I am sorry to tell you that Starless messaged me to say he has deleted his account. I am very upset he's gone.

Many people won't know this but a few weeks ago a member came online after midnight and was panicking and frightened. Starless told her he would stay up all night with her if necessary, and true to his word he did, until dawn, talking to this member and helping her stay calm. I was online myself but too tired to get involved, but I saw how selflessly he gave up an entire night's sleep to help someone in real distress. Now that is what I call support.

In my opinion Starless was one of the kindest and most goodhearted people here. I am leaving this post unlocked deliberately in the hope he sees it and might be persuaded to return. Surely, we cannot afford to lose people like him.


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  • That's sad hope it's got nothing to do with what's gone on

    You Take Care


  • I'm afraid it has Dorothy. Such a loss, a genuinely caring, lovely human being. I don't know anyone else who'd be so concerned for another member they'd stay up all night with them. R

  • That really upsets me that we have lost a very caring person


  • I am sorry. Maybe he will see your post and change his mind. I hope so. Kaye.

  • It's very sad and he is a great loss. We are the poorer for his absence. He acted with the best of intentions and his compassion is something much needed here.

  • The fallout from the weekend continues. What a shame.

  • What a shame, he will be missed, to many good members leave, xx Sonia xx

  • I agree, I hope he will return it was a very kind and selfless thing he did,we need him to help support those that are scared and need a friend.

  • Oh my goodness Robin this is such sad news for our forum. What a selfless and supportive gentaleman Starless is - I had no idea he had done that.

    I'm glad you left your post unlocked and I soooo hope Starless will read your post and know that we can't afford to lose good people like him and would miss him if he decides to stay away.

    Starless if you read this please re-consider and come back to us. We need kind, supportive members like you.

    I do respect your decision and wish you well for the future but I hope you change your mind.

    Love cx

  • That is so sad to hear robin.

    I do hope starless decides to return.

  • That's a great shame. A fair person and we need knowledgable people like him.

    I too hope he returns in the future. X

  • come on back please

  • Such a shame. Let's hope he sees this and returns to the forum.

  • That was fantastic of him, thanks for telling us that Robin. If you are reading this Starless please come back to us. You are much too good to lose from here. xx

  • What a lovely man starless is to do that for someone in distress....I truly hope he sees your message and reconsiders his return to the forum. Nurture yourself Robin. The whole thing has been sad and vindictive. Love Lee, the girl from Oz x

  • Very Sad...I hope we can all be kinder to one another come back Starless x

  • I seem to miss so much of what goes on here during weekends, by the sounds of it I'm glad I do as I hate bullies. A site like this is aimed at help and support for those who are struggling during a very difficult time, where we know and understand how others may be feeling and hold out our hands to keep a friend in need afloat in this sea of desperation.

    Given how helpful we are on this site we should all be able to get along peacefully as heaven knows we have enough stress, trials and tribulations going on in our lives as it is.

    Please come back to this site Starless as you are a much needed cog in this machine of support.

    Things need to run smoothly for all... Peace, Love and Light to everyone on here x

  • I can only say AA I concur with all you say.

    etch45 x

  • Hi Robin I'm so sorry to hear starless has left was the person he was helping ok now

  • So sorry Starless has left and what a compassionate thing to do for another person. I must say I have missed lots of the comments on here over the past few days as have been skimming over what looks as if it could be troublesome! I am also pleased to see you are back, Robin, as I enjoy your postings and the help you give. Just a query, what do you mean by "leaving the post unlocked"? Is locking something you can do when you don't want others to see the post? Am just curious as it is something maybe I should know how to do? Take care, Juney

  • Hello Juney,

    When you write a post and choose to show it to this community only it becomes a locked post which only members can read and reply to, all the replies to it can also only be seen by members only.

    If you choose open to anyone then It's not locked, the post plus all replies can be seen by millions looking in. Comments have been found copied elsewhere, even on NHS sites. P xx

  • Thanks peege, that is good to know. I was thinking that my posts were going just anywhere. Always good to get an answer. Thanks again, take care, Juney

  • Hi Robin, that was indeed very kind and useful support Starless provided and I take my head off to him.

    For your information: Firstly, I know of two other members on here who have done the same and they and their "observers"/"friends" don't boast about it on here....

    Secondly, bad and good members leave the site regularly when they feel "ready to" for whatever reason: sometimes they don't like the site or it doesn't suit their needs, sometimes they have other time commitments etc. So please try and keep the departure of Starless in perspective and hopefully you will get over your upset of his departure readily. I certainly wish Starless well in his endeavours.... and who knows he may come back one day. Best wishesxxx

  • Jenss - Starless did not boast about the matter, he never mentioned it at all. I happened to notice as I was awake & online that night. I am making it known only as he has left, & I feel we cannot afford to lose such people. R

  • It's sad that such a kind person should be driven off the site. I don't know what the reason is, but those who upset people with their poisoned replies are not worth the time of day and should be treated like the morons they are. I just laugh at them because they're obviously not educated enough to compile a sensible conversation - sad really, because it's them that are missing out.

  • In a nutshell Nikkers

  • Because of the nature of this forum it is not unusual for a member to be worn down more easily by antagonistic and derisory comments. We lack the strength we once had in more than just the physical sense. Starless was/is an open hearted person who gave with no consideration to self, and as Robin has shown, Starless set an example few of us could hope to match. We would love to say " I would do the same " but this is meaningless unless you do it.

    We cannot but be poorer for the lack of such as Starless, and I am sure he knows the door is wide open in welcome should a return be considered.

    I long for the day that discord and judgementalism are strangers to this home of ours.

  • I never seem to find out what all the kerfuffle is about - I belong to loads of Advocacy groups and forums and the scuffles on HU are very mild in comparison, certainly nothing like the epithets posted in other places. Maybe illness contributes to being thin-skinned (metaphorically)? I take criticism in my stride by just not replying to it.

  • That really is sad - if you contact him in any way, please pass on my best wishes to him and if possible ask him to reconsider, as he will be a great loss to this site - we need more like him, not less. Take care Robin

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