lpf and support over 2 years

Hi all, lm sad but site wont allow me to connect with you on here public or private. Its been a very tough year but felt so loved to see all your messages at Christmas last year. I hope many of you are still connecting and are feeling supported.... Life has been very challenging since my hubby's death of IPF. There is however encouraging response. Sorry my written spelling not so good. God bless and keep you

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Good to hear from you rockett and hope that life can get better for you over time. It must be so very hard to lose your hubby. This is a very supportive site and it is nice to know that you can stay in touch. My hubby Pete is still doing ok with his sarcoidosis and COPD but he does now have back problems too which are ongoing and causing much pain.

Hope to hear from you again soon.

Wishing you and family well. xxxx

Good to hear from you

Take care


Hi, Rocket, nice to see you on here again, sorry to hear you've had such a tough time, hope things start improving for you soon. Yes the site is very good, some lovely people on here, we get lots of support in the down times, and plenty of laughs to cheer us up.

Take care,

Christine. XXX

Maybe that could be ur Xmas prezzie an iPad or laptop, even a second hand one , so u can stay in touch. So good seeing u back on xx Sonia xx

Hello Rockett! Welcome back.

Sometimes the site plays trick on us, no rhyme nor reason but you made it 😃 and it's good to see you. I don't doubt this December and Christmas will be a bit of a hurdle for you. Be good to yourself xxx Peege

Yes l received all your messages!!!!! Lovely to hear from you all. After a year lm ready for bereavement counselling. The 5 kids,2 grandkids and foster kids don't need me so much. I do miss their calls and surprise visits. But am very glad they are all coping much better.xxx

Hi rocket,how lovely to hear from you again.So sorry that you are having a hard time,do get the bereavement counselling,this will help you hopefully.

Glad the family are coping better,but do hope they still make time for you darling.

Love & hugs,Wendells xxx

hello Wendells hope today finds you well. My mum and dad here with me on holiday for 3 mth. I love them being here as the house so empty without hubby and foster son. Sending great big best health and God given prayers to you.xx

Hi everyone, hope you all having a good day! If not want to say again thank you for holding on to me a year after my hubby death. I did see there had been a few peeps who unsure over returners, but l want to say it ok, and lm so grateful for the welcome back l received after my absence cos of pain and all that goes with grief...... Question is Mandy still in contact re this site??

Hi Rockett, good to hear from you again!!!!. Yes Mandy is still on here, you could send her a pm (she has changed her profile photo). Here is a link to her lastest post you can click on her name and pm her. healthunlocked.com/blf/post... Cheers,xxx

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