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1 week later!

Wow, how I didn't think I'd be sat here writing an update a week ago!

My dad still remains in hospital, his antibiotics have finished and he tells me he didn't have any steroids today (19th October) he's been taken tablets to increase his potassium levels but again today the nurse said he doesn't need them for now.

He's 100% better than last week, his o2 has gone from 1ltr back to 0.5 tonight so fingers crossed he'll be ok.

He hasn't left the hospital bed since he's been in, apart from using the commode.

Today they've also put a airflow mattress under him because his bottom is getting red. I've asked him why they are keeping him in a few days longer and he doesn't know why. I understand that the staff are extremely busy but the longer he lies in bed the harder it will be to get him on his feet again. I hope there is nothing else going on with him.

He's also a bit forgetful repeating the same question a couple of times then realises he's all ready asked.

Thank you all for keeping in touch xx

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So glad to hear that your dad has improved from last week hope this continues for you x


Wonderful news to hear! so glad your Dad has improved so much. He will be getting home soon but for now you know he's having the best possible care.

I expect he will be getting daily visits from the physiotherapist. Even while lying in bed you are given exercises to do to keep arms & legs mobile. Don't you worry, the nurses will have him on his feet when he's ready!

Take care of yourself & best wishes to your Dad 🌷

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Good news for now then, glad he's improved . Take care xx Sonia xx


I am so pleased that your Dad has improved greatly since last week. I hope he keeps on improving and you have him home soon.

Take care and my very best wishes to you both.



Very good news Melissa 😃😃😃

If he seems confused get them to check his urine for infection - just a quick dip stick any nurse can do. It's very common to pick up a urine infection in hospital. The symptoms in an older person would be confusion.

Very pleased for you xxx


What good news Melissa! I'm so happy for you and your dad. You must be so relieved.

Please keep the updates coming. You can always pop in to chat also.

Rubyxx 😊


good news hope he is home soon x


so pleased for you Melissa, hope he goes from strength to strength. Neo


I'm glad things are so much better. Can you not ask the staff about why your dad is still in there? It may help to settle your mind. xx


Great news,so happy for you both.Dont worry,as soon as he is well enough,they will get him out!

If you have concerns,just ask to see the nurse in charge.His confusion,could just be down to all he's been through.Peeges idea about his urine, is spot on too!

Thanks for posting,I was wondering about you both,

Hugs<Wendells xxx

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So glad you're dad is improving and not be long before he is back on his feet and back home with you and his family


jimmyg23 ? Is that our jimmy23 or a newcomer ? If it is jimmy23 I thought you were very ill in hospital so I`m pleased to see you`re feeling better. You take care of yourself. Sheila x


No I am jimmyg23 and have been on this site for quite a while no it is jimmy23 who is in hospital from Edinburgh I am from west coast Scotland I maybe made a mistake in my message sorry if I did


No jimmyg23 you didn`t make a mistake. I obviously got the names mixed up. Anyway I`m glad you`re not in hospital and let`s hope the other jimmy is getting better ! Sheila x


Thanks Sheila I thought it was me


Contact your Dad's consultant at the hospital who is looking after him and ask why they are keeping your Dad in or the sister on the ward. A urine infection could very well be causing the confusion.

So glad he is so much better.

Love and hugs




very good news to hear he is getting better , take care


Thank you all! I think he was a cat in a previous life (9 lives) but heaven isn't ready for him yet my mother's enjoy her freedom lol!

The nurses are so busy and are so vague in anything they tell you so I'll have to speak with his consultant. I'm certain they're not going keep him in taking up a bed if there isn't a need. Thanks again for your kind words, I'll keep you informed xx

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That is great news - sounds like a fighter. Ask the nurses what time the consultant does his rounds so that you can be there to ask your questions. It's just trying to pin them down which is difficult. Hope you get clarification and that he's home soon. Best wishes to you all x


The air mattresses are very good. I agree that a urine infection can cause confusion. Is he on a catheter?

Being in hospital with so much going on, and recovering from a severe illness, will also contribute to confusion and forgetfulness.

i would think he needs to stay in hospital, until they are sure he can be cared for at home. It would be a lot of work while he is bed bound.

His bowels and urination need to be normal before he can leave hospital. It is good that they are monitoring him and aware of his soreness.

My very best wishes to you Melissa, I sincerely hope your Dad continues to improve.

Love Azure Sky :)


So glad he is on the mend now and hope he will be well enough to go home soon.

Hospital stays do funny things to your mind so I wouldn't worry too much about the forgetfulness but would ask about checking for a urine infection.

take care

polly xx


Happy to hear your dad has improved and hope he will be home again soon. xxx


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