Shocking : PIP Refused For Spending Too Much Time On Facebook Plus 6 Out Of 10 To Lose Higher Rate Mobility

Shocking : PIP Refused For Spending Too Much Time On Facebook Plus 6 Out Of 10 To Lose Higher Rate Mobility


A claimant appealing against a PIP decision lost after he said that he only used Facebook ‘now and again’ in response to questioning by the panel.

After the claimant returned to the waiting room with his representative to await the decision, the medical member checked the claimant’s Facebook page on his smartphone.

When the claimant returned the medical member read out extracts from the claimant’s Facebook page, before he was accused of lying about the frequency of his use of social media. Because the hearing was over he was given no opportunity to explain that his partner also posts on his Facebook page.

The claimant now faces a long battle to try to get the decision overturned.

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Thought police are just around the corner......

Thats them famous doctors at atos .. the breaching he's human rights as even tho ill you are still intitled to life

what the saying if you can ring ambulance ya fit enough

My brother was refused PiP becouse they said he knew what is condition was even tho stil under investagation

The are guru's is shame the not as good as curing us .. might be fine daddy on paper but as we all

Know reallty is totaly diffrent

I once worked with a young man who was denied DLA because he could sit at a computer all day. He got it on appeal because I went with him and explained that is all he did do, sit in front of it, because he had enormous problems in trying to use it! They are barely human, certainly not humane and I am surprised they can sleep at night.

Big brother is watching you! 😀

hi, well its now come to the knowledge then of open media, we have known for a while the dirty tricks of the government,, shop your neighbours, disgusting as most will be housebound as we say on hear,, you never now whats behind the person writing, ie wheelchair bound bed ridden oxygen user, no outside helpers, no communcations from outside there hmes, so social media to them are there life lines,, some members on hear are upto now very well in there conditions , but sadly some are very ill, as there conditions worsen there only for some is social media to chat have a laff , ask for help at times as happen its easier for them to just log on and see there friends on fb r any media sites and ask for help in general , bit of shoping can you nip over, sad times really very sad,, ids isn't happy with the sanctioning of so many sick and disabled people hes nowgoing for the juglar,, good posting ,

Great link :)

Sure NAZIEs said same as DWP

Speechless ........... x

Anything to prevent people getting money they need and deserve. It is disgusting but nobody seems able to stop this. xx

Truly is a disgrace WE have to comply with law

Yet they think they dont AND thats clearly wrong

First of all, how did these people get access to his smart phone ? And secondly, how did they get into his Facebook account ? If your account is private and the PIP people aren't on your contact list, then how can they see your Facebook page ?

exactly. Something not right here

Billy-Jean They did not use his phone the medical person used there own. When you have a facebook account you have the choice who can see what you post, this person has an open account in his own name for anyone to see. He could have kept it private so that only the people he wanted to look at it could do so.

I know how Facebook works. Maybe it's not charitable but I just can't imagine anybody letting their account open and putting themselve's in such a vulnerable position. Especially when there's so much publicity about invasion of privacy on the internet. I'm also a skeptic when it comes to this kind of sensational journalism and don't necessarily believe everything I read in the paper. But if it is true, then of course it's awful and if I were British I would feel thoroughly ashamed of a system that allows this to happen. I'm regularly gobsmacked at the accounts I read on here about social service's dirty tricks. Things aren't that great here but I don't think they've sunk that low yet.

All you need to access someone's Facebook account is their name and many people don't lock down the security, though they should.

The Universe will bring IDS to his knees , he's got it coming! What a complete waste of Tax Payers money! A stuffed toy called Workie,😬 I couldn't believe what I was reading, millions!

It's outrageous! he should be sacked for wasting people's hard earned !

It will be the pensions next, on the Jeremy Vine radio show today a young doctors son was suggesting that pensioners didn't need money and they should have some of it deducted from their pensions and given to University students so they don't have to start their careers in debt.

huff feeling bemused somewhat!😩

hi huff we live in hope on ids , brought before a court of law for all the death and sufferings he and he I say as caused the deaths of so many in need of there basic right to live out there lives in yes pain at times unbearable pain and grief , but money comes first with scrounging ids ,, sad times huff very sad ,, but and its the buts we have to remind ourselves, one day his day will come ,,there after pensions now,,

This is certainly a new low by anyones standards, if I was unable to come on this forum I would go mad as I have learned so much about my condition from everyone who posts on here.

That is so wrong how sad when someone's illness is judged on how much time you spend on Facebook,

How do those people sleep at night, I would rather go hungry then get a wage for this kind of work,

A very sad Sally

Based on the amount of time I spend on line, I am just about the fittest person on the planet!

I would like to know where this information is supposed to have come from. I have never heard of an instant decision being given

I am with Stillstanding, instant reply, hacking into Facebook Accounts, sounds odd. Real tales can be bad enough, made up tales discredit all.

Disgraceful. What will they think of doing next xx

What is the source for this please?

OMG that is the most insane excuse I have heard for stopping a benefit. Are we all going to be penalised for BREATHING too much when we are suppose to be breathless :-) jan x

maybe we should go and rob a bank criminals get much better treatment

The 20 metre ruling has also been thrown out of court as a just new limit for mobility PIP. So another harder reason for getting it.

I will be going though all this with my son's claim soon as they have stated that he may not be working for a number of years?

Hi yer i seen that yesterday is disgrace whats happing truly is those really sick who are suffering.

Ad list everything even to is metobolisam

If we get around to my son's claim while he is in hospital I do not think he can claim but if they let him out he will be house bound except for hospital checks. So will not be able to walk 20 metres?

Hi offcuts hope things improve for you all

Wishing you's well

I don't have face book I did see this as I have a email from this company.

I am also a member of 38 degrees they encourage people to write to the MP on different subjects. You can start your own petition with the backing of 38 degrees should we start one to get rid of IDS.

I also think the rules in with Atos work should be changed they were given free rain when they first started and it seems they are continuing with.

I do not actually see why a question about facebook use should be considered a legitimate question in relation to the medical assessment of someone's eligibility for PIPS in the first place - it is non of their business and not relevant.

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