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Fun and games

I went back to my GP practice yesterday and saw my regular GP. I was there 3 weeks ago complaining of a number of symptoms and was basically ignored! At least yesterday my regular GP took me seriously and took bloods etc. I also got the flu jab. All in left arm.

Went home, all grand except I forgot I'm allergic to plaster (I blame baby brain) so my poor arm is missing chunks of skin And a bit sore. Then in a moment of domestic madness i start making dinner and slicing veggies using a mandolin. Unfortunately I sliced the whole top of my middle finger on my right hand off! Around 4 hours later I rang the out of hours doc as its still flowing blood. They wanted to call an ambulance (can you imagine me turning up with a cut finger in an ambulance) but I convince them to see me. Hubbie can't drive me coz of the baby so I ring my family...but they won't 😔 They never help out but I'm shocked they wouldn't come. So off I go driving with this finger pumping blood. The nurse can't believe how bad it is, she keeps trying to dress it but it won't stop! The doctor puts some bonding agent but it still won't stop so he says a&e as an emergency as I'm bleeding 6 hours that stage!

Thankfully my best friend arrives over to drive me. We sat there for 5 hours, didn't get seen until after 5 am but thankfully they managed to stop it but they all said it was unusual it bled for so long. I asked if it was the dreaded steroids but they all looked at me with a blank gaze! Got of shot of difene in my bum and tetanus in my right arm.

I'm like the walking dead today!!!!

Fun and games!!!

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Oh dear you have been in the wars haven't you? Now don't do anything for the rest of the day and especially no cooking! Ok? You will be safe then :) x


I'm never cooking again!

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That sounds an absolute nightmare. You could star in the next zombie film! Haha, only joking 😂

You will be exhausted today not to mention your arm being tender & your poor finger sore.

Take the day off, sit & relax. Have plenty of me time!

You'll feel better soon but keep away from the kitchen!

Take care & be well 😀

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My Delia days are over lol

What a performance! I should think that you are wobbly and exhausted. I know this is a daft question but you aren't on warfarin or one of the substitutes are you?


No I'm not thankfully but it is odd I bled so much

What a horrible day, not helped by the fact your family wouldn't help in an emergency. Hope you feel better soon.

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Thank you so much. It's very sore but each day is a day better

Poor you. Today should be set aside for rest and recovery. x


I slept loads! Best sleep since baby was born

not a good day hope you have a better day today , take care

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Thanks a mil x

What an awful day you had I hope you are relaxing now to make up for it.

take care

polly xx

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Thanks a mil Polly x

Oops, poor u on all accounts, hope Uve had a better day today ( fingers crossed for ya ) xx Sonia xx

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Thank you. I can't cross mine lol

Ouch hope you're having a better day than yesterday,


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I had plenty of sleep! Xx

You poor thing, not nice for you at all. Hope today has been better for you xx

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Thanks a mil. I had plenty of sleep!

Ow that sounds really painful, you must take more care of yourself!

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No more cooking!!

Good morning, nfanning, I don't suppose you are on anti-coagulant tablets, are you? It was just a thought. Hope things are better for you today. I didn't know playing a mandolin could cause you so many problems. I'll probably stick to my piano!

Take care-regards- Dave.

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Lol very good!

No not on anything like that

You have been through the mill they say it comes in 3's I'm always chopping bits off my hands I have pins and needles in my hands so tend to use the pre- cut veg from the supper market

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Thats an excellent idea!!

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