how difficult it is for you both.

    Hope you feel better soon and your Son's infection clears quickly so you can al least see one another.

    Thinking of you both.

    Love cx

  • Thank you, but as you say it would be so bad for each other to pass on to each other, we have to be strong. (Easier said than done)

  • So sorry to read that,you are really going through the mill at the moment,& it must be so hard,not seeing your son,but needs must....

    It must be very hard on your wife too,what with working & the worry of the 2 of you!

    Do hope things improve soon,all round,

    take care,Wendells xxx

  • Never rains but pours as the saying goes?

  • Offcut, I can't begin to imagine how you're feeling. You must be desperate to see your dear son. As if you & he poor chap didn't have enough to put up with & now this wretched c.diff. Please though remember you are very vulnerable & god forbid if you were to get it too, so, as you say, for both your sakes there's no alternative to staying away for the moment. I hope it gets treated swiftly and if you concentrate on getting yourself better then you can see him again just as soon as he's well enough. Thinking of you dear chap. Robin

  • Thank you. The doc did say it is important that I look after myself as well.

  • Oh dear, you really are having a hard time. I hope this course of abs will clear the problem up for you once and for all. So sorry to hear about your Son, but, obviously, you need to avoid any more infections. I know it must be hard not being able to see him, but hopefully, they will get him sorted soon and you'll be able to visit again.

    Thinking of you all, take care,

    Christine. XXX

  • It sounds daft but the high strength AB's they put me on put me more of a risk of contracting the C Diff than the Wife?

  • That does seem strange ! they give you the ABs to help you, but then put you more at risk of this, talk about contradictory !!!

    Take care,

    Christine. XXX

  • Hi, oc. Sorry that you are under the weather again and to have pain on top is even worse. Also to have the worry about your son. I hope things brighten up a bit for you all soon. xx

  • When they covered their backs last time and told me to take my nitrate spray it took a lot of the back pain away! It appears that it can even cure indigestion? But not a good idea to take willy nilly.

  • Hi Offcut,

    Hope you feel better soon. Sorry, that you still can't visit your son, but least he is being well looked after and please God a donor match will be found soon.

    Stay strong.


  • PMA is my way forward but it has been so many steps back :(

  • I do hope that the AB's will work for you this time Offcut and you get the all clear so that you can see your son very soon. Thinking of you all.

    We have a friend in America who has C-Diff after brain cancer caused him to have a stroke. He is at home again now but very weak.

    All sent to try us. Take care xxxx

  • They sure are! Onwards and upwards

  • Never at a loss for what to say normally, situations like yours and your son's leave me groping for the words.

    So, I'll send you both some love.

  • Cannot ask for more it does make the world go around?

  • Hope things improve for you both pretty soon. Take care

    jan x

  • Thank you

  • Hi Offcut thanks for your update, even it is not all good news. Its nice of you to take the trouble. Hope you are feeling a little better now, not good your son having C Diff these bugs always attack you when your at your lowest like your son. Fingers crossed he gets over it quickly and you can soon visit again. Best wishes to you and the family xx

  • Thank you.

  • Sorry to hear things are so hard for you and your son, Offcut, it's so frustrating when nothing seems to be going right.

    I'll say a little prayer tonight for you all Offcut. xx

  • Thanks

  • It never rains but it pours springs to mind. I sincerely hope the next course of ABs do the trick and so that you can visit your son soon. Wishing you both well. Take care xx

  • It seems like a continuous drizzle at the moment. Thank you for your wishes.

  • I really don't know how you cope I really hope these ab's work and your son gets a donor soon take care

  • Me too.

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