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Just to say HI :)

Hello Everybody,

I hope everyone is keeping as well as they can and keeping out of the cold. I have not been around so much of late as my work has been mega busy, plus my new lady also takes up a lot of my time, but I just wanted to say I do pop in and read all the stories and news. Since my lung collapsed I have stayed pretty healthy and think it may be down to the weird and wonderful things I have researched to be very benifical in being anti-inflamotory for the body and generally good for our conditions. I am not a doctor or medically trained but I do read a lot of medical papers in this area and find that my body feels a lot better for it. I do of course excercise as much as I can. My yearly spirometry read I have mild obstruction, although my CT say both moderate emphysema and bronchiactesis. My lung age is 49 although I am 36, I hope to see a slight improvment as I have only stopped smoking since my diagnosis 1 year before. But anyway I digress, here is my list of things I hope it helps.


NAC- N-Acetyl-Cysteine

sulforaphane- Broccoli Extract

Curcumin- 95% curcuminoids




D & Calcium

Cod Liver Oil


Cloves - (most anti- inflammatory ingrediant you can get) taste awful but well worth it

Beetroot juice- good for your lungs, I drink this most days



Natural green tea - full of antioxidants


Raw garlic (Nights I am not with my girlfriend)

I could go on but this is the crux of my daily diet and additions.

I hope you may find it of some use

All the best


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Good post jayspurs


Geeh what a list and some good stuff there!!!! May pick up some of these ideas. Great to hear from you and wishing you and your lady friend lots of happiness...... Best wishesxxx

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Hi Justin, that's an impressive list of supplements! Might take a look & try some. Wishing you all the best with your new lady & keep well πŸ˜€


Hi, Justin, pleased to see you on here again. That's a good list, will definitely try some. Do you make your own beetroot juice, or buy it ready made ? not sure what the first 3 are, are these something you get at a health food shop ?

Take care,



Good to hear from you again Justin and glad things are not going too badly for you. I will copy down your list of helpful anti inflammatories etc and hope that Pete will take an interest. Thanks for that.

You take care, stay well, keep fit and enjoy life. Congratulations on the new lady too. xxx :)

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Thank you. Very pleased you have moved on and have a new girlfriend . P xx

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Nice to 'see' you again, Justin. I already use all of the foods on your list except cloves. I think it is so important to use natural things where we can. Stay healthy. x

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Hi Justin, great to hear ur doing ok, good idea to lay off the garlic when with ur girlfriend 😊 I do like garlic but can I just eat it in a curry and get the same effects πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and I like beetroot on a salad, love broccoli on my Sunday dinner, see I'm managing a few good tips off ur list. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Take care xx Sonia xx


Lightly toasted Marmite & chopped garlic sandwich - yummy!


Love marmite on cold burnt toast, charcoal off burnt toast is suppose to be good for you aswel ( don't know what it helps ) xx Sonia xx


OH, I absolutely adore marmite, however I have an intolerance to yeast extract, get optic migraines( blind spot, zig zag lights, no headache), hopefully I'll grow out of it ;)

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Thanks Justin - I take most of these either as supplement or in my diet so interesting to see you have got them through research. Have you ever tried ginger? Cant remember all the benefits but I somehow FEEL its doing me good ;)

Take care and best wishes to you. :) :)


How GREAT to hear from you Justin, and wonderful news about the new girl friend :) :) its so great to have such a happy post from you, its been a difficult time for you over the past year or so. even you football team is doing well :) :)

Keep up the good work re: your health, I too have found it pays to 'be your own health carer' and find out whats best for your condition.

GREAT, happy post, makes me , and I am sure everyone else feel happy too

Lots of love Sohara xxx

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Hi Justin, it's good to hear from you and especially good to hear that you've been so busy and there's a new lady too, brilliant. You are doing great, in all ways and that's so nice to hear.

Thank you for the lovely, cheerful update. xx


Thanks Justin, I'm always interested in what helps xx


Thanks Justin - nice to see your post x


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